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Guide Type

Dust Cost

Last Updated

February 2, 2017

Aggro Paladin
Class Cards (11)
Blessing of Might 1
Noble Sacrifice 1
Argent Protector 2
Divine Favor 3
Blessing of Kings 4
Truesilver Champion 4
Neutral Cards (19)
Abusive Sergeant 1
Argent Squire 1
Leper Gnome 1
Bluegill Warrior 2
Knife Juggler 2
Millhouse Manastorm 2
Ironbeak Owl 3
Arcane Golem 3
King Mukla 3
Wolfrider 3
Leeroy Jenkins 5

Mana Curve

0 0
10 1
7 2
9 3
3 4
1 5
0 6
0 7

Attack Curve

7 0
4 1
8 2
4 3
5 4
1 5
1 6
0 7

Health Curve

7 0
12 1
9 2
0 3
1 4
1 5
0 6
0 7

Aggro Paladin Aggro Rush (DKMR)

Update: After the Tinkmaster Nerf, we suggest using Blessing of Kings in place of it!


Don’t Kick My Robot here to walk you through how [DKMR]Varranis went from rank 5 to legendary. We will talk about the deck used and the strategy behind it. [DKMR]Varranis sat at a high of rank 6 at one point in legendary and continues to work on his decks with the team to reach that #1 spot. Aggro Paladin.

So how exactly does one go about making it to Legendary? It’s not easy and it can take a lot of work. For [DKMR]varranis it just took one crazy Paladin deck.

It all started when one of my teammates on DKMR and I kept running into an odd Paladin Aggro deck on the ladder. The deck was different but seemed to have some potential, particularly against the Shaman decks that were gaining popularity due to their favorable Druid match-up. So we tried it out. It was ok. Turn 1 Argent Squire followed by Blessing of Might was bananas. Divine Favor sometimes felt like cheating. The deck had cool things going on, but it was incredibly clunky and clearly not on par with other top tier edcks.

I was about to move on and go back to my stock Shaman and Druid lists, but I paused. Something was off. My deckbuilding senses were tingling. Sometimes I see things in Hearthstone decks that would never fly in other card games, and I tell myself, “No Varranis, let it go. This is Hearthstone, it’s different than Magic: the Gathering.” But what good would those years of CCG experience be if I didn’t apply them here? So I went to work.

As a deckbuilding exercise, what cards would you change, if any, in this first version of the deck? Blessing of Might? Aldor Peacekeeper? Equality…?

To know how to tune a deck, you need to consider the goal of your deck. Is it to play Alexstrasza on turn 9 and Gorehowl on turn 10 and swing for game? If so, you should play cards that aid that strategy. Not only should you play cards that aid your strategy, you should play the cards that best aid your strategy. In the simplest terms, your goal as a Warrior control player would be to make the game last long enough to allow you to play Alexstrazsa then Gorehowl. Silverback Patriarch makes the game last longer, but is it the best way to make the game last longer? Probably not. Efficient removal spells like Slam and Cleave allow you to survive longer much more effectively while Nat Pagle fishes for your end game, shortening the time you need to survive.

So what’s our goal with Paladin Aggro? In short: get ‘em dead. Nearly all the cards in our initial version of the deck serve this goal, but are they the best choices?

After playing a few games with this version and recalling the lessons I’ve learned from Magic, I decided I really didn’t want board clears in my aggressive deck. Sure, Consecration does two damage to the opponent’s face, but if that’s all we want we can probably get it for a lot cheaper than four mana. Removing the opponent’s minions is not high on your priorities when playing Paladin Aggro. Equality is similarly awkward. Equality synergizes particularly well with the Paladin’s Hero Power, but is pretty slow when trying to get ‘em dead. You need a way to break through Taunt minions in the deck, and that was Equality’s initial purpose. Unfortunately, removing a Taunt minion with Equality requires that you either already have a minion in play who can attack or have a Charge minion you can play. Even in those situations, you often won’t have a Silver Hand Recruit at the ready and will have to trade away an actually valuable minion like Arcane Golem. In these cases, Equality adds very little value.

Both of these cards also negatively impact the tempo of our deck. A turn we take to play Equality and trade minions is a turn we’re not achieving our goal of getting ‘em dead. What this deck really wants Consecration to be is Holy Smite or Arcane Shot. Those cards are both very efficient on our mana and serve modal purposes: either as end game reach or a removal spell. While control decks place a lot of value on board clears like Consecration, an aggressive deck values efficiency and precision. Consecration is a nuke when we need a sniper rifle.

Aggro Paladin v2

So How Do We Fix This?

I took the decklist to the left on a 20 win 3 loss rampage to Legendary. My toughest match-up was Druid (accounting for two of my losses), but I found the deck could take on all competitors. After some fiddling, I had also decided that the Hammer of Wraths were too much mana for three damage and were counterproductive to big Divine Favor plays. Let’s explore the changes I made and why.

Ironbeak Owl is like Equality on steroids in this deck. It costs the same amount of mana, deals with the Taunt immediately, AND leaves a minion behind. You really can’t get much better than that. There are certain decks against whom the Owl is merely a two mana 2/1 (usually against Warriors or other aggressive decks). However, this deck is so weak to Taunts that the inclusion of some form of answer is mandatory. I’ve found Ironbeak Owl to be by far the most efficient solution. The Silence usually always has a target even if the opponent doesn’t play Taunts.

Who gets ‘em dead better than anyone? Leeroy Jenkins, that’s who. As the most powerful Charge minion in the game, there’s really no reason not to play Leeroy in this deck. His exclusion from our initial list was mostly an oversight.

