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January 11, 2017

The New Standard: Aggro Rogue


While Scalise’s Sessions will no doubt be back here and there in the coming months, it is a new season (and a new year). As a result, I wanted to reach out and look into some more fun brews that I am going to be working for the upcoming seasons. Though the meta has largely settled, that does not mean you can’t still have fun. There are plenty of interesting archetypes to explore, and this week we are going to dive into one that has been on my mind a lot recently in Aggro Rogue.

In the past few weeks I have been facing a lot of Miracle on ladder. And, the more I played against it, the more I began to think about it in an aggressive light. Aggro Rogue has always popped up here and there over the years, and the new Pirate package can stack up a lot of damage very, very quickly. As a result, I went to the drawing board and tried to brew the best style of tempo-aggro Rogue I could find. Though my first attempts were not great, I quickly shifted to a much hyper aggressive version that seeks to take advantage of both slow opponent’s and one of the best abilities in the game: combo.

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  1. makeshift says:

    What a mindblowing twist at the end of the article:

    The reason I love Aggro Paladin…”


    Gonna try it out, thx for the guide.

    • makeshift says:

      Getting brain contusion over whether I should disenchant golden Han’Cho for Patches. Don’t have a normal one, and although it’s often best to try and play decks without one or two legendaries you lack, Patches is really an exception because the best excuse for not running one card is “Well what about so many games I win without ever DRAWING that card?”. There’s no surrogate for Patches.