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June 13, 2014

Decklist & Guide: Team Overrated’s Legend Hunter

Today we share with you a Legend Rank Hunter Deck from Team Overrated. Team Overrated has played Hearthstone since Alpha on Cockatrice and also early members of the Managrind community.

The deck presented today features the Hunter class!


1 Deadly Shot
2 Eaglehorn Bow
1 Explosive Shot
2 Explosive Trap
2 Flare
2 Freezing Trap
2 Hunter’s Mark
2 Tracking

2 Abomination
1 Arcane Golem
1 Argent Commander
2 Doomsayer
2 Earthen Ring Farseer
1 Leeroy Jenkins
2 Loot Hoarder
2 Novice Engineer
1 The Black Knight
2 Wild Pyromancer


Bloodmage Thalnos


Heaviest Matchup atm but Black Knight is pretty awesome 50:50 usual


70:30 for this hunter deck there is 90% removal and works very good in the current meta


50:50 similar to druid decks the draws are very important Blackknight is must have


10:90 nearly impossible to win with this deck cause you do a bit dmg every round and not the big burst dmg, its importan to save weapon leeroy and arcane golem till the end and finish the warrior


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  1. bieloh 1 says:

    Tell us the general strategy here, best starting hand, how to mulligan, etc. if you don’t mind. I love the looks of this.

  2. Magnus says:

    @DanielLong that won’t work unfortunantly, because the warrior can easily play around it by playing his giant/big guy first and get rid of the Snipe!

  3. Daniel Long says:

    If OTK Warrior decks are the biggest problem, try swapping out 1 freezing trap and 1 tracking and put in 2 snipes. The OTK combo is going to be pretty hard when their ‘all friendly minions get charge’ card takes 4 damage to the face. I like having 2 in the deck for better draw and its still useful in other situations. If anyone would like to theory craft my b-net is skiprichards#1157. I love to theory craft with anyone and everyone. Add me and lets make some great decks.