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December 26, 2016

Weekly Legends: Combo Dragon Priest


While I have taken every class to legend, Priest is the only deck I have taken to legend once. If you were following back then, you will know the deck I did it with was Combo Velen Priest. Not only did I find the combo very intriguing and difficult to play, but the deck was also extremely good against Secret Paladin. In addition, I was also a huge advocate of Dragon Priest in the days just before Mean Streets because it was incredibly strong against almost all of the meta, including both Zoo and Midrange Shaman. As a result, when I found a recent legend list that played both Dragon Priest and the combo I knew I had to try it out for myself.

The genius in this build is that it attempts to play the strong core of Dragon Priest while also directly targeting its two worst matchups. As powerful as Priest’s minions are, the build has a weakness in both Renolock and Miracle Rogue (which has come roaring back out of nowhere). Being able to play your powerful early game combined with fourteen-out-of-nowhere-damage-burst really helps against each of those decks because they are never going to see it coming.┬áThis deck seeks to walk a fine line between a classic go-big deck and a more subtle combo build. While normally I would see that as being too greedy, it works very well here because of how powerful Dragon Priest is on its own. As I have said many times, adapting is essential to climbing, and this is another great reason of why that is.

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  1. bigmouth says:

    I’m a fairly experienced priest player and dragon priest player and unless I have a pretty exceptional draw this is just too slow for me in today’s meta.

    • too slow? dragon priest is already curvestone that can hold pirate warriors down keep up with the aggros. Without combo, your win condition against RENO KAZAKUS deck is 0. You have strong board pressure, but no burst when they are low health. You run out of steam against reno, your board keeps getting cleared and you lost. Reno is getting popular don’t say against pirates is too slow, dragon priest is tempo aggro midrange too, few mindblast and velen is necessary and enough to burst enemy down.

  2. dastirum says:

    I like these series a lot. Keep up with that!