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February 2, 2017

Decks to Play This Week – Who Was Dead Again?


Hello everybody! This week we had quite a lot of things happening, as it was expected since we just moved on from another one of those historic nerfs in Hearthstone history.

Fact is, an extremely overpowered deck that used to shape the metagame and determine what decks were going to be played just got nerfed into a standard Hearthstone deck, and that makes it so the whole metagame became fluid and now needs to reshape and take another form.

There were quite a lot of different decks popping up, we were able to predict a few and this week is all about it: Metagame decks!

I will try and make an honorable mention, at the end of this article, to a few decklists that we mentioned before that performed well in this metagame, for now let’s start by doing what we always do and showing you guys the lists that are being played around in this week’s metagame!

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  1. nomorelol says:

    What deck you recomended me to final push, I was in rank 2 with 3 stars and now I’m rank 3 with 2 stars, I’m trying with mid paladin but I’ve got bad winrate.

  2. jflores999 says:


  3. borraman says:

    can you tell me exactly what do i want to duplicate with the duplicate on the freeze mage list?