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November 21, 2016

Weekly Legends: Faceless Druid


Ah, Ramp. Say what you will about Hearthstone diversity, but there sure are some extremely fun archtypes in this game. One of my personal favorites is teaming up with Malfurion and slamming down as many big minions as I possibly can. Go Big Druid decks have always been cool to me because you get to play a bunch of cards that normally never see the light of day. It’s a traditional belief that big cards are too slow to be good in Hearthstone. Early game tempo decks have long-dominated the game, and it’s hard to keep up with them while playing so many back-end threats.¬†However, this week’s proves that it can be done.

This week, we once again call back to the idea of adaptation. You need to be able to make tweaks to survive in this wild game, and trying to make a deck with no regard to the meta will get you nowhere. Yes, there are parts of this list that you are going to instantly recognize, but that only accounts for half of what is here. Spell-based Druid decks have been very popular as of late, and this deck borrows all of those powerful tools. Not only do you have the early game package of Raven Idol, Living Roots and Wrath, but you also have Arcane Giants to add to your threat base. Even so, what makes this deck special is that it decides to run a slew of heavy taunt minions instead of Malygos. That allows you to have threats throughout the curve and gives you much more flexibility in your plays.

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