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December 21, 2016

The New Standard: Mean Streets Edition (Hunter Zoo)


While I have played every class under the sun over the past week or so, none have intrigued me more than Hunter. The reason is that, while the pieces seem to be there, the class just can’t seem to win. I tried buff, super buff, secret, all-beast, but they all crumbled in the wake of never ending pirates, dragons and jade golems. However, I didn’t want to give up. When something isn’t working in a deck, I find there is a set reason for it. Sometimes it is just bad, but most of the time if it feels right, there’s something there. Though everything told me that Hunter wasn’t working, I couldn’t get Rat Pack out of my head. Not only is the card unreal levels of good, but it does everything you want in a strong, early minion. It’s sticky, its a beast, and its amazing with buffs. Then, after much deliberation, I had a thought: “I really wish I could play this in Zoo.” Then, I had another thought: “Why don’t I just make Hunter into Zoo?” And so I set out to do exactly that.

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