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December 29, 2016

The New Standard: Midrange Demonlock


Last week we tackled control. Before that, we took a hard look at aggro. Now on The New Standard I wanted to break into midrange (kinda). This week we are going to dive into a deck idea that I have been mulling about for quite some time. Back when Karazhan was first announced I was really intrigued by Malchezaar's Imp. Not because of the effect (though it is quite strong) but because it was another 1/3 demon for one mana. Having four 1/3 one drops really added some extra power to Demonfire and gave you a curve that could really take over early boards. That led me to experiment with many different demon-based builds. However, no matter what I did,┬áthe list just didn’t quite have the strength that I wanted it to have. Not only that, but most of the time I just found myself saying, “this is just Zoo.” This week’s list is my attempt to finally get over that hump and play a slightly different deck that has much more all-around punch than Gul’dan is used to.

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  1. bigmouth says:

    This is such a solid deck and everyone mulligans for RenoLock, which makes it even better in this meta. I would love to see some video of it in play.

  2. harador says:

    Great deck,

    Thanks Joseph


  3. lazorat says:

    The video shows a Dragon Priest deck..