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Dust Cost

Last Updated

July 25, 2016

Table of Contents

Most Versatile Legendaries
Class Cards (7)
Edwin VanCleef 3
Archmage Antonidas 7
Grommash Hellscream 8
Tirion Fordring 8
Al’Akir the Windlord 8
Mal’Ganis 9
Lord Jaraxxus 9
Neutral Cards (10)
Bloodmage Thalnos 2
Harrison Jones 5
Sylvanas Windrunner 6
Justicar Trueheart 6
The Black Knight 6
Dr. Boom 7
Baron Geddon 7
Ragnaros the Firelord 8
Alexstrasza 9
Ysera 9

Mana Curve

0 0
0 1
1 2
1 3
0 4
1 5
3 6
11 7

Attack Curve

0 0
1 1
1 2
2 3
3 4
3 5
2 6
5 7

Health Curve

0 0
1 1
1 2
1 3
1 4
4 5
1 6
8 7

Beginner’s Guide to Crafting Legendaries


Greetings, I’m Sheng, a Legend rank constructed and 7.5 win-average arena player. I run where our coaches have helped many students achieve the same.

If you’ve been playing for a while, you’ve probably gotten to the point where you have enough dust to craft a Legendary. But which Legendaries are best, and which ones should you craft first?

This question tends to be asked a lot, so I thought I’d write a quick-and-dirty guide to help you guys out on your crafting decisions. If you’re a free-to-play or have a limited budget to spend on cards, it’s important to make your dust go as far as possible.

How to Acquire Dust

The best way to acquire dust is to play arena! Every once in a while, one of your reward boxes will contain a small amount (or a large amount if you’re a good at arena) of dust that will help you get closer to your goal of crafting a legendary of choice.

I’d recommend players to only dust duplicate and golden cards, because you’ll often find that dusting a rare or epic card for a class that you don’t play will come back to bite you once you’ve built up more of a collection, and want to start branching out to playing other classes.

(This has happened to me a few times in the past. I’m looking at you Control Warrior!)

Please note that Neutral Legendaries can be used in any class, while Class Legendaries can only be used in a deck for a specific class.

Neutral Legendaries

I’d recommend that most people start with the Neutral Legendaries list, and then craft Class-Specific legendaries based on which class they like to play the most.

1. Dr. Boom

  • Fits into almost all but the fastest decks. Easiest way to populate a board that’s empty. Certainly the best 7 mana minion in the game.

2. Sylvanas Windrunner

  • Another extremely flexible card that can be fit into almost any deck. Her Deathrattle is unique, and will often trade two or even three for one if you include the minion that she steals.

3. Ragnaros the Firelord

  • An 8 mana finisher. Best used when you’ve cleared the board to isolate a few large targets, or to end the game. This is a card that will fit into the late game (big dude) slot for most mid-range and control decks.

4. Alexstrasza

  • A neutral legendary that is pretty essential in many control decks. Can go into Control Warrior, Freeze Mage, Handlock, and new Miracle Rogue among others.

5. Justicar Trueheart

  • While her stat distribution may not seem very intimidating, her instant ability to upgrade your hero power is. Justicar Trueheart has become a staple Legendary for Control Warrior, Midrange Paladin, and Control Priest.

Meta-Dependent Neutral Legendaries

The Meta-Dependent Neutral Legendary list is a nice to have, if the rest of your Neutral Legendaries collection is complete.

1. The Black Knight

  • Great in a taunt-heavy meta, the battlecry that allows you to destroy a taunt minion is unique in the game, and can give you a massive tempo-boost. Unfortunately, a bit weak when aggro decks are popular on the ladder, as when he doesn’t hit the battlecry, he’s a 6 mana for a 4/5.
  • Primarily used in control decks to counter other control decks, as holding a situational card for a large part of the game in hand isn’t as punishing.

2. Harrison Jones

  • Good in a weapons-heavy meta, and primarily used in control decks.

3. Ysera

  • A great card when the meta is super-slow and filled with other control decks, as she’ll give you card advantage. However, in a ladder filled with aggro, she won’t be effective, as you’ll be dead before you’re able to take advantage of her card generation.

Crucial Class Legendaries

These are pretty much must-haves for any deck that wants to play competitively for these classes.

Tirion Fordring (Paladin)

  • Tirion is just insane value. The only true way to deal with him is through a Hex, Polymorph, or Mind Control. Even killing him with The Black Knight brings out the formidable Ashbringer.
  • There are very few minions in the game that can flip a game as much as Tirion can.

Grommash Hellscream (Warrior)

  • Grommash is an incredibly unique minion used in both control and combo warrior. With the right set of cards in your hand, he’s 10 points of reach on a single turn. There’s no substitution for that outside of Pyroblast, and chances are, if Grommash isn’t dealt with immediately on the turn after he’s played, it’s game over.

Archmage Antonidas (Mage)

  • A late game win condition for many common Mage decks at the moment. Archmage Antonidas can secure games for you as Mech Mage by turning your 1 mana spare part into an infinite number of Fireballs.

