Shamans excel at field control with removal and crowd control spells such as Lightning Storm and Hex. Find all the shaman deck guides here in this category.

F2P Focus: Thousand Dust Shaman

Shaman Decks January 16, 2015 12 15

Today we’re switching things up a little and talking about a class I haven’t covered yet: Shaman. This deck went 14-2 in a recent tournament and it only cost 1000 dust!

The Shaman God

Shaman Decks January 12, 2015 18 18

So I made Legend with Shaman (as well as the golden portrait!) I believe this is the strongest Shaman list available for play currently, so come check it out!

GvG Mech Shaman

Shaman Decks December 28, 2014 4 15

What’s up people, JakdRipr here with a deck I’ve found a lot of success on ladder with – the Mech Shaman! Come discover the value powerhouse in GvG!

Shaman Spotlight: Video

Shaman Decks November 20, 2014 5 8

Hey guys! Modded here to talk about one of my favorite classes, Shaman! We dive deep into the Shaman class with 4 detailed videos. Check it out!