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Guide Type

Dust Cost

Last Updated

February 2, 2017

Class Cards (9)
Soulfire 1
Flame Imp 1
Mortal Coil 1
Pit Lord 4
Voidcaller 4
Siphon Soul 6
Neutral Cards (21)
Zombie Chow 1
Master Swordsmith 2
Amani Berserker 2
Dire Wolf Alpha 2
Faerie Dragon 2
Murloc Tidehunter 2
Earthen Ring Farseer 3
Emperor Cobra 3
Flesheating Ghoul 3
Harvest Golem 3
Scarlet Crusader 3
Defender of Argus 4
Silver Hand Knight 5
Spectral Knight 5
Stranglethorn Tiger 5
Gadgetzan Auctioneer 6
Frost Elemental 6
Priestess of Elune 6
Molten Giant 20

Mana Curve

0 0
7 1
5 2
5 3
4 4
3 5
4 6
2 7

Attack Curve

5 0
1 1
7 2
8 3
3 4
4 5
0 6
2 7

Health Curve

5 0
2 1
4 2
9 3
4 4
2 5
2 6
2 7

Arena Quiz! Warlock Arena Guide with MrShine – Part 2

It’s time for the conclusion of last week’s Warlock arena guide! In this video I’ll break down the deck that we assembled back in my Warlock Drafting Quiz, and see where it ended up! I’ll be taking an extra close look at a few of the draft choices I had & explain my reasoning, and we’ll walk through all the loses I experienced during the run.

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More About The Author

MrShine is an “infinite” arena player (averaging more than 150 gold per arena run) with a win rate of over 71%. Check out his arena stats here.

MrShine also has a Youtube gaming channel with more gaming content. You can visit his channel by clicking this link. Thanks!

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Leave a Reply

  1. Daren says:

    Well, keep up the good work, and I’ll wait for your arena strategy guides… :) (The sum-ups are interesting but it’s too much cherry-picking). Thanks again for doing this series and adding that little touch of silly humour to lighten it up!

  2. Killepitsch says:

    I really like the series, too. But i wish next time you show us one of your inferior runs. As i saw on Arenamastery you are struggling sometimes too. Thx for the great work.

    • MrShine says:

      For sure, I can see how things could look poorly represented if I only showed “good” runs. My arenamastery stats are slightly misleading, because there were a string of runs I recorded on my personal youtube channel, and I “caught up” with logging them on August 27th. Check out my channel at and you’ll see them.

      Since I’ve made the switch to recording for though I think there is only one run I’ve played (a 6/3 Paladin) that I didn’t record. I did record one 5/3 hunter run but I wasn’t happy with it I scrapped it, so you’ve got me there, but my intention has been to show you almost everything I’ve done in the arena, not cherry picking “the good ones”.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for these series… I really enjoy them and I’m amazed at your arena consistency. I got 4.7 wins on average and usually my good runs are ruined by terrible runs… however, I always score above 95 on your tests… so is that small deckbuilding skill the difference? or I just make more “invisible” mistakes (errors which effect will only be seen a few turns later)

    • MrShine says:

      I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying them! I’m of the opinion that plays in game are just as (if not more) important than the drafting process. The draft is like your vehicle – the better the draft the further you’re likely to go, but if you can’t drive properly you’ll always be too dependent on that vehicle to carry you. Once you learn how to push every deck to its limit by making proper plays, you’ll find you can attain moderate success in the arena even when you don’t have an amazing draft.