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February 2, 2017

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Legend Pro Team Fade2Karma’s TGT Decks!


Fade2Karma is a new professional eSports Hearthstone team that was formed recently. It consists of top players like Hawkeye and Dethelor. (Gosugamers announcement here, F2K’s Twitter and LiquidHearth‘s announcement here.)

The Grand Tournament has finally arrived! We got lots of new cards and decks we can try. F2K pro players have been testing out cool and creative lists. And here are some of them:

Midrange Shaman

Having additional cards from TGT made Shaman a viable class. The new cards definitely helped making this archetype strong. It’s pretty much the same playing the old one from this one.

Executor Mage

Crazy combo decks certainly demand attention. Control the board like Freeze Mage and burn your opponents in a different way. 10/10 for style points.

Suicide Black

Tired of playing Aggro Paladin and Face Hunter? Now here’s a new face deck that’s definitely gonna hit the ladder meta. If you’re tired of trading, we recommend this deck for you.

Token Druid

Don’t you hate it when you don’t have wild growth on turn 2? Token Druid is back! The list is filled with sticky minions. Go for face early on and hopefully finish the game by turn 9.

Taunt Warrior

New Warrior archetype? We got 3 words for you: TAUNT TAUNT TAUNT.


TGT has definitely shaped Hearthstone’s ladder meta. These lists are full of potential but needs a little more polishing. If you have something funky that you can share with us, send us a tweet at @Fade2Karma. Good luck and have fun!

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Leave a Reply

  1. direna says:

    Tested Taunt Warrior for 3 days now. No Step forward nor back. Fun, when it works, but I had so often really bad games, cause I got no Weapon at the beginning, or no synergies, or no Chance to clear a board even though I put 1 Brawl in.
    Not blaming the deck, just mentioned my Problems with it winning more that 50% of the games

    • Fade2Karma says:

      The list isn’t a 100% polished. We welcome every opinion you have on the decks 😀

      • direna says:

        Thanks for your reply. I made a mistake, Im not winning even 50% of the games.
        But I tested your Warlock deck, total domination….by nesrly everyone and every deck :-( Being just an average player hanging between 5 an 13, I know that missing skill is my problem, not the deck. But playing the warlock deck, I can’t understand how I am not going out of cards, without getting to much dmg. Or, how I could make enough dmg, they do always have an answer to most of my cards…

        Don’t get me wrong, I know that it’s me who must be bad, not your decks :-)

  2. zinstorm says:

    Thanks for the deck lists… Suicide black is a wonderful aggro deck.

  3. HmmmPie says:

    Refreshment vendor in the shammy deck is a unique choice. I’d been playing with Loatheb some and I think I like squeezing him in. I’m also still on the fence whether mistcaller fits in.