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February 2, 2017

Arena Quiz! Mage Arena Guide with MrShine – Part 1

Hello. In this Mage arena guide I’ll be taking you through a draft with the ever dangerous Jaina – follow along and make your picks with me and we’ll tally up our scores at the end of the video!

Taking the Quiz

Here’s a fast n’ dirty guide on how to take the quiz if this is your first time:

  • Start by giving yourself 100 points
  • Subtract the # of points depicted on the card you chose from your remaining point total if your choice differs from mine
  • Treat every new pick as if you picked identically to me up until that point
  • Have fun! (It’s OK if you make a ‘whoops’ or two)


Do you think I made a mistake somewhere?
Want to tell me your predictions for how well this deck will do?
Was I undervaluing a specific card?
Would you like me to clarify something?
Do you have a suggestion on how I can improve future quiz videos?

I’d love to hear about all of these things and more below in the comments section and I’ll do my very best to respond in a timely manner.

I hope you enjoyed the quiz video this week! The second part of the Mage arena guide will be up on next week Wednesday, where we see how the run did and will take a more in depth look at the key moments of various games.

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More About The Author

MrShine is an “infinite” arena player (averaging more than 150 gold per arena run) with a win rate of over 71%. Check out his arena stats here.

MrShine also has a Youtube gaming channel with more gaming content. You can visit his channel by clicking this link. Thanks!

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Leave a Reply

  1. Anonymous says:

    would be nice if I didnt have wait 30 seconds after every pick.. not gonna watch for 25 minutes mate.

    • MrShine says:

      If you’re referring to the pause between picks, that’s 3 seconds not 30, and I guess I don’t know what to say since that’s about the shortest time I feel I can reasonably give so people have a chance to pause & won’t be spoiled by my grades.

      If you’re referring to the discussion between picks, I guess that’s sorta the point of the video – I talk about why I feel certain picks are stronger than others & explain my reasoning. If that’s what you don’t care for in the video I think the video might not be for you!

      Sorry you felt it was too long, but it’s set up this way for a reason.

      • Anonymous says:

        he means the time u need to explain the cards its damn too high nice video but u dont need to explain every pick i guess

  2. WhelpLaid says:

    Please mute the background music of Hearthstone for your videos.

  3. A guy with a lousy ladder deck says:

    I really wouldn’t take Shattered Sun Cleric over Raging Worgen. Ignore it and you can hit the opponent extremely hard and fly ahead very quickly. The buff is very nice and the Cleric is solid but I think I would prefer Worgen. Maybe I’m a sucker for these slightly riskier plays. But I prefer it.

  4. Daren says:

    On the ogre vs. tiger, they do not offer the same, the ogre offers the chance for him to play around the flamestrike (sacrifice 2-3 minions that will die to flamestrike) therefore either forcing you to save flamestrike, or getting far less value out of it. Still, I’m a mediocre arena player with 4.6 wins on average and mage not shining particularly well for me… so maybe I will try your logic next time.
    Regards from Europe.

    • MrShine says:

      I guess my feeling is I still consider it a win if my opponent needs to trade 2 or 3 for 1, so I’m not that bummed about it if he cashes in his minions – plus that means I don’t need to flamestrike on turn 7 and can save it for when I have more on the board! And if he trades 3 for my ogre…I always have 2 more in my deck 😀

      4.6 average is pretty good though, I’d hardly consider that mediocre! Like I said before Tiger is still a very strong pick here.

  5. Sam says:

    By the way, today I broke my previous arena record (7) with a new record of 8 – with a mage deck! I think my increasing success rate in general is in large part down to your videos, so thanks!

    • MrShine says:

      Congrats on the new arena record, and I’m happy to help! Also don’t worry about not hitting 100 in the draft. I’ve said before but while I try to remove preference from my choices as much as possible there are certainly times where a pick can go multiple ways, and two highly successful arena players can disagree strongly on picks.

  6. bi says:

    what a great and funny (all these balloons :D) tut. Thx for that! Great idea. Criss Angel is waiting for more! 😉

    • MrShine says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed! Hopefully I’ll be able to elevate you from Criss Angel status with future videos 😀

  7. Daren says:

    Dam! 99… I though I had it this time… worgen tricked me into losing one point. BTW, I honestly would have deducted you a point (yes! you! behold my arrogance!) fro picking the third ogre over the tiger… stealthed minions get extra value with 2 flamestrikes because you can lay them down before one and have a strong body there for when the smoke clears. Wouldn’t you agree? besides you only have 3 5 mana minions and if not you some other “pro” pointed out 5 mana is slightly better than 6 mana since you can play 2 five mana on the same turn in a pinch.

    • MrShine says:

      HOW DARE YOU QUESTION ME PUNY MORTAL?!? Just kidding, I make mistakes all the time & should be questioned! Tiger was completely valid, thus why I didn’t dock points on that one. It’s strong for all the reasons you’ve described, although Ogre is about the same thing. On T6 if I play an ogre my opponent needs to clear it with their board (likely at LEAST a 2 for 1, sometimes more) or risk a T7 flamestrike and straight up lose. Body on Ogre is better (one of the best neutral 6 drop in the arena) although yes it’s much better to have too many 5 drops than too many 6+ drops in your deck. I think it’s a bit of a wash, maybe sliiightly in Tiger’s favor since I already had 2 ogres.

