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October 11, 2016

Waking Up the Sleeper – Soggoth the Slitherer


Today we are experimenting!

I have read an interesting discussion on /r/CompetitiveHS regarding the viability of Soggoth the Slitherer as a top-of-the-curve card in Control Decks.

Basically, the TL;DR version of the discussion revolves around the fact he can not be responded by any of the currently viable top decks, and often trades 3-4 for one.

Now, Soggoth wasn’t viable on a pre-nerf metagame because it was often a hopelessly dead card against Yogg-Saron, Hope's End decks, because against Aggro you’d just die before turn 9, and against Hunters they’d just Deadly Shot Soggoth down because it was likely to be the only card in your board. Another point against the card was Abusive Sergeant that could make trades better as well as other buff cards such as Flametongue Totem and Power Overwhelming.

Post-rotation the metagame became a lot slower, Aggro decks aren’t the top-notch anymore and we are currently living the Midrange dream, which means Soggoth is often a very powerful 9-drop, which might not be a finisher, but it is sure to generate thousands of value against most opponents.

The main reason to run Soggoth in your Control deck is that it has a tremenduos ability to lock-down games when you’re even just slightly ahead, and the auto-concede on-sight is actually a thing:

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  1. dudeman805 says:

    Nice Article…..I Love trying new decks….I will let you know out of the three which one i liked best.