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August 6, 2014

Conclusion of Priest Drafting Guide with MrShine

Class is (still) in session! In my last video we made a Priest arena deck and walked through the draft by assigning points to all the cards that came up. In today’s video, I’ll reveal how well the deck did and in particular will focus on the final game of the run to more closely analyze the mistakes I made and how we can avoid them in the future.

About The Author

MrShine is a 28 year old Hearthstone player located in Wisconsin.

He’s played a variety of trading card games, but fell in love with Hearthstone after joining the beta late last year. MrShine’s an “infinite” arena player (averaging more than 150 gold per arena run) with a win rate of over 71%. Check out his arena stats here.

MrShine also has a Youtube gaming channel with more Hearthstone content, among other things. You can visit his channel by clicking this link.

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Hello hello! My name is MrShine, I'm a 28 year old from Wisconsin who's been in love with games of all sorts for as long as I can remember. I've dabbled in trading card games like Magic The Gathering before joining the Hearthstone beta late in 2013. Since then I've played in Hearthstone's arena almost exclusively, notching over 100 arena runs under my belt and recently becoming an "infinite" arena player with a win rate of over 70%. I enjoy discussing Hearthstone almost as much as I enjoy playing it, and -if you can put up with my occasional indecisiveness- I hope you'll find my videos both entertaining and educational.

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