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November 28, 2016

Weekly Legends: Old School Handlock


Out of every deck that has been screwed in the past, none have been hit quite as hard as Handlock. The slow Warlock deck was long a fan favorite that got unceremoniously nerfed out of nowhere for what many (including myself) deem for no reason. The go big deck was one of the most fun to play in the history of Hearthstone. Not only did it come with a a ton of difficult choices for you, but it made your opponent really think about their plays. Every turn is a decision with this deck, and every decision has set consequences. You get rewarded highly for playing well, but you also get punished hard for playing wrong. A skill tester if there ever was one, and you know how much I love that.

This week we take a dive back into the past and try to resurrect Handlock from the depths of nerdom by looking at a modern version that abhimannu1992 took to legend. This list has all of the shades of the old deck, but, as with so many lists I cover, it does a fantastic job of adapting to the modern world. It does this with a blend of big threats and strong healing. Handlock is a deck that can almost always win any long game, but its getting there that’s hard. To combat that, this deck simply threw in all the healing it could, paired it with some serious removal and gigantic minions, and said “let’s do this”. A very cool idea, and one that works very well against the big players you’ll see on ladder.

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