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February 2, 2017

Decks to Play – Blizzcon is here!!


I know, I know!! “But Nuba, Blizzcon hasn’t finished yet!! BibleThump” I knoooow!!! It is just that this week has had so much updates, and we also were able to get a lot from Blizzcon lists.

We saw quite a lot of updates for recent deck lists, things we didn’t see before that actually makes a lot of sense right now, and despite us not knowing the complete deck lists, we can still make our own versions of these lists using these not-so-natural choices.

Also, the season is about to end so we are getting a lot of good lists in the top 1-50 of the ladder, which is another reason for me to make this article!

AND BY THE WAAAAAY I just got my Golden Paladin :D:D:DD, as well as updated the Midrange Paladin list (a lot!) based upon Rikitikitavi’s top 15 Midrange Paladin list, which is a list that basically corrects every tempo-based problems that my list had.

So, this is going to be an amazing ride, probably one of the (if not THE) D2P articles I am most excited about writing, let us begin?

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  1. spectralowl says:

    Secret Pali and Tempo Mage absolutely lunch on this Shaman deck :(

  2. kuhldaran says:

    On the midrange pally list, what are some other tech options for the Harrison Jones spot? Would Loethb potentially fit?