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November 16, 2016

Scalise’s Sessions: Tempo Mage


Another week, another lesson. This time around we are going to cover a very popular deck in Tempo Mage. This is perhaps one of the most interesting decks on ladder because there are just so many versions of it running around. Some decks run minion-heavy versions, some run more burn-oriented builds, and many fall somewhere in the between. Whatever version you end up playing, they all depend on properly managing resources and knowing how to use your burn. Priority is key with a deck like this, and understanding your different tools is important to winning games. To help with this, we are going to break down how to pace against some of the most popular decks on the ladder and how to get value from every card in your hand.

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  1. sentenza says:

    These videos are the kind of stuff that make a premium membership’s value, please keep them coming! How about Pirate warrior since you seem to appreciate it?

  2. drewmoney says:

    Video not working, at least for me.