      Incidentally the worgen/shattered sun pick was super close too. I commented about it in the youtube comments on the video.

  8. Sam says:

    Thought I was on course for my first 100… ended up with 97. One day!

    • MrShine says:

      97 is still great, there’s a lot of potential for preference knocking a point or two off, so don’t beat yourself up over it!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey Mr. Shine, I selected 3 different cards than you and I ‘d like to hear your opinion.
    1) Creeper over Gurubashi.Even though Gurubashi is better in mage it is a VERY slow card.You use at least 7 mana to get it going and it is usually one for one or one for one&half.However, it is definitely not a 5 drop, as it is a card that already requires a board presence to excel.Sadly, it get kodo’ed as well, which is a nearly you see-you take rare card for all classes.On the other hand, creeper is a more expensive sen’jin.It stops early aggression and you can play it on turn 5 easily.Sure it is not something special, but it seems a more sturdy card overall without sacrificing tempo.
    2) Mirror Entity over Warlord.That was quite easy for me and I was surprised by your choice. Warlord secure wins.But if you want to secure a win, that means you are already winning.Simply it is not enougn to change the tides if you’ re losing.Entity is amazing.Sure it can be played around,but just by being a secret it puts your opponent in a tough spot.It is better in top decks vs warlord and that matters, because both cards are not really a turn 3 and a turn 5 play.What’s more, entity is a tempo boost and combining it with the hero power, you can effectively trade to opponent’s minion if the summoned has a formula of x/x+1 stats, which is quite often the case.Lastly, by having 2 secrets and 10 more picks on the way, the potential of a scientist is huge.
    3) Mercenary over Ogre.Both very close.If you hadn’t already an ogre, I’d pick it any day.But at that time you were really light on 5s.As I mentioned before, for me Gurubashi is not a turn 5 play, because if you play it on 5 the opponent just floods the board before Flamestrike and dictates the trades afterwards.The tempo loss is devastating.Moreover, I picked entity so we assume you do not have Warlord.Mercenary to the average player NEEDS clearance.When in reality,ogre is sturdier, the average player wastes their removal on mercenary without hesitation, cause either way an ogre is tough to deal with.Moreover, it works as a removal bait for ogre and sunwalker and provides a formidable threat.Overall, really close, would say a matter of preference.
    To sum up the impact of the different options is minimal, however a timely kodo could cost you one game.For me, sometimes you have to pick a “worse” card to minimise possible negative outcomes.
    I really would like to hear your opinion about these three different choices, though :)

    • MrShine says:

      Hey, very sorry I missed this until now!

      Fen Creeper vs Gurubashi Berserker: Both have similarly allocated stats, but the Fen Creeper gets taunt while the Berserker gets the +3 damage ability. Downside of GB is it gets kodo’d yes (if not pinged right away), but it also has much more upside in a mage deck when you can self ping.

      If I was any other class I’d go Fen Creeper, Gurubashi is scarier in a mage deck and can sometimes draw out premium removal if the enemy doesn’t want to deal with an out of control berserker though. With my trio of Ogres I’d love this. Polymorph that Gurubashi? Here’s an Ogre!

      Mirror Entity vs Frostwolf Warlord: I might be undervaluing Mirror Entity, but I consider it decidedly average. Most opponents will play around it, and if they have any board they can often proc it and immediate get an advantageous trade.

      I also might be over-valuing Frostwolf Warlord, but I’ve really liked this card lately! Not being too greedy with this card can still net a 5/5 or a 6/6, which can be just fine/great. Even in the late game if I don’t play it on curve it’s almost always going to have potential to be more than just a 4/4, and it’s partially silence proof since the base stats are respectable at 4/4. Maybe a bit ‘win-morey’, but even without those conditions it can be strong. Main appeal for me is I get to decide when it comes out, whereas with Mirror entity I’m at the mercy of my opponent’s decision making.

      Venture Co Vs Ogre: In a vacuum we both agree Ogre is better. This might be a case of what we picked before, since you mentioned taking venture co as removal bait similar to how I picked gurubashi partly for removal bait. Your deck would have been up an entity & a venture, while mine would have been up a gurubashi and an ogre. If I didn’t have gurubashi or warlord I likely would have taken the venture co. as well, but as it was I felt like I had enough playable options on 5 that I was willing to go with ogre #3.

      In short I think your reasoning is well thought out, and I don’t think any of the differences between our picks would have hugely impacted end results. You are right gurubashi risks the kodo blowout, but even if that happens the deck has great answers with ogres on t6 to face the Kodo’s 3/5 body, and of course the universal get-out-of-jail-free card Flamestrikex3 whenever the board becomes unwieldy.

      Thanks for the detailed comments!

  10. MrShine says:

    Sorry about video access issues – I’m away from home but working on the issue! Should be up in a little bit.