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October 17, 2016

Weekly Legends: New C’Thun Druid


What do you do when the going gets tough? Adapt. Adapt or die. Hearthstone is a game of shifts, and that could not be more true with the recent string of nerfs peppering across some of the most popular decks in the meta. Typically, old staples tend to do the best during times of fluctuation where they can really take advantage of a shifting meta. However, sometimes the old lists have lost something that makes them not quite good enough for the current game. Such is the case with C’thun Druid, a powerful list that once reigned supreme but has since fallen out of favor. This week we take a look at that deck and see how PzaiDuck2 adapted it to the current game enough to take it all the way to top 100 legend.

In this past, C’thun Druid has been a play-on-curve deck that steadily increased its strength turn by turn. While that powerful core is still around, this list helps adapt it by adding in some of the packages that made Yogg Druid so powerful. In this way the deck operates like a hybrid between the spell-heavy Druid decks over the past few months and the minion-stacked C’thun decks that dominated when Standard first dropped. That combination creates a very strong C’thun Druid that is a lot leaner and has a much lower curve than we have seen in the past. Most of this deck comes with low-cost cards and uses only a few finishers to win the game. That gives you a lot of more consistency and helps you better control the board in a world where priority is all that matters.

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