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November 14, 2016

Weekly Legends: Go BIG Shaman


It’s climbing week here on Weekly Legends. While I always play the decks I cover, they usually aren’t my main deck. So, while I’ll use them to climb a few ranks, my “off stream” (for lack of a better word) decks are a lot more all over the place. However, this week I am switching things up and covering a deck that I have played a ton of over the past week and a half in Go Big Shaman. As everyone knows, I love Shaman. In fact, it’s probably my favorite class. I like the mechanics, I like the spells, and I like the minion interactions. However, people who know me also know that I hate to play popular decks. As a result, I like this list because it allows me to play my favorite class without having to give into the Midrange orgy that has taken over the ladder.

This deck is pure control and operates very similar to things like Control Warrior and slow Paladin. While it does not have the healing or removal that those classes have, it makes up for it in both AOE and big minions. This list is very strange because you have access to some of the largest threats in the game, but you’re going to spend most of your turns making totems, healing, or clearing the board. It is all about the slow burn here and making the most out of your cards. Resource management is key in Hearthstone, and this week we get to see why that is. Not only is this list a ton of fun, but it’s something different as well. And that counts for something.

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