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News December 12, 2015 8 36

Hearthstone Players has been a place to share guides and articles on anything Hearthstone related since 2013 and we’re looking …

Legend Tempo Mage

November 2, 2015 6 7

Tempo Mage with a stronger mid/late game with Violet Teacher.

Top 10 Legend Midrange Paladin

October 23, 2015 0 2

EmptySet2 shared his decklist for his variation of Midrange Paladin that used to hit Top 10 Legend in October 2015.

Xixo’s New Patron Warrior

October 21, 2015 0

There have been speculations on how Patron Warrior would perform without the Charge from the old Warsong Commander. Xixo managed …

China’s Dragon Mage

October 20, 2015 0 1

A Legend decklist from the China server, with trade marks of a Tempo Mage’s early game with powerful mid and …

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