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October 14, 2016

MUA: Anyfin Paladin vs Mid Range Shaman


This is my first Matchup Analysis for Anyfin Paladin focusing on the Mid Range Shaman matchup. Do note that the decks I have displayed in the articles may vary on ladder with people choosing to include or not include specific cards but the listed are indicative of the most common builds that are floating around on ladder right now.

A lot of people expected the number of Shamans to drop on ladder after the recent nerfs but it has not been the case. With so many powerful minions, board clears, weapons and removals – there is not much most decks can do about Mid Range Shaman’s asserting dominance on ladder. Ever since Karazhan came out things have been very difficult for most decks because Thrall and Morgl not only got one of the best cheap board clears in the game in form of Maelstrom Portal, but they also have Spirit Claws allowing them to control the board in the early game quite easily.

Anyfin Paladin continues to be one of the more popular counters to the deck because of the vast majority of board clears they have and the ability to shut down not only large boards but also big minions through cards like Aldor Peacekeeper and Truesilver Champion. There are enough comeback mechanisms in the deck and we will go through the key aspects of the matchup and break it down to maximize our odds at winning versus the deck that’s dominating Hearthstone.

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