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February 2, 2017

Arena Quiz! Paladin Arena Guide with MrShine – Part 2

It’s been delayed due to Goblins vs Gnomes, but it’s finally time for the conclusion of my Paladin arena guide! In this video I’ll break down the deck that we assembled back in my Paladin Drafting Quiz, and see where it ended up! I’ll be taking an extra close look at my results, explain my reasoning, and we’ll walk through the games I experienced during the run.

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More About The Author

MrShine is an “infinite” arena player (averaging more than 150 gold per arena run) with a win rate of over 71%. Check out his arena stats here.

MrShine also has a Youtube gaming channel with more gaming content. You can visit his channel by clicking this link. Thanks!

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Leave a Reply

  1. Daren says:

    Good ending for the series 12 wins and 2 legendaries… nice! Still, was not your best video, probably due to the excitement coming with GvG… we understand… 😉

    • MrShine says:

      I must admit my mind was elsewhere when doing the wrap up, like you say I was busy with all the GvG content stuff.

      I also think that these wrap up videos were ultimately a flop – interest across the board seemed to be down every time. If I do these arena quiz videos again post-GvG I’ll likely just include a link to the full run for folks so they can see how the deck ran for themselves I think.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Sam says:

    Nice one! A much-deserved 12-win run. I upped my personal best to 9 yesterday, and hope there’s a 12 on the horizon soon. I look forward to more arena videos next year.

    • MrShine says:

      awesome, congrats on the 9 wins! everything has been turned upside down in the GvG arena meta, so glad to hear you’re getting some success :)