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December 5, 2017

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Basic / Budget Hearthstone Deck Guides

Note: For the latest pro and top decklists, meta deck rankings, crafting and new player guides – visit Disguised Toast website!

Greetings, I’m Sheng, a Legend rank constructed and 7.5 win-average arena player. I run where our coaches have helped many students achieve the same.

If you are new to Hearthstone or just started your Hearthstone cards collection, this section is the perfect place for you to get started!

Note: Don’t forget to check out our New Player section – featuring Crafting/Disenchanting and Free to Play guides!

Technically these decks are all 0 dust to build, though you’ll need to purchase Naxxramas and Blackrock Mountain if you don’t have both already. In my opinion, it’s the best $50 a new player can put towards the game to start a collection.

While it’s unlikely that you’ll get much further than Rank 10 on the ladder with these upgraded decks, the goal of this series is to provide for newer players a way to kickstart their Hearthstone journey. You’ll find at the end of each guide that there’s a short section on how to upgrade your deck. You can make card substitutions to each of these decks as you open more Expert packs to make them stronger.

Note: Once you have a good amount of cards in your collection and ready to try more competitive decks, head on over to the Meta Deck Rankings on Disguised Toast and take a look!

Starter Basic Decks

New to the game? On a budget? Don’t have a big collection yet? View the starter deck guides here. They all cost 0 dust to make and does not include cards from Adventures!

View Starter Basic Decks for 9 Classes (0 dust required)

Basic + One Night in Karazhan Budget Deck Guides

View the budget decks built to include cards from the One Night in Karazhan expansion!

Basic + Whispers of the Old Gods Budget Deck Guides

View the budget decks built to include cards from the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion (All Standard Format)

If you are looking for deck guides and lists built with zero dust – check out Sheng’s Basic Deck Guides!

Basic + Naxxramas Adventure

View the decks built to include cards from the Naxxramas Adventure (0 dust required)

Basic + Naxxramas + Blackrock Mountain

View the decks built to include cards from the Naxxramas + Blackrock Mountain Adventures (0 dust required)

Basic + Naxxramas + Blackrock Mountain + League of Explorers

View the decks built to include cards from the Naxxramas + Blackrock Mountain Adventures + League of Explorers (0 dust required)

Budget GvG Decks with 1000 Dust!

Looking to upgrade your decks for GvG? Here are budget decks that cost no more than 1000 arcane dust for all 9 classes.

Budget TGT Decks with 1300 Dust!

Looking to upgrade your decks for TGT? Here are budget decks that cost no more than 1300 arcane dust for all 9 classes.

Budget LoE Decks

Looking to upgrade your decks for LoE? Here are budget decks with only Commons and Rares for all 9 classes.

Narrowing That Gap

Deck construction was one of the hardest things for me to learn when I first picked up this game, so I hope this will help you newer players bridge that gap faster than I did. As always, I’d love to answer your questions on this thread or on the guides themselves. Enjoy!

Coaching Lessons

If you’re interested in reaching Legend rank, or earning unlimited gold from arena, my team at would love to help! We’ve provided over a thousand hours of excellent coaching to students around the world. 

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Enjoyed this article?

Greetings, I’m Sheng, a Legend rank constructed and 7.5 win-average arena player. I run where our coaches have helped many students reach the same goals.

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  1. +1 for basic/budget decks without naxx, I’m a new player struggling for ideas and having standard decks to use as a reference would be a great help!

    Thanks for the good work :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    We need decks with basic, classic, LoE, Blackrock Mountain, TGT and WoG to give new players ideas for standard legal decks even the basic and LoE decks require nax

  3. Now that Naxxramas is no longer purchasable, seems like what beginners now need is Standard-capable Basic + BRM + LOE decks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Will you be updating these guides? Thanks

  5. Anonymous says:

    Does this link about the LOE + basic i mean it is stated that the req. was Naxx plus BRM + LOE?

    Or this is Basic + LOE only

  6. The Franchise says:

    Could you update this page to link to the LoE decks? Thanks!

  7. Gozer says:

    Hi Sheng,

    Just wanted to wish you a very happy new year and say THANK YOU for all the work you have put into making these deck lists. I’d been playing for two months and was getting frustrated at my lack of success when i stumbled upon your lists. I started building them one by one, first all the starter decks, used those to grind gold for the Naxx adventure, then built those sets, used those to grind for the BRm etc. etc. I now have all my decks except Warlock op to the TGT+1300dust level, some reinfored with a lucky legendary I got from a pack and I’m really, really enjoying the game now. Topped out at rank 12 last season, you can’t imagine how psyched I was. Learning a lot on how to play from reading your guides for each class and understanding HOW decks work and WHY they work. A shame more people don’t come here and say thanks. Wish I could throw you a tip so you culd buy some beers but there’s no payment method available in my country that I can use for that (I also can’t buy packs/adventures), so I hope this will do for now.



    • Sheng says:

      Hi Gozer, thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my guides and found more success playing the game. :)

  8. Cameron says:

    Hey there I was just wondering when the basic + Naxx + BRM + LoE decks may be out roughly?

  9. Callectible says:

    Love the site, it’s fantastic. Merry Christmas Everyone.

    Just wondering if it’d be possible for basic/budget decks for Basic + LOE without NAX or BRM.


  10. FallMist says:

    Hello. Can i ask you? Can you do Basic + Naxrammas + Blackrock + League of Explorers decks?

    • Stonekeep HSP says:

      Sheng will definitely be doing new set of decks. But it’s not really that easy to build 9 balanced decks with restrictions + test them + optimize them + write about them. It’s very likely to take some time. Right now, if you have questions about certain LoE cards fitting the previous decks, you can ask them in the comment sections of those decks :)

  11. Scott Hill says:


    Amazing decks, they have really helped me improve playing the game and give me a competitive start. I have taken the basic decks and improved or changes them to my style.

    And chance you will make another set with all three adventures, as the last last wing of league of explorers will be released shortly?

    I would love to see what you come up with.


  12. emanuelgre says:

    just started using these guides after playing for about a month an unlocking all the basic class cards. the seemed to be upgraded frequently seeing that most were updated a few days from today, so ill def be back.

  13. xnium9 says:

    Hi hi there, first of all nice for the guides but I’d like to know if you could update each decks about their substitutions or if you have a link..

    • (null) says:

      I second this, would be nice to know what cards to substitute for upgrades.

  14. Anonymous says:

    You know what would be great? Basic + Naxx + Blackrock decks! I am a new player and I am planning on unlocking Naxx and Blackrock Moutain before starting to open packs. Anyways, thanks for the guides, these are great!

  15. Anonymous says:

    bad ideas by stupid people

  16. darkobean says:

    Now that BRM is out. Could you make a guide with just Basic and BRM please?

  17. Nice, can you do a Basic + Naxx + Blackrock?

  18. walterwayne says:

    Link to basic hunter deck does not work.