Winners and Losers of Standard Rotation

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Rotation (and Un’goro) is almost here, and that means big changes are coming to the Hearthstone scene. The meta has been set for a while now, and it is finally time to sit back and shake things up. Rotation is always a very interesting point in card games because it is the time where there is the most uncertainty. Not only do you have a influx of brand new cards, but it is very hard to tell exactly how those cards are going to fit into the game because most of the decks they will be played in don’t exist yet. This time always brings massive changes to each class that either makes them better or drags them down into the depths of mediocrity. Understanding those shifts is important for planning new decks and trying to see what is going to be best to take to the new ladder. In this article we are going to look at how rotation is going to affect all nine classes and study what the best options for each hero are going to be as we move into Un’goro.

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  • Weekly Legends: Dinomancy Hunter
    Bow is likely your best bet. Though, you could also run another tech beast like Stampeding Kodo or a Nesting Roc.
  • Scalise’s Sessions: Midrange Paladin
    Thanks man! Always love the positive feedback.
  • Weekly Legends: Dragon Priest
    Thanks man! I try, haha.
  • Questing for Un’goro: Warrior
    Thanks! Honestly, I play whatever I'm in the mood for, haha. Will probably go with something controlly like N'zoth Warrior or slow Paladin.
  • Weekly Legends: (My) Tempo Rogue!
    Burn mage is largely going to be a race. You have to start out quickly and get to their Ice Blocks before they can set up Pyro. Do not be afraid to use spells and burn and work hard to keep pressure on them at all times. Jade Druid is probably a very difficult matchup (though I haven't really seen it). You are never going to win the late game there, so, like Mage, throw all of your resources into being aggressive. Druid hates being pressured and they have no AOE so you should go wide when possible. With Priest, you just need to pace the game and try to get ahead on board around turn five or six. From there, they will only play one strong card a turn. You just need to use your removal to answer those threats and you should be able to pressure them down. Save Vilespine or Sap for Primordial Drake and work hard to set up a four attack minion on an empty board.
  • Questing for Un’goro: Mage
    Haha. I don't really make experimental rank 5 decks (mostly). Yes, I played with this at legend (as shown in the video) and it did quite well. I'm actually planning to climb with it next season.
  • Un’goro Crafting Guide!
    Completely agree. A lot of great epics. I hope it keeps up.
  • Un’goro Crafting Guide!
    I think Awaken may find a home yet. Marsh Queen...not so much. Haha
  • Weekly Legends: (My) Tempo Rogue!
    I really like that change if you're seeing a lot of Paladins.
  • Weekly Legends: (My) Tempo Rogue!
    I have never liked Shaku, and he is honestly one of my least favorite cards. His body is lackluster, he usually only gets one card and doesn't really have great synergy with any of your other plays. Also, very slow for a tempo deck. I am a bit biased, and he could be worth testing, but I always say no to the 2/3.
  • Weekly Legends: Midrange Hunter
    They are honestly both just too slow. You need cards that really help build your plan and put pressure on your opponent. For instance, something like a rhino or hydra is an immediate "must kill" threat, while Knuckles can be ignored.
  • Weekly Legends: Un’goro OTK Priest!
    Thanks. Yeah, I would say if you want to tech in Lyra I would cut one of the potions. Makes your taunt Warrior matchup worse though.
  • Joseph’s Brew: Secrets of Un’goro
    All very good points. Gonna be doing a lot of testing today!
  • Weekly Legends: Curator Rogue
    Haha. I'll have two articles next week and then be back to the regular videos (and some quest decks) for Un'goro!
  • Weekly Legends: Curator Rogue
    Thanks. And yeah, I saw and edited that.
  • The New Standard: Hunter Edition!
    Yeah. Aggro destroys this deck, which is why I waited until after the nerfs to cover it. Reno Mage should be (and has been in my experience) quite favorable as long as you keep your deathrattles intact and consistently push damage.
  • Weekly Legends: Tempo Rogue
    Thanks man. Honestly, I would probably try STB at first. If he's not working out, then Argent Squire is probably your best bet. Not as good with Patches, but does a good job at playing tempo and holds a Cold Blood well.
  • Scalise’s Sessions: Jade Druid
    Thanks! Mainly just looking to get some extra card advantage. It really depends on your hand. If you don't have much going on cycling can be good because you have so many strong cards you can draw. Sometimes getting that card is more important than what you kill. Also, love the user name.
  • Weekly Legends: Tempo Rogue
    Thanks! If I'm going to do it it's gonna have to be this month. So maybe.
  • Crafting Guide for Mean Streets of Gadgetzan!
    I would strongly suggest getting Sylvanas out of all of those. She doesn't create a deck in the same way, but she's one of the strongest legendaries ever made and will be in Standard forever so she never goes down in value.


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