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January 9, 2017

Weekly Legends: Reno Priest


This week is going to be more about deck building and deck construction than it is going to be about practice. That is because we are (finally) diving into Reno Priest, a deck that I have been excited about since Mean Streets first dropped. While many people have played this deck (in its many iterations) for a long time, I have yet to cover it. Now that the list has been almost settled, I wanted to really take a look into how it plays. This is because, not only is it unique (and can teach you a lot about playing Reno decks), but it also has some incredibly interesting cards. I never miss a chance to play fun cards, and few decks in the game run more than this one.

When you play Reno Priest you have to play dragons. There’s just no way around that. However, there are a ton of different cards and choices that you can use to fill it out. The meta is set, but it changes drastically based on where you are on the ladder. As a result, you always want to be able to play the cards that are best for what you’re seeing the most. Do not be afraid to tweak this list. Reno decks are weak because of their inconsistency, but they are strong because of their versatility. This is the iteration I currently like the most, but it is not going to be perfect for everyone. Know that, and if you keep saying “man, I wish I had x card,” just put it in.

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  1. madboyx says:

    This is a great version of the deck, really versatile and fun–makes you think to play it, has a lot of answers and a chance of winning against a lot of meta decks. That said, I think my toughest matchup (and one I see so many of) is against the latest breed of dragon priests–they seem to run 2 x Twilight Drakes, a full removal package (2x SW: Pain / Death, 1 Entomb)–one particularly rough version ran 2x Circle of Healing for minions that just basically never died. Anyway! Just some thoughts and an update. I love priest, but only need about 40 wins for golden priest, then I can finally give this class a break. Seems like it’s always an uphill battle. Great work on this guide and video–I learned a lot hearing your thoughts on plays.

  2. goldenboy says:

    Great deck. Great video. Looking forward to the mentioned Aggro Rogue guide.