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Last Updated

February 2, 2017

MrShine's Shaman Arena Deck
Class Cards (9)
Earth Shock 1
Forked Lightning 1
Rockbiter Weapon 2
Stormforged Axe 2
Hex 4
Bloodlust 5
Fire Elemental 6
Neutral Cards (21)
Zombie Chow 1
Dire Wolf Alpha 2
Murloc Tidehunter 2
Nerub’ar Weblord 2
River Crocolisk 2
Murloc Warleader 3
Raging Worgen 3
Raid Leader 3
Chillwind Yeti 4
Stormwind Knight 4
Twilight Drake 4
Fen Creeper 5
Spectral Knight 5
Stranglethorn Tiger 5
Archmage 6
Argent Commander 6
Sunwalker 6
Stormwind Champion 7

Mana Curve

0 0
3 1
9 2
3 3
5 4
5 5
4 6
1 7

Attack Curve

6 0
1 1
10 2
3 3
7 4
1 5
2 6
0 7

Health Curve

6 0
3 1
2 2
8 3
1 4
5 5
4 6
1 7

Arena Quiz! Shaman Arena Guide Part 2

Welcome back to the conclusion video of my Shaman Arena Guide! In this video I’ll break down the deck that we assembled back in my Shaman Drafting Quiz, and see where it ended up! I’ll also walk through some of the difficult turns of the run, and walk through the final game’s critical plays.

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More About The Author

MrShine is an “infinite” arena player (averaging more than 150 gold per arena run) with a win rate of over 71%. Check out his arena stats here.

MrShine also has a Youtube gaming channel with more gaming content. You can visit his channel by clicking this link. Thanks!

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Leave a Reply

  1. coopersmind says:

    Great stuff man! Just went through both parts and found it both informative and entertaining. Lots of lol’s! Keep em coming :)

  2. jacktshipper says:

    Hey, just wanted to leave some feedback here, hope that’s ok.

    I really really love these video’s, with the quiz format and everything it’s an amazing way to learn.

    For me personally, I wouldn’t mind if they were longer, maybe 20-30 mins? or if they showed a full game or so?

    But honestly, I think that feeling stems alot from the arena-related content being a bit on the light side on this website, I mean, your video series is basically the most consistent form of arena-guides on this website, and sometimes I have to go a week between ever visiting here, just because I prefer arena play over ranked play.
    Which in return doesn’t make the website great value for me.

    I understand writing how to pick cards, and that yeti is better than frostwolf grunt, every day holds no purpose, but a video series like this is just absolutely great, you can even after you’ve done all characters continue going, and look a bit more in depth at the runs and its A+ content for the website, and fairly easy to create a endless stream of content for arena this way, without much repetition.

    I especially appreciate the looking at turning points in matches and the “struggles”, it’s just really valuable.

    So my question basically is, is there any way, any way at all, you could possibly make a few more instead of 1/week? Or maybe get a few other coaches to adopt a similair format, or just make more arena-guides?

    • jacktshipper says:

      ps; I have 300+ wins in arena so far, and went 12-2 for the first time yesterday with a priest deck, not really tracking my stats much so no clue about avg wins, Id say 6 if i’d have to guess tho.

      (just so you get some kind of idea of the customer I am)

      • jacktshipper says:

        Also relevant is perhaps that I’m a premium subscriber, which makes me really sad because the number one thing on this website for me, as someone with a dominant interest in arena, are the free guides of mr shine and of sheng.

        Don’t get me wrong, I am pleased with the subscription fee and the site as well as with the teachers here, but for premium members who are mostly interested in arena, there is just not much here and that’s why I figured politely bringing it up wasn’t a bad thing to do.

        • MrShine says:

          Hi Jacktshipper, thanks for the feedback, I’m really happy to hear you’ve been enjoying them!

          Regarding the quiz videos & the 1 a week on the site, the bad news is at this time I probably don’t have enough time to get more than one done a week, because the recording & editing takes me a lot of time and as of now another full time job & family commitments remain high priorities. The dream is me being able to make enough money on videos to do stuff like this full time, but that’s a long (long…LONG :D) way off for me.

          The good news though is I’ve been putting other content on the Hearthstone Players main Youtube channel at . It’s going to be a mix of different game modes but as an arena fan I’ll have other live arena runs that you can watch in their entirety, and the nature of that recording requires much less editing so I can get them out fairly quickly. At this time I’m trying to shoot for a video every other day.

          As far as other similar formats or other coaches being involved, that question might be better answered by Jimmy, as I don’t have any control over the content for premium or other subscription issues. I’m happy to hear that you’re getting a lot from some of the stuff on the site but sorry to hear you don’t feel like there’s as many premium info on the arena. I do know that setting up a coaching service is something Hearthstone Players is working on, so that may be something you could purchase from here eventually.

          I do know that we all appreciate the feedback, and I know it’s the goal of the site to provide a good value to both free & premium members. I’ve passed your messages on to the “higher ups” 😀

  3. lordasrielheller says:

    Bro have you played priest yet? If you have, play warlock. Otherwise play priest next time.