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October 18, 2016

The New Standard: Control Paladin


Note: If you missed last week’s New Standard (and want to see the deck and mulligan guide) check it out here.


As the post-nerf meta continues, I seek out more ways to play control. As anyone who followed last week’s article knows, I am trying to tune Control Paladin to the current ladder environment. This is not an easy task, but many of the recent nerfs have slowed down some of the faster decks, and in a slow meta no deck wins games like Control Paladin does. Though the deck has not changed since last week, I have a much better understanding of it and the way it operates. As such, this week’s guide is going to look at the current core of the deck and then discuss some of the possible alterations of options that could be built off of it. Though I am really enjoying the direction of this list, there is no doubt there are many directions it could go in. I want to explore all of them to figure out which one if the best.

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  1. v2darkhold says:

    @beejman4000 this really isn’t a deck for beginners anyways, this deck takes a ton of knowledge to play successfully, so the people that can’t craft this deck shouldn’t play it anyway

  2. beejman4000 says:

    Interesting article, but at 15,000 dust an 9 (!) legendaries hardly any of your readers will ever be able to construct this deck. We would appreciate articles on more realistic decks.

  3. kappa1uk says:

    Joseph. Really love this series. Especially with the vids. Just wish you went to ten games and not five. Gotta say that these posts have and are continuing to make me understand the ins and outs of the game much better. Would love to see the teaching posts up soon, sounds interesting. Keep it coming.