Mal'Ganis (Warlock)

  • A staple card in Demon Zoo and Demon Warlock, and a primary win-condition in both decks. Mal’Ganis synergizes extremely well with cards like Voidcaller, allowing you to play him for free at times, and .

Nice to Have Class Legendaries

These aren’t as crucial as the first list, but will improve your deck if you have the dust. Otherwise you can substitute them with a neutral legendary or rare/epic card at the same mana slot.

Nice to Have Neutral* Legendaries

These are neutral legendaries that are nice to have, but not necessary.

Super Special Secret Against Mobile Users

  • Nozdormu
    • Make your opponents regret checking their email while playing on their phone!

Coaching Lessons

If you’re interested in reaching Legend rank, or earning unlimited gold from arena, my team at would love to help! We’ve provided over a thousand hours of excellent coaching to students around the world. 

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Enjoyed this article?

Greetings, I’m Sheng, a Legend rank constructed and 7.5 win-average arena player. I run where our coaches have helped many students reach the same goals.

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Leave a Reply

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have reno, emperor ,alex and vrynn but dont know what legendary to craft next . Was thinking of sylvannas or trueheart

  2. Anonymous says:

    As an update:
    Ragnaros -> Nice to have legendaries (since Dr.Boom he lost his place as “best big drop for most decks”).
    Alexstraza -> Must have only for Combo Warlock / Freeze Mage.
    Justicar Trueheart -> Must have for most Controle Priest /Warrior decks.

    Ysera -> Should be in recommended Neutrals as she is a good card (-replacement) for many controle decks.

    Mal’Ganis -> Nice to have class-legendaries (by far not as important as he used to be).

    If you list things like Neptulon, Confessor Paletress or Chillmaw as “nice to have”, then you should definitly list Cenarius, Varian Wrynn, Sneeds old Shredder and maybe Gormok or Saraad.

  3. ThunderTusk says:

    To me honestly I do not like legendary to me they show weakness mainly because you have people who open hundreds of packs and don’t get any or some stupid one that isn’t really good ive opened ~120 packs so far and ive got NONE only high enough as rare maybe ~10 – ~15 packs I got a epics which sucked an had no use for and so I rarely use my Blackrock or naxx legendary but I learned that I don’t need them to win or throw the game even if I run nothing higher than rare I run into legendary and epics and just lose because I don’t have any

    • Anonymous says:

      The chants of drawing a legy from a pack is roughly 1/20. If you seriously opened 120 packs so far (approx. 4 months if you play regularly) wihtout pulling a legendary, you might just be the unluckiest player in all of Hearthstone 😉

      • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        To be fair I’ve been playing since August 2015, opening what, 4 packs a week? Maybe 5? And I’ve only gotten 2 legendaries, both in September 2015. I’ve been on a dry run for so long now lmao

    • captainektar says:

      It’s literally impossible to have opened 120 packs and not got a single legendary. There is a “pity timer” that guarantees 1 legendary per 40 packs of each set. There are only 3 sets (classic, GvG, and TGT) so by definition you must have opened at least 40 packs of one of those.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Alexstraza is really not that important, it’s only essential in Freeze Mage and a bit less so in control Warrior, both very expensive decks and the last thing beginners should have in mind for building. Harrison Jones (great in any kind of meta as long as Warrior has Patron and Rogue has Oil), Ysera (can substitute two or three legendaries in control decks and is great in control decks in general), and even Toshley are all way higher up in the list of legendaries a beginner should craft.

    • Sheng says:

      Harrison Jones has definitely gone up for sure, but I’m not sure Toshley should be higher than Alexstraza. She’s key in the both the decks you mentioned and they’re played quite a bit.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ysera or Harrison above Alexstraza? – Maybe.
      Toshley? – No way!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Playing arena really make up the 50 gold difference and get you dust faster?

  6. Katharses says:

    Harrison is not that important every Ooze does the job… i play since beta and didnt have him till now

  7. Burp says:

    To be honest Antonidas is definitely a crucial one for mage. He’s an autoinclude in mech mage, freeze mage, and also in most tempo decks.

    • Lucky47 says:

      You can play those 3 decks without Antonidas, he’s not an auto-include.

      • Anonymous says:

        I can play a deck with no BGH. He is still auto-include in high level constructed.

        • Lucky47 says:

          Frostbolt is an auto-include is any mage deck, fiery war axe is an auto-include in any warrior deck.

          If you can play a deck with no BGH or Antonidas, by definition they are not auto-include.

  8. 123 says:

    you’re understating how good bloodmage is. it could be the difference between a kill in the 3 spell-heavy classes: shaman, mage, and rogue.

  9. sexyboot says:

    Huh, new Miracle Rogue with Alexstrasza? What are you talking about?

  10. shevcza says:

    I would say, that Warlock can build great decks without Mal’Ganis (classic zoo, handlock), hence is not that neccessary..

  11. Sentenza says:

    Thanks for a useful guide. No Mal’ganis for demon-zoolock though?

    • Sheng says:

      You’re welcome! Mal’Ganis is a nice to have class Legendary, but not as versatile as Lord Jaraxxus so I didn’t list him. It was tough to make these choices!