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October 9, 2016

Weekly Legends: Questing Rogue


Rogue. While everyone has been focused on figuring out where Priest went, I have been wondering what on Earth happened to Valeera Sanguinar. If you have been following my New Standard series (and you really should be if you haven’t) I love looking into many decks that have not quite lived up to their potential. While nobody through Rogue was going to shake up the meta, they also didn’t think it would disappear to this extent. The class is just about gone, and I find that quite sad. However, there are still a few legend lists hanging on here and there. This week we are going to dive into one of those builds in Questing Adventurer Rogue. This is a very interesting Rogue that blends a lot of elements together to form a strong, cohesive deck. There is some Miracle and combo potential here, a little bit of burst, and a whole lot of tempo.

This deck is very cool because it is Miracle Rogue for a different meta. One of the biggest problems with Miracle or Miracle-like decks is that they are inherently reactive in a game where it pays to be proactive. Once upon a time, when minions were worse and the game was slower, that was fine. However, in a world of Totem Golems, Mana Wyrms and Tunnel Troggs that just isn’t going to fly. You need to be able to hit your opponent early and often to survive in today’s meta. This deck does that very well, but it also has the classic Miracle gameplan where you can easily win if you live until the middle turns. That is a very cool mesh of midrange and combo that turns this into a solid hybrid between that I haven’t seen in years.

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  1. sayn0thing says:

    I’m enjoying the deck so far. Huckster & Swashburgler have been good to me :) Managed to get a brawl with helped me win the game

  2. sayn0thing says:

    This was JUST the rogue deck I been looking for. I’m hoping Huckster & Swashburgler play nice & don’t give useless cards