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October 31, 2016

Weekly Legends: Control Mage


This time around on Weekly Legends we look at a very strange list. That is not to say that the list is odd in what it does or how it plays, but rather it something we have never really seen before. In the past, Mage has predominately been either been Freeze (combo) or Tempo. The class supports those styles very nicely and has a lot of tools to burst your opponent down in numerous ways. This week we are going to break that mold by looking at a strict Control Mage. This idea has been supported a bit in the past with both Reno and Grinder, but those decks were much more value oriented than straight remove-your-guy control. However, this deck plays very much in that style and uses Mage’s classic removal package to put together a solid control deck that just aims to win the game by going long.

Strifecro (who created the deck) first made this list popular by streaming it, and zemanjaski got it into my series by taking it to legend. While the end-game here is often going to be burst-oriented, this deck does that in a way that is vastly different from Freeze. In fact, I would look at this much more like the Control Warrior decks of old where you spend the whole game clearing out minions until you can finish off your opponent with the old Alexstrasza/burst combo. It works brilliantly here and utilizes a lot of tools we have not really seen used in this way.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Fun deck as always bro. I’m really struggling to beat control warrior with it tho, even if I try and draw monkey as quickly as possible it still ends up at fatigue where I inevitably lose. Any tips other than in the write up?

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      That’s a tough one because your plan is literally just to Monkey. Warrior shouldn’t be able to outlast you if you can monkey with ten or more cards left. I would say that once you do monkey you need to think about the possible removal (especially brawl) that your opponent has left. This will help figure out how to play the threats in your hand and wear your opponent down.