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January 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Tempo Control Warrior


Dare to be different. I find that often in Hearthstone people will not take chances with their decks, especially when it comes to deck building. Most of this is due to ladder anxiety and the fear of losing stars, but what is interesting is that most people who have that fear aren’t reliably climbing anyway. As a result, if you’re stuck it is always a good idea to try something new. This week, we see this process in an extremely cool deck that took the idea of classic Control Warrior and pumped it with more and more minions until it became a strong tempo shell.

Though Control Warrior has been getting outpaced as of late, the deck still has a strong core. To fix the weaknesses, Pandadude3000 turned the idea of Control Warrior on its head by giving it a very powerful curve. While most Warriors today have taken up a more minion-heavy plan and stronger end-game to deal with the faster decks in the meta, this list spins that around and goes full tempo. This list is a lot like the heavy-hitting Warrior decks that were very popular during the early days of Whispers, but it comes with some very key control elements that really help it stand out. You can play two modes with this list, and that versatility is what makes it so special.

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Leave a Reply

  1. goldenboy says:

    How would you recommend to play the matchup against Reno Mage?

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Be aggressive. Because of Kazakus and things like Polymorph it is very hard to win that match if it ever goes long. You typically want to just get in pressure where you can and work hard to force out early removal to pave way for your later threats.

  2. sayn0thing says:

    FYI – The video has a muli guide for your dragon version

  3. sayn0thing says:

    Thanks for this! Just the control warrior deck I was looking for. Feels nice and fresh :)