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August 1, 2015

Amazon Coins are now 20% Off! Buy More Spend Less!

For more information and our previous post on Amazon coins, click here.

  • Amazon upped the discount (when you buy 5,000 or 10,000 coins) from 10% to 20%!
  • 5,000 coins is the equivalent of $50 or 40 card pack bundle – $1.25 per card pack. With 20% off, you are essentially paying $1.00 per card pack ($40 for 40 card pack bundle).

Our recommendation is to snatch these coins up while it’s at a 20% discount (we have yet to see it go cheaper) and save them. Save them until Amazon introduces a higher rate of coin back deals than 10%. (There’s a rumor that the coin back deal might get boosted up to 30% this weekend, so stay tuned!)

For more details and information about Amazon Coins and Hearthstone, check it out here. If you wish to purchase the coins or check out the Amazon Hearthstone page, visit here.

Check out the discussions of Amazon Deals here and here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The 30% coin back is on now. So should I go ahead and buy the packs or should I wait for an even better deal? Do you think there is any chance of any deal that will be better than 30% coin back?

  2. Anonymous says:

    So did the 30% coin back happened? Just wondering… since challengestone 3 is on-going but I’m not getting the 30% coin back. Hope I didnt miss it already.

    • Jimmy HSP says:

      Haven’t heard about Challengestone 3 and the 30% Coin back yet, but I know know we’re all waiting eagerly for it (and hoping it happens!)

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is only works for cell phone not for pc version ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    would like your help guys
    my battlenet account is listed as UK
    i dont have an amazon account
    and im living in Israel

    can i use the amazon coins guide?or it wont work for me because i live in israel?

      • Anonymous says:

        hey can you help me m8 ?
        i downloaded the amazon app store and made an US account
        using the amazon appstore i downloaded heartstone
        logged into my account
        trying to buy new blackrouck expansion

        but it gives me no option for amazon coins
        and it stuck on waiting for authoraztion

        im using my galaxy s6

        any ideas?

        • Jimmy HSP says:

          Did you buy the coins on Amazon already?

          • Anonymous says:

            just wanted to update that i managed somehow to get amazon coins but sadly amazon detects that my credit card is linked to another country which is why i cannot use the coins in the game app

            asked for a refund .

            i feel like im going to give up on heartstone . i really wanted to come back and play again , i work so i dont have much time getting cards and buying is the only option for me . but my account is UK which means pack prices damm expansive for me…

            tried to look for info about VPN but found nothing that explain how to use it… maybe its the only way for a person like me that lives outside the US/UK/GERMANY and want to get amazon coins…

            unless you have any other suggestions i gave up :<

    • Stonekeep HSP says:

      Hey, today I’m gonna write the guide on how to get the Amazon Coins to work in the countries other than US/UK/Germany. I’m from Poland and I’ve bought Amazon Coins and can make in-game purchases with them.

      But if you’ve already bought the Coins and they don’t work, I’m not sure whether you’ll be able to get a refund, sadly :( I’ve heard people having problems with getting refunds on the Coins. When you purchase them, it says that those cannot be refunded. But I hope you’ll manage to do that!

      • nircc552 says:

        i already got a refund for the coins
        but now i understand how VPN work so when i logged into my amazon account it says i can buy coins

        should i wait for your guide b4 i try to buy coins ?


        • Stonekeep HSP says:

          I’m not sure to be honest. I’ve bought them without using any VPNs so I’m not sure what way to buy them you have in mind exactly :) I’m not sure if just changing your IP to American one (or UK/German) will work. The guide will be out soon-ish so if you aren’t in a big hurry, you can just wait for it.

          By the way, it’s nice to know that they actually refund them. I’ve heard they don’t. Good thing!

          • Anonymous says:

            i must say that amazon service is the best out there
            at first they helped me buy the gift cards
            than when i saw i cannot get the coins
            they sent me coins into my account some how
            after that i realized no matter what , i cannot use my credit card on that account so asked for a refund
            they refund without doing a problem for me…

            anyway im not sure if just changing my location to US using a VPN will solve my problem
            but after doing so i found it buying COINS option is now available in my account – but i still worried about my credit card because its not linked to US and can cause problems

            anyway im not in a hurry at all i will wait for your guide . just hope not to miss the 20% on the 10K coins :)