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November 7, 2016

Weekly Legends: Zoo Druid


This week, as we so often do on Weekly Legends, we are taking a trip into the past. Hearthstone’s history is forever relevant for any player/deck builder, and this time we get to go back and look at Druid. This week’s list, which I am calling “Zoo Druid”, is an aggressive list that builds a quick board to overwhelm your opponent and then kill them out of nowhere with burst or Savage Roar. Unlike the spell-based Druid decks that are running around, this is a build of small minions that just aim to swarm the board and overtake their opponent before they can properly react. In addition, it enacts that plan with a whole slew of strange minions and powerful tech choices that we have not seen in Druid in some time (or ever). That originality is worth looking at on its own.

The reason this list is a piece of history is because it harkens back to the aggro Druid decks of old. Though the class has almost always been midrange or ramped base, there was a solid chunk of time where the deck was as aggressive as aggressive can be. This list, built by holyji_hs, is very reminiscent of that time in many ways. However, unlike those decks, you can actually scale up and play the long game if need be. That duality really gives you some extra power that lists like this normally don’t have, and that is very important in today’s meta. It is always key to react to the most popular decks around, and this does that by combining a very fast shell with sticky midrange minions.

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  1. dandyphonic says:

    HI, thank you for the article. Really wondering about the presence of raven idol here. Aren’t you losing on tempo? what are you trying to find with it? thanks in advance for your answer!

    • leblinski says:

      Hey man have a look at the video, I found it very helpful myself. Raven idol is so versatile and fills mana curve easy, almost always go for spells, you will find damage easily and some removal that the deck lacks, depending on the situation

      • leblinski says:

        Forgot to say.. Thanks for the guide! Really enjoyed the video, very thorough.

    • leblinski says:

      I have just used Raven idol when I had no cards in hand and got Nourish. You wouldn’t run it in an aggro, but Raven idol lets you adapt in a deck that uses cards really fast, emptying your hand. Hope that helps

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Thanks! Always appreciate good feedback. You really just want to adapt to any given situation. For example, you aren’t really trying to find Ramp with it, you usually want early removal, card draw or damage. Damage is
      particularly important during the later stages of the game, but card draw is good almost all the time. The rule is removal early against a deck that depends on their early drops (like Shaman), damage if you’re pushing for lethal, and card draw most of the other times. Hope this helps!