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January 4, 2017

Scalise’s Sessions: Dragon Warrior


Welcome back to the classroom. While I took a brief hiatus for the release of Mean Streets, I wanted to once again revive Scalise’s Sessions now that the new meta is a little more settled (if not ever-shifting). There are quite a few popular decks running around the ladder right now, and almost all of them have a lot of potential. There are many different cores I could have broken down this week, but one of the most interesting to me is the new Dragon Warrior. This is because the deck is a hybrid that sits between midrange and aggro, which means it is not easy to play and gives many interesting choices. In addition, it is also one of the best lists for the current ladder because of how well it fights the spread.

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  1. goldenboy says:

    Just to let you know: the Tempo Control Warrior video contains the mulligan section for the Dragon Warrior and vice versa. Anyway, two great decks, guides, and videos. Thanks.