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August 25, 2017

Table of Contents

Jade Druid (#1 Legend - Breezy)
Class Cards (27)
Innervate 0
Jade Idol 1
Earthen Scales 1
Wild Growth 2
Wrath 2
Jade Blossom 3
Jade Spirit 4
Fandral Staghelm 4
Swipe 4
Keeper of the Grove 4
Nourish 5
Aya Blackpaw 6
Jade Behemoth 6
Spreading Plague 6
Malfurion the Pestilent 7
Ultimate Infestation 10
Neutral Cards (3)
The Black Knight 6
Medivh, the Guardian 8
Primordial Drake 8

Mana Curve

2 0
3 1
4 2
2 3
6 4
2 5
6 6
5 7

Attack Curve

20 0
0 1
3 2
3 3
2 4
1 5
0 6
1 7

Health Curve

19 0
0 1
0 2
3 3
1 4
3 5
2 6
2 7

#1 Legend Jade Druid Guide: The Meta’s Finest

Jade Druid is the number one deck to beat in the current meta and with very limited weaknesses and counters, it has been dominating high ranks since the launch of the new expansion. While the deck has always been decent, it got pushed to meta-defining power levels thanks to cards like Ultimate Infestation and Malfurion the Pestilent. Today we take a look at this list by Breezy who hit Rank 1 Legend with the deck.

Card Choices

Innervate: Innervate allows you to cheat out cards more than what your mana pool allows you to and it can make for some big early plays in a game. Some games are won just by playing something big that can’t be answered by your opponent using Innervate and snowballing from there onward.

Earthen Scales: With the deck being able to pump out big minions through the Jade Golem mechanic, Earthen Scales allows you to gain back a big amount of life total and stabilize your health total quite easily.

Jade Idol: A very notorious and controversial card. It can singlehandedly win you any Control matchup if you reach the late game because you have infinite minions at your disposal that just keep getting bigger and bigger.

Wild Growth: You ideally want to play this in your first few turns to get the most out of it and to speed up your mana curve. In the lategame it serves as card draw when you have 10 mana so there’s no real disadvantage of the card whatsoever.

Wrath: Wrath is one of Druid’s best removal spells that can help you control the early game board or can be used to cycle through your deck and find playable cards.

Jade Blossom: Another source of Ramp that allows Druids to speed up their curve and play out more cards or bigger minions on curve.

Fandral Staghelm: With multiple choose one cards in the deck, Fandral can put out quite a bit of value out of your deck if he sticks or you combo him with your Choose One cards.

Keeper of the Grove: With buffs being common in the game right now whether it be through spells or cards like Bonemare, Keeper of the Grove is a solid pick in the current meta. The only reason to run it over Spellbreaker is the fact that it can do 2 damage which is very relevant against Aggro decks.

Swipe: Druid’s most used AOE spell that never fails to deliver. It is very efficient against aggressive decks and can be used to kill off mid-sized minions with the 4 damage.

Nourish: One of the reasons why Druid is so strong right now is because Druids have multiple ramp cards that allow them to run expensive cards like Ultimate Infestation and Medivh, The Guardian in the deck and it is more viable than ever to Nourish for mana crystals since you have the card draw through Ultimate Infestation to back it up once your hand size becomes low.

Spreading Plague: A great comeback mechanism against aggressive decks that try to flood the board as you get enough HP on the board to block aggro decks off for at least a couple turns most of the time.

Jade Behemoth: A solid taunt minion that keeps pumping up your Jade Golems and adds two bodies on the board. Unlike other Jade decks, Druid has access to more viable Jade Golem cards and Jade Behemoth is definitely a stronger pick than most taunt minions Druid has access to for this deck.

Malfurion the PestilentAn underrated hero card that broke into the meta in style. The upgraded hero power and the ability to summon 2 Poisonous or Taunt minions is just great. It also has synergy with Fandral for its battlecry as well as its hero power which is crazy!

Ultimate InfestationThe ultimate value card in the game that gives you just too much for 10 mana. Drawing five cards is worth around 8 to 8.5 mana and being able to get 5 damage, 5 armor and a 5/5 body on the board makes it extremely strong for the mana cost.

Jade SpiritA standard pick in any Jade deck that pushes out two bodies on the board to help you get the Jade Golem chain going. It is good against aggro decks as it allows you to contest the board early on since the rest of your deck has high cost minions.

Aya BlackpawBeing able to push out 2 Jade Golems while also maintaining a 5/3 body for 6 mana makes Aya a must have for any Jade Deck. It is one of the highest winrate cards in the deck and you should definitely craft her if you plan on playing any Jade deck.

The Black KnightThe Black Knight is a solid tech card in the current meta because of how popular some Taunt minions are and The Lich King is a card that makes it into many decks, which makes Black Knight quite the bit viable and it’s good to see it seeing more play in the current meta.

Medivh, the GuardianWhile it might seem like a greedy addition, it works quite well with cards like Nourish and Ultimate Infestation. You can get quite a bit of value out of Atiesh, with weapon removal not being to popular in the current meta.

Primordial DrakeA very good taunt minion that’s great at dealing with flooded enemy boards and the high health pool makes it difficult for it to be removed with one card most of the time. Being able to ramp the card out early against aggro decks can help a lot.


Against Aggro

  • Wild Growth
  • Wrath
  • Jade Blossom
  • Innervate (into an early play)

Against Control

  • Wild Growth
  • Innervate (with follow up)
  • Wrath
  • Nourish


Jade Druid is known to be the strongest deck at the moment and there are very few counters to it at the moment. Pirate Warrior with a good curve or Quest Mage can be problematic for the deck, but aside that playing your cards smartly can fetch you a high winrate and help you climb very consistently.

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I am Abhimannu from India, I've been playing Hearthstone since December 2014 and have hit Legend on numerous occasions in the past. I enjoy playing Rogue, Warrior and Warlock a lot and am always trying to reinvent out of meta decks to make them viable.

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  1. Guy Slatter says:

    great deck. you guys on here should definitely start including a deck copy code though.

  2. Courtney Pewitt says:

    Sweet deck!! First game was Jade Druid V Jade Druid. We drew pretty much the same cards back to back, it was pretty crazy. The difference, I won with 26 health and a full board, he had an 8/4 Jade, was he was running the original Jade Druid with the exception of Malfurion the Pestilent and it simply wasn’t enough. He never drew Fandral & I drew & played him my last turn, not even taking advantage of my hero power, he conceded with 12 health left, the game was over b4 I even played Fandral, FANTASTIC!!!