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Jimmy HSP

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May 13, 2018

Closing Down Our Subscription Services – Refunds & Cancellations Information

Hi everyone,

Hearthstone Players (HSP) is closing down the subscription services. All content will be switched to public mode.

We will be cancelling all active subscriptions in the next few days.

If you wish to request a refund, please email me at Please include your username, email address that you signed up with, and Paypal email address (if necessary) in the email. Please send in your refund requests by May 25th, 2018. You must have an active subscription to request a refund.

You can also reach out to me if you want to ensure that your subscription is cancelled.

Subscription has been a great source of revenue for HSP and it has assisted in providing the HSP writers a source of steady income while they provide their Hearthstone knowledge. Thank you to all those who subscribed and supported the website!


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Leave a Reply

  1. harador says:

    I totally agree in everything.
    Thanks Joseph for great videos and decks. Hope to see new ones soon.
    And thanks Jimmy for the great site.


  2. ygoprodeck2 says:

    Hey Jimmy, is there a particular reason as to why this is happening? Does the site have a secured future?

    • Biggen says:

      All I want to know is where I can go to find Joseph. Love his vids.

      • Anonymous says:

        Totally agree. Would use Paetreon to support Joseph and the others doing videos…

        • thetvsurgeon says:

          Hey guys! Always appreciate the feedback and support. I’m honestly not sure what the next step is for me. I’m currently hoping to continue content for HSP. However, if that doesn’t work out, I might start my own Youtube channel if there’s enough interest. Things are pretty open right now, and I’l keep everyone updated!

          • razbama says:

            Hey Joseph. Please keep something going! Frankly, your vids have been the reason why I kept my subscription with the site.

      • Jimmy HSP says:

        I’ll let Joseph know!

    • Jimmy HSP says:

      Yes, HSP will still go on. Just a change in management!