What else gets ‘em dead? Blessing of Kings! What, really? Yes, really! Blessing of Kings is often disregarded for its situational nature. It requires you to have a minion in play. If you want to get any value out of it, the minion you play it on needs to be able to attack that turn or risk being Silenced or otherwise dealt with in some efficient fashion. Essentially, Blessing of Kings can set you up to get blown out pretty badly as playing it typically requires you to invest two cards in a minion that can be removed by one of your opponent’s cards. Let’s think about the card a little differently though. If your goal is to deal damage, Blessing of Kings is basically a 4/4 with Charge for four mana. That’s a pretty sweet deal! Most people also don’t expect it and fail to prepare for it. This allows you some huge game winning swings. We only play one because it is near the top of our curve and is still somewhat situational despite the number of Charge minions we run.

Blessing of Might probably deserves a similar discussion. Although it was in our initial version of the deck, it isn’t the most obviously powerful Paladin card. But let me tell you. You’ll fall in love as soon as you play turn 1 Argent Squire, turn 2 Blessing of Might. It’s like playing Defender of Argus on an Argent Squire, but light years faster. It’s like build-your-own-Argent Commander on turn 2. Often this combo is enough to get in eight damage and let you run away with the game. When Blessing of Might isn’t bending reality on turn 2, it still serves as a perfectly respectable means to deal Charge damage. Much like Blessing of Kings, I don’t think it’s amiss to think of Blessing of Might as a one mana 3/1 Charge minion. Sometimes the minion you play it on won’t live to attack a second time and it’s just a Sinister Strike, but Wolfrider is often the same thing for two more mana. Like Blessing of Kings, Blessing of Might can be situational. Fortunately it’s a steal at one mana.

Aggro Paladin Final

Another card I eventually removed after reaching Legendary is Aldor Peacekeeper. Despite being a Paladin staple, he isn’t the best at getting ‘em dead. While the Battlecry is certainly powerful, it isn’t necessary and won’t even save your one health minions from danger. I replaced the Aldor Peacekeepers with Bluegill Warriors and never looked back. I’ve also been experimenting with the number of Avenging Wrath in the deck. I most often try to play Avenging Wrath as a mini-Pyroblast or to clear Taunt minions. Unfortunately, the card does almost literal nothing if your opponent has six or more health worth of minions on the battlefield. This situation isn’t infrequent and this deck can’t afford to run a six mana do-nothing (hello awkward Divine Favors). I’ve settled on running one for the time being, but I wouldn’t be surprised to remove it completely soon. I replaced the other with a little spice that goes by the name of Millhouse Manastorm, as you can see in the list I’m currently using to the right. I’ve discussed Millhouse in previous articles. There are very few situations when his drawback actually matters and far more situations where he’ll trade for two cards or run away with the game.

So How Do You Play This Deck?

I’ve said it before, but get ‘em dead. Much like playing Hunter, it’s usually right to go for the face. The most difficult lessons to learn will be when to play your Charge minions and Blessings and when to play your Hero Power. It can be hard to accomplish, but if your Blessing of Might accounts for six damage to your opponent, you’re likely going to win that game. It’s easy to slam an Arcane Golem and buff it with a Blessing for seven damage, but it isn’t always right if you know your opponent can easily deal with a 7/2 Golem. It’s possible you can create a situation on later turns where your Golem or Blessing can live to swing a second time. Often that’s the difference between winning and losing.

Sometimes you can accomplish this by using your Hero Power instead of playing a minion or a Blessing. Because of how powerful your Blessings are, your opponent will have to treat the Silver Hand Recruit with nearly the same respect he’d give a 7/2 Golem. That 1/1 could very well turn into a 7/2 if he lets it live! This can gain you enough tempo to get a Golem or Blessing to survive longer or to accumulate enough Charge damage in your hand for lethal. Noble Sacrifice serves a similar role, allowing you to protect a Knife Juggler or a high-powered, yet frail Charge minion. It’s also important to remember that it’s more valuable to play your non-Charge minions first in many situations since they need a turn before attacking.

We’ve gone this long without talking much about Divine Favor; I think it’s time we give it its due. Divine Favor is the best card in the deck and one of the primary reasons this deck is worth playing. Every card in this deck does a lot of damage for its mana cost. When you play a Divine Favor for four or five cards, dealing thirty damage over the course of a game is child’s play. A lot of the popular decks right now also thrive on card advantage. Druid, Warrior, and Shaman all put a lot of work into drawing cards. All you need to do is pay three mana for a Divine Favor. It’s often right to ignore cards like Nat Pagle or Mana Tide Totem because of Divine Favor and the aggressive nature of our deck. We don’t care about how many cards they draw because they only have so much mana to spend on those cards over the course of the game and we can match them with Divine Favor. Not only will we draw as many cards, but our cards are much cheaper and efficient, meaning we can often deploy a full grip in one turn. Divine Favor is one of our deck’s most powerful assets, and playing it right is important. As a rule of thumb, I am ok playing it to draw three cards but I usually shoot for four or five. If your opponent knows your tricks, they will actively try to empty their hand and all their Ancient of Lore will gain life instead of drawing. In these situations you’ll want to cash in your Divine Favor quickly before they have mana to play each of their cards every turn.

I find this deck has a 50-50 match-up or better against nearly everything except perhaps Druid. Druid plays just enough Taunts to give you a headache and Swipe is ludicrously good against your packs of Wolfriders and Leper Gnomes. This exact build gets much worse if people start playing more Taunt minions. Defender of Argus, Earth Elemental, and their ilk are fairly underplayed at the moment. If they do regain popularity, running The Black Knight and maybe even a Spellbreaker or Tinkmaster Overspark could be warranted. Tinkmaster has the potential upside of turning a Silver Hand Recruit or naked Argent Squire into a 5/5 Devilsaur.

Let’s take a look at some mulligan decisions.

Example 1

Example 1A

You want to mulligan in a way that maximizes your opportunity to have a strong opening. Against this Druid above, I’ve decided to send back Truesilver Champion and Leeroy Jenkins. Neither card is specifically strong against Druid and both are near the top of our curve. We would prefer a two drop or an additional one drop. Noble Sacrifice is fine to return as well. It isn’t particularly strong in this match-up, nor are we certain we will have a play worth protecting this early in the game. I chose to keep it as it is a suitable early play. Argent Squire is one of your best early drops and should almost never be mulliganed.

Here’s what we got.

Example 1B

Wow. It doesn’t get much better than this. This hand is strong against nearly any opponent. Your most likely play will be to play Argent Squire, Coin, and Leper Gnome on turn 1. The Druid player will most likely use his Hero Power to kill the Leper Gnome on the following turn. On turn 2, you can play Blessing of Might and Noble Sacrifice for an incredibly potent and difficult to remove Argent Squire.

Example 2

Example 2A

This hand against Hunter is somewhat more difficult. I chose to send back the Avenging Wrath due to its high mana cost and the Blessing of Might since my hand currently has no creatures to play it on. I kept the Noble Sacrifice because it guarantees I have turn 1 play and will likely serve to remove one of the Hunter’s Charge minions. I kept the Truesilver Champion as it is one of the better cards against Hunter aggro. It gains life while ending the game quickly. Sending the card]Avenging Wrath[/card] back is almost certainly right as it will be several turns until we could cast it. Sending back the Blessing could be wrong since it is one of the cards that allows us to be faster than the Hunter and forces them to prioritize our minions over direct damage. Although I typically keep Truesilver against Hunters, this could be one hand where that is incorrect given the overall weakness of our early plays.

Here is what we got.

Example 2B

Things didn’t get much better. Our line of play is likely to play Noble Sacrifice turn 1 and use our Hero Power on turn 2. This hand is weak enough that our future draws will heavily influence the line of play we take. It is possible the Argent Protector will serve invaluable and allow us to protect an important minion from Explosive Trap or allow a Silver Hand Recruit to trade for a Bluegill Warrior and a Wolfrider. It’s important to note how strong your Hero Power is against the Hunter’s minions. It’s important to be mindful of Explosive Trap and Unleash the Hounds, but your Hero Power is more powerful against Hunter than any other class.

Example 3

Example 3A

Divine Favor is especially good against Shaman since most builds play Nat Pagle and two Mana Tide Totems. Shaman also usually plays in a fairly reactionary fashion, holding on to removal spells until they provide the most value. Because of these things, Shaman typically has many cards in their hand and it should be easy to get significant value from our Divine Favor. Note that even though Divine Favor is very powerful, it is often correct to replace it depending on the match-up and the other cards you are keeping. I have replaced both Wolfriders here as I would like a stronger opening and be able to empty my hand quickly to maximize Divine Favor. Abusive Sergeant is your weakest one drop, but I have kept it as it is a card we can play early to make our Divine Favor better.

Here is what we got.

Example 3B

This hand is fairly powerful and should allow us to play an early Divine Favor for significant value. I almost always play Millhouse Manastorm on turn 1 or 2 if possible. However, Shaman is one of the few classes he can backfire against. Feral Spirit is Shaman’s best card against our deck. Played early, it can be back-breaking. I believe I would still take the risk and play the Millhouse on turn 1. He can potentially trade for both 2/3 wolves on his own and our opponent will only have one mana to spend on his turn 3 due to Overload. If our opponent does not have Feral Spirit, Millhouse could seal the game by himself. Holding the Millhouse for later turns is riskier as it becomes more likely our opponent can capitalize on his Battlecry. Note that you should also play only the Argent Squire on turn 2 assuming you played the Millhouse turn 1. Holding the Abusive Sergeant will allow a Squire or Recruit to trade up for a Feral Spirit wolf later.

Final Thoughts

I highly encourage you to try the deck out for yourself. It’s a blast to play and very powerful. Some other cards to consider if you’re missing some of the Legendaries or just want to try a new flavor are Shattered Sun Cleric, King Mukla, Blood Knight, and Harvest Golem. Shattered Sun Cleric is powerful in this deck, but a little slow. She gives you one “Charge” damage and synergizes well with Divine Shield. King Mukla is very powerful, but I find his drawback to be relevant more frequently than Millhouse Manastorm’s. The Bananas are cards in your opponent’s hand, which can enable an especially powerful Divine Favor. Just be careful if you expect your opponent’s to be playing Wild Pyromancer. The Bananas are spells, so a banana-powered Wild Pyromancer can make short work of your minions. I’ve found Blood Knight to be too situational, but our deck does run enough Divine Shields to make him work. A three mana 6/6 is definitely no slouch. Harvest Golem is slow and unexciting, but provides a means to retain board presence for your Blessings. Harvest Golem has never impressed me in this deck, but it’s also never disappointed me.

Sound off in the comments if you have any specific questions about the deck, card choices, or strategy.

Let us know your thoughts on our forums at

[DKMR]varranis streams every Sunday from 10 AM – 4 PM EST at You can find all of DKMR’s streamers on their website with times and the days they stream!

Guide written by [DKMR]Varranis

Discussions about this topic brought to you by Team [DKMR]

Gameplay Videos

As usual, Hearthstone Players took this deck for a spin and recorded some games – see them in action here!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Coldlight oracles are amazing in this deck. I don’t have any avenging wrathes, coldlight oracles, or arcane golems, but i’m running a blood knight and 2 shielded mini bots instead.

    I’m wondering if coldlight oracles are better or worse than arcane golems. Obviously this site is using arcane golems, but I was hoping yall could test it out and get back to me.

  2. Sonic says:

    Any suggestions to replace millhouse manastorm?

  3. Meta says:

    This is pretty much the deck I ran with to reach Legendary in Season 1. Switched to Miracle Rogue Season 2 and have been playing it ever since… But I blew the dust off of my Pally deck after I read this article, and yes, it definitely still kicks ass. :)

  4. Zera says:

    i play a similar aggro pala deck with naxx. Best cards for this deck are Undertaker (playing leaper gnomes and loot hoarders) and the 4/4 swords with deathrattle (which adds to the undertaker value). I usually play also the equality/consacration combo, but i can’t decide if i want to run the combo or a couple of silence like Owls and consacrations, or even owls and zombie chows. I feel the silences have bocome so good after sludge belcher in this meta..

  5. Nathan says:

    Would you include any of the recent Naxx cards and if so what do I replace?

  6. Egravant says:

    Your deck is really fun and wins games.Thank you for posting that.

  7. kirrchoff says:

    THANKS MAN!!!!
    one of the best decks i have played. Have played around 5-7 games and only lost vs Taunt shaman.

    a currently run commander instead of Arcane golem, because I just like divine shield more then giving the opponent 1 mana, for only 3 mana cheaper.
    Instead of Millehouse, i run e4e because it can really save the game vs druid and priest, Millehouse don’t.
    and because i don’t have divine favor i play 1 Blood knight now that i have 6 divine shield, and 1 lay on hands for life saver vs aggro and draw to turn the table around.

  8. jeroen says:

    I keep on losing by an inch versus aggro warlock,
    mainly the non-murloc version.
    Both all out aggro and the aggro mixed with buffing minions one.
    they usually have between 2-6 health left when i die,
    If i trade minions i lose, if a go all out on face i lose.
    Any advice on how to improve this matchup is appreciated.
    I play without mukla and leroy.

    • [DKMR]Poach says:

      This is a tough matchup. Try to mulligan for your weapon to give you board clear without eating up to much of your life. Warlock can keep tapping for cards as they push you down fast.

  9. d says:

    This deck is the biggest piece of utter dog shit i have ever attempted to play . it just lost to some fucking noob with with doctors in casual. DO NOT PLAY THIS TRASH why the FUCK is this #1 on search results.

  10. I have sooooooo much fun with Pally rush deck and yes, lose steam around round 9 … but i’m not really done for if I’ve played right. I usually do all 30 damage faster than round 7… screw warrior armors and what not.

  11. RoloKnight says:

    Great write up. Im surprised nobody has commented. I am a long time magic the gathering player, mostly draft, was pretty solid. I am also a solid arena player averaging 5-7 wins. I struggle with constructed, floating around rank 8-9 , hopefully this helps me out! keep the articles coming!

  12. Gabriel Vaz de Carvalho says:

    Here is a list of things that are making me lose games:

    Aoe Spells
    Taunts without owl on the hand
    Not drawing Divine favor and running out of gas
    Other agro decks

    If none of the these things happen I always win

  13. Stefan Klee says:

    I play this deck except with 2x Blessing of Kings and Cairne Bloodhoof. I do not own the other 2 Legendary’s, but I must say: this is a very fast deck and lots of fun to play with!!! Thank you

  14. Alexandre RAFFALLI says:

    Hi! I know this deck is now quite old but I’ve had quite a lot of success with it lately. I like it a lot. But Millhouse is costing me the game every time I play him (which is only when I have him early, because it becomes so risky past turn 3/4 since i’m facing a bunch of hunters who play Animal Companion for 0…)
    I removed him and the avenging wrath. I’m going to try to run a 2/3 golem and argent commander instead, we’ll see. But I think it’s a fun deck. Thanks for the share!

  15. Miguel Fernandez says:

    Great deck, got me from rank 10 to rank 4 last season. It is not as obvious as it seems, in my opinion what you mulligan decides the fate of the dame game. To all the people hating on the deck, understand it has a pretty steep learning curve. I run it with King Mukla instead of Millhouse because I like the possibility of drawing extra cards from the opponent having bananas+divine favor. Thanks DKMR you guys are the best

  16. Chris Tallant says:

    What about Lay on Hands as a backup resource – just one single card to use as a lifeline?

  17. Shato Nyruami says:

    Well, 20-3 is a little unbelievable, actually this deck is just anotzher rush deck, so vs. hunter, warlock you will eventually end up 50:50, same goes for other not so common rush decks at the moment. You are capable of outrunning control decks, but also there you will not able to do it 100% of the time, and as you are meeting rush decks almost 2/3 of the time in the current meta, I really doubt your 20 wins 3 losses.

    Maybe you got extraordinarily lucky, but it is no common result for playing a deck like this.

    • Johnny Bigrig says:

      I was inclined to look down my nose at this post, thinking it was a matter of skill curve, as usually is the case. If a supposedly great player goes 20-3 with the deck, and you go 50/50, then is it the deck, or is you? But after trying a slight variant of it (and yes, I know a single card can make a huge difference) I can’t win 50/50 at level 18. I’m not great, but I’m good. Either he got lucky, or there’s an insane skill curve on this deck. It simply runs out of gas far too quickly. Without the right draws or divine favors, you’re crushed by turn 5-6. I played 5 games, went 1-4. 3 times I was the right card from winning, so I know it’s decent, but it’s very unreliable and has a big RNG curve. I was tempted many times to turn it into a control deck early on, trading a 1/1 for a 3/1 etc, but then that just invites the late game, which is a travesty for this deck.

      • Johnny Bigrig says:

        If you’re wondering why level 18.. I mostly play Arena..and when I play constructed, I often use silly, fun decks like Paladin Holy Wrath, and my own concoctions. I could play any number of store bought cookie cutter decks and win a lot, but it’s boring for me. I’d rather have fun losing 3 out of 4, than be bored winning 3 out 4.

  18. patrissimo says:

    Great explanation, and I’ve had fun playing this deck, going about 4-3 at ladder rank 15. I’m a little skeptical of the lack of Consecration, and expect it will become needed at some point on the ladder where token decks are more common. Have you considered Sword of Justice instead of, or in addition to, Truesilver? With all these cheap minions, getting 5 +1/+1s for 3 mana seems like awesome value to me. I think I’ll try running one of each and see what happens.

    Divine Favor is totally key in this deck, I’ve had some great 3+ card draws with it (and I love Mukla/Divine Favor combo, or DF right after a Sprint or Thoughtsteal or Arcane Intellect). Had one match against a Warlock zoo which played many small minions and kept its hand almost empty, I had no draw and lost steam.

    The idea below of using a Blessing of Wisdom for more reliable draw seems promising.

  19. Daniel says:

    Horrible deck. You get overrun very fast

  20. Robert Slanton says:

    My big problem with this deck is “running out of gas.”

    This deck is too dependent on drawing divine favor at the right time, which can be useless against another aggro deck that is dropping its whole hand on the board.

    I’ve had a few games where I was at 30 health and my opponent below 5, yet I still went on to loose the game because I had exhausted my hand and didn’t draw divine favor.

    My personal modification to this deck was to drop tinkmaster (obvious post nerf) and get rid of Milhouse (too inconsistent, not worth it for the times he looses the game for you).

    I replaced both with 2x blessing of wisdom for greater card draw and seem to be having more consistent results.

    Still without any removal, this deck is very vulnerable to what you opponent plays and coin-flippy sucessful.

    • Divine Favor is key to not running out of gas. Obviously you don’t always draw it though. I haven’t tried it, but Blessing of Wisdom sounds pretty cool!

  21. Greg says:

    Hello! so far I am having mixed success with this deck. I was wondering what are your thoughts on maybe adding Sword of Justice to this deck.

    • StuA says:

      The OP doesn’t seem to be replying, nor anyone else (note my post below yours). IMO, this would of course slow up the tempo slightly for the deck, but maybe it would be good vs certain decks? Of course, it would help vs mages, druid, and rogue. Would assist against druids swiping most of your board, but the problem is that with druid you want to hit them hard and fast before they get out their taunts and big creatures.

      Good vs. UtH’s spawns, but playing SoJ would give them another turn to set up their combo with Vulture or with a wolf.

      Good question.

      • Greg says:

        It seems to me that the extra turn would be invaluable. Thanks for your reply :)

    • Yea, I’m not a fan of SoJ in the deck. Slows the deck down a little too much. Particularly bad with Harrison Jones running around lately

  22. StuA says:

    Having a problem vs. Zoo Warlock. Some people I were playing against were using this deck: They seem to stay toe to toe with me for the most part until I am exhausted of cards, then due to their hero ability, are able to outdraw me. Divine favor does nothing for me as he runs out of cards every turn. Advice?

  23. spenderama says:

    Awesome deck!

  24. PascalN says:

    Fun deck but don’t exceeds 60%+ win ratio.

  25. Guest says:

    That deck is fun but just not possible to break rank 12 with it anymore…

  26. Victor Manzella says:

    Very good Deck, and very good site, congratulations!

  27. Suggesdtion0L7 says:

    What could replace Millhouse?

    • A lot of things. Shattered Sun Cleric, King Mukla, Young Priestess, Harvest Golem, maybe Blood Knight. Really any reasonable 1, 2, or 3 drop. In fact it’s sometimes right to remove Millhouse from the deck if Mage and/or Rogue are popular.

  28. keithioapc says:

    Great guide! I tried it out because I got a golden Millhouse and wanted to use him in something. I won 4/5 of my games, and the game I lost I had my opponent at 1hp, and he would have died if only I had a Leeroy instead of an arcane golem.

  29. Luaan Rentzke says:

    Is it worth it to run Reckless Rocketeer if you don’t own Leeroy?

    • I would probably lean more toward Argent Commander if you have him. Rocketeer is a reasonable approximation, but not as powerful as Commander.

  30. Dejour says:

    Hi :) – I’ve used a slightly different version of this and it’s totally rocks! I went from rank 11 to rank 5 in about 4 hours lol. I just winning streaked my way threw. That said after everyone started to play Ancient Watcher and Sunfury it’s gotten a bit messy, so i ditch everything that didn’t do damage (Owls etc) and I put in Eye4Eye to deal with Warlock Giant decks and Druids which are always down to the last few life. My deck now looks like the above deck minus the Owls, Millhouse, and Arcane Golems. Stick in Redemption x2, Eye4Eye and x2 Light’s Justice. So why two LJ’s? Well it’s the same as AG but you just do it over time (with no mana crystal loss) and it also works with E4E at the end and vs other rush decks you can own all their minions and control the board, Winning :) – Redemption is also crazy sick, you can basically charge a Bluegill or a Wolfrider into anything, it dies, and then as if by magic it’s alive again! and ready to charge *the same turn* ….So you can take out a Druid of the Claw in bear form with 4 mana np. Not only that but you can save Juggler who basically wins games, he’s the sickest card of hearthstone imo. So many combos with Noble and Redemption it’s just stupid. Anyway without Varranis id have not had this deck or rank 5! so thanks to you :) which is why I’m sharing here.

    • [DKMR]Varranis says:

      Thanks! Good to hear the deck and your variations are working!

  31. Anthony says:

    I take back everything good I ever said about it lol. I went down from rank 10 all the way to 14 and am totally stuck, can’t use it at all. EVERYONE is using taunt right now and taunt just makes this deck useless.

    • [DKMR]Varranis says:

      Sometimes the meta just isn’t right for it. Taunts are really rough.

  32. Inot says:

    Really great deck. I took v2 and replaced peacekeepers with Mukla and murloc runner.
    It took me up to 1 rank 4 stars, almost got the legend and then dropped to rank 3 due to severe meta changes. The only anticlass of this deck is droods (doesn’t matter late or midrange) as for me, but it’s perfect vs priests and other aggro or late decks, cause your minions are heavily defended vs aoe and equal trading with divine shield. Thanks again!

  33. Hagi says:

    Whats your thought on Young Dragonhawk? Atm im testing it – it is insane with Blessing of Might/Kings and Abusive Sergeant and it lowers the curve again

    • Varranis says:

      I’m very torn on Dragonhawk. I’ve done some testing with him when I was looking for strong 1 drops. He’s obviously amazing with the Blessings, but he will usually just die to your opponent’s hero power, which is never a good thing. I definitely recommend keeping double Noble sacrifice if you play him.

  34. Laura says:

    Really liking this deck so far…very fast so it’s usually game over before we even get to big legendary card plays. There was another Paladin deck posted recently that didn’t hold up so thanks for posting a more feasible option for those of us facing some pretty tough opponents these days. As another poster said, great for moving up the ranks; went from 15 to 9 and will be interesting to see how it goes from here but regardless, this format served it’s purpose. The only card I don’t have is Millhouse and I keep switching out that one spot but regardless of what I put in, doesn’t really seem to matter anyway. Great post, thanks again!

    • [DKMR]Varranis says:

      Glad you like the deck! It’s amazing for getting through the first 10-15 ranks. It gets much more match up dependent after that. But boy does this deck smash anything that doesn’t play taunts.

  35. Kerahime says:

    I think not running at least 1 Eye for an Eye is a big mistake, it’s straight up won me games. Very often against control decks. A fairly common situation is that a giant or other big creature will be cast and taunted when they’re low at the end of games, if you have a truesilver you were relying on to finish the game you can cast Eye for an Eye and then attack into it to deal 8-9. Generally the worst value you’ll get from it is 2 or 3 damage for 1 which is perfectly acceptable in this type of deck.

    • [DKMR]Varranis says:

      I generally feel Eye for an Eye is too situational. It’s often just an awkward Sinister Strike. Unfortunately playing around Noble Sacrifice is usually a good way to play around Eye for an Eye as well (attack with a small minion first). If it’s working for you, definitely play it. One reader even mentioned a potential scenario where you have Truesilver and EfaE and use Blessings on their Taunt to deal lethal.

  36. Shadowskill says:

    Okay this deck got me from 25 to 14 in a snap then I just got beat down by…..everything. I’m definitely gonna say there is NOOOO room for error running this. Great deck I’m just not skilled enough to pilot it. Savelle’s Standard Rogue deck is getting me thu now. I’ll at 11 and still have winning streak. I work a lot so I don’t get a chance to play all day but the card draw in this deck is amazing and it has answers to everything. Thanks for my intro to pro play, Varranis.

    • [DKMR]Varranis says:

      It definitely falls off a bit at higher ranks. It’s great against other aggro decks at the higher ranks. Good luck and thanks!

  37. LSOreli#1162 says:

    How do you feel about taking out avenging wrath for Black Knight? I’m currently running two as I don’t have millhouse. If not, what would you replace?

    • [DKMR]Varranis says:

      I definitely like taking out Avenging Wrath. Black Knight seems like a very reasonable replacement. There are a lot of different cards you can use instead of the non-Leeroy Legendaries and Wraths. Some other alternatives include Shattered Sun Cleric, Young Priestess, Argent Commander, Youthful Brewmaster, and Tinkmaster Overspark. Check out my other comments and articles for more info. I’ve included updated builds of the deck at the bottom of my more recent articles.

  38. Meddling says:

    nice deck! having some good succcess with it.
    i am very interessted in some videos showing you playing this deck, to get your thought processes behind it and see the usuall plays to improve my laddering with it … would be great :)

    • [DKMR]Varranis says:

      I’ll look into it! In the meantime, make sure to check out my stream! I don’t always ladder with Paladin on stream, but get enough people asking and I’m easily convinced.

  39. Shadowskill says:

    This deck is amazing!! From 25 to 14 in a few hours. It’s basically white weenie with shadow most times. Usually by turn 4-5 the have lost half there life and even when they wipe my guys a well played Divine Favor is all it takes to reload. This deck maximizes early draws and big swings. Gonna try Mukla. Thank you, Varranis.

    • [DKMR]Varranis says:

      You’re welcome! :) It’s awesome seeing people having success with the deck.

  40. Anthony says:

    The people complaining about this deck really have no idea. I come from a long background of Magic, so I’m familiar with weenie aggro and I’m comfortable with timing the buffs properly. That said, this is one of the nastiest decks I’ve played. I’ve won all of my matches so far today, several turn 5 wins. Sometimes I just feel dirty cause they don’t stand a chance.

    • [DKMR]Varranis says:

      Thanks for the kind words! I agree, I don’t think I’ve ever played a deck that feels as unfair as this one can.

  41. Banister says:

    Just like the many other posts, just stumbled on this deck couple days ago and WOW!!!!! Used on a clean ranked season and went all the way to 16 undefeated ….. I’m using 1 avenging wrath instead of mukla… Love how this deck lets u win by turn 6…;) Ty and keep up the great work

    • [DKMR]Varranis says:

      Glad to hear! Good luck with the rest of the season. Be sure to check out my stream and future articles.

  42. Bobby says:

    Would you consider sword of justice or do you reckon it is too slow?

  43. wlapica says:

    How do you adjust for draw problems? I keep losing with this following scenario: I have a buffed minion or two and have no cards left and I get the opposing player to less than 10 health. He drops a taunt creature and i’m forced to exchange my minions for his taunt, but then I don’t draw any new cards to play and kill him while he lines up an army and smokes me.

    • [DKMR]Varranis says:

      Generally you prevent that by playing slightly less aggressively and making Recruits more frequently. You will gain slight advantages form the Recruits and have more cards in hand to deal with the Taunt when it gets played. If you have an exceptionally good hand, you can play very aggressively and beat him before that. One of the hardest parts of playing the deck is judging which way you should play.

  44. ss123 says:

    I just lost against a Shaman that got lots of Stoneclaw totems, 2x feral spirit and an earth elemental. I would’ve won if it wasn’t for those feral spirits though, he played them right before my lethal turn and spammed lighting storm, forked lightning and lightning bolt on me. I silenced the Earth Elemental and killed the spirits, but he got me with the 7 damage.
    Is there a way to counter this or was that just bad luck on that game? I seem to struggle with Shamans a lot, especially those with feral spirits. I do specifically save my silences for them.

    • [DKMR]Varranis says:

      Shaman is a weird match-up. They either don’t draw both Feral Spirits and you crush them, or they draw all their AOE and Taunts and it’s impossible. Sounds like you did pretty well for the draw he had.

  45. Korvo says:

    I have added 2 Young Priestess instead of Consecration. They fit really good. Im also considering about adding at least 1 Argent Commander cause he is too good but a little with a high mana curve. Arcane Golem is a Card i sometimes love and sometimes hate. My only game i lost yesterday was Shaman cause i was forced to play him. The Bonus mana Crystal was enough to destroy all my minions with a lightning strike. I never came back into game. You really have to consider when playing him. Sometimes he is great when you have 2 in Hand and 6 mana open to Smash 8 damage in face. What do you think about Blood Knight? I love him since i added him yesterday. 3 games in a row he was at least 6/6 and is a must to handle. in the meantime you can concentrate to smash face with new other minions. And when blood Knight is finaly dead your opponent got heavy damage. Alltough i’m trying to cut him for a Argent Commander as mentioned before. Maybe 2 copies may be great for lategame (sometimes it happens). I’ll try it out today.

    • [DKMR]Varranis says:

      I haven’t tried Argent Commander due to his mana cost, but he’s definitely worth a try. I usually try to play my Arcane Golems in a way to minimize my opponent’s best plays. Ex. – I will play an Arcane Golem when my Druid opponent is at 4 mana so he’ll have 6 the following turn. His best play at 5 or 6 mana is probably a Druid of the Claw, so I’ve given him little immediate advantage.

  46. CGIndecent says:

    I stumbled upon this writeup a few days ago and I am loving this deck, there is nothing more satisfying than playing an Argent Squire first turn and the opponent ignoring it and beating them turn 5 after utilizing blessing of kings and abusive sergeant. Unfortunately for me I am fairly new to the game so Im using a bit of a rendition without legendaries. I swapped the two legends for youthful brewmasters which have been able to provide deadly combos with my ironbeak owls and later game with my arcane golems for a quick unsuspecting 8 damage. I find that my losses are typically just me making a silly error or being too aggressive early on and running into board wipes from druids/mages. What is your strategy against priest decks with all the copies and heals they have going on? Would you suggest arena grind for getting packs or just buying them straight up to get legendaries?

    Thanks again for this writeup, its really given a great understanding to the mechanics of the game.

    • Varranis says:

      Brewmaster is actually a fantastic idea! My only worries would be overloading on 2 drops or running into a situation where I have him + Divine Favor and nothing worth bouncing or needing to play him to progress my board but having to bounce something I’d prefer not to. Pluses are he lets you reuse Sergeants, reset Squires, and save/replay Charge minions. I’m going to have to try him out.

      The only Legendary you really need is Leeroy. I’ve cut Millhouse at this point. Mukla is good in my opinion, but not necessary. Arena vs buying packs is really a question of time vs money. You can get the cards through Arena, but it will take awhile. Money gets them faster, but can be expensive. Average ratio on Legendaries seems to be 1 in every 20 packs, so even spending $50 only gets you approximately 2 Legendaries. If you’re just looking for Leeroy, it may be better to collect dust from Arena games.

      I’ve never really had a problem with Priest. From my experience, the deck is far too fast for Priest to handle. I do tend to play more aggressively against them and try to win before they can start healing reliably. Most of their removal is pretty awkward, only hitting certain sized minions (Shadow Words) or costing 6 mana (Holy Fire). Be cautious of giving a minion 5 attack and letting it die to SW: Death. Divine Favor tends to be amazing in this match-up as well.

      Thanks for the kind words!

      • Wretched says:

        Thanks for taking the time to reply to my most Varranis its much appreciated.

        If you were looking for another 1 drop why not run “Southsea Deckhand” as this works amazing with SOJ + has charge and is a one drop. Also what’s your reasoning for only trying to run 3 weapons? I do agree that if you run 4 you can sometimes get the double SOJ in your opening hand but this does not happen that often.

        I’m finding Druid to be the hardest match-up closely followed by Shaman and Control Warrior. How are you finding these three match-ups considering they are pretty much the top three decks to beat in ranked play at the moment.

        One thing I am finding that if you play a good player they will actively play around minimizing your Divine Favour draws + if you don’t draw your Divine Favour the deck starts to run out of steam very quickly.

        One thing I have been messing around with is removing the Arcane Golems and Replacing them with Argent Commanders. It does up your mana curve but it also means you have a little more of a resilient late game. I find that the Arcane Golem’s especially vs. Druid are just painful, especially considering they run innervate and your just giving them more mana crystals to play their high cost cards sooner.

        • [DKMR]Varranis says:

          I would only want to run 2 weapons max. You can’t have dead cards in your hand in this deck and the more weapons you run, the more likely you’ll draw multiples and be in a position where you can’t play them quickly and effectively. If I were to run SoJ, Deckhand would be an auto-include. Without SoJ, Deckhand is pretty lackluster since he only has upside when Truesilver is in play.

          Warrior usually isn’t too bad since they don’t run any Taunts. They have a lot of removal, but my deck sort of expects its minions to die. I’ve addressed Shaman a few times already in comments. It tends to be very dependent on how many Feral Spirits they draw. Druid is not the best match-up, but is definitely winnable with a good opening, smart play, or a bad draw on their part.

          I have also noticed that good players will dump their hand whenever possible against me to minimize Divine Favor. This can make some of the match-ups very, very difficult. It’s part of the pain of a deck becoming more well known. People expect and anticipate your tricks.

      • CGIndecent says:

        Thank you for the reply, I finally broke down and bought some packs, 22 to be exact and I got 4 legendaries out if it with 8 epics…super lucky.

        What do you think about replacing knife jugglers with Redemption? I think this is a good counter to the tough druids that I have come across lately. Combo Redemption with a charge minion for a click taunt clear or even used to keep board presence on a board wipe.

        I havent run into too many circumstances where Knife Jugglers have turned a game or saved me. Maybe Im just not playing them right but I try to combo them with a divine shield buff and it still is easily countered it seems.

        Another good point with Redemption is that it will make the opponent have to guess which secret you are actually playing as opposed to typically always knowing its noble sacrifice.

        Thanks again, Ive been reading through a lot of your write ups to gain more insight into the game and its helped immensely. Was able to make Rank 14 with relative ease today.

        • [DKMR]Varranis says:

          Those are some sick pulls! I’ve opened far too many packs and I’ve never even gotten close to those ratios on Legendaries. Congrats!

          I would definitely not drop the Knife Jugglers. They are the highest damage output 2 drop in the game with the upside of sometimes being amazing. They are also your best card in aggro mirrors. They aren’t as exciting against midrange, but they still do a ton of damage.

          Redemption could be reasonable primarily as a way to clear Taunts. Leeroy -> Redemption -> swing into Taunt -> swing at their face seems pretty good. It does seem very situational however, which you want to avoid in an aggro deck. It’s probably worth a try, but I’m a little skeptical. You won’t want to play it unless you’re using it that turn, so it doesn’t help a lot in bluffing a secret. Playing it and passing makes it too likely it’ll just make a 1/1.

        • [DKMR]Varranis says:

          It’s great to hear that my articles have been helping so much!

  47. Korvo says:

    I love this deck! THX to Varranis! Today i got from 18 to 14 with a nice winning streak! I play 1 Consecration and 1 Blood Knight, no Avenging Wrath and no Millhouse (because i dont have him). The rest is like the latest list above. I love it when the opponent dont realises whats going on because he lost 17 damage(!!) turn 3! (my record) Divine Favor is ridiculous! Last game i got the opponent to 7 life and had no cards left. Next turn i got Favor, drew 6 cards and overrun him with a Leeroy powered up with blessing of might! Nice! 😉
    Final Thoughts: this deck can really overrun the enemy within an eyeblink and even bevore he realises whats going on! Blood Knight is perfect cause there are a lot of Argent Squire running around! A few games before i got him to 9/9 on turn 3! I’m really going to play on with this nice deck! And as Varranis sayed before: often its better to be NOT so aggresive and wait a little longer before making the final strike!

    • Varranis says:

      Glad you like the deck! I’ve actually cut the Millhouse now, so that’s one less Legendary to worry about! My newest list is at the bottom of my latest article “Ten Ways to Improve Your Game.”

  48. Super says:

    0 wins, 6 losses so far with this deck.. Started at rank 15, now 17. Not really sure how you are getting legendary with this………. Pretty much every aoe counters this.

    • Super says:

      By now I’ve played around 15 games.. Won 2 by pure luck. Divine Favor is supposedly the best card but I’ve only used it twice, because either the opponent doesn’t have enough cards or I just don’t draw it at any time during the game. So I’m just sitting there without cards, playing an abusive sergeant or bluegill or something while the opponent has high hp taunts up.

      • Varranis says:

        It sounds like you’re playing the deck way too aggressively. You can’t just play every card you draw as soon as possible or else you won’t have the tools you need to circumvent certain situations or your opponent will be able to easily dispatch or prepare for your known threats. It’s often wrong to slam a top decked Arcane Golem unless all you want it to do is deal 4 damage. If you make a Recruit and play a Leper Gnome instead, you may be able to trade for some of your opponent’s minions that could have traded for the Golem. Now when you play the Golem, it may be able to do 8 damage over two turns or trade for a taunt on the second turn. The deck is deceptively difficult to play.

  49. Varranis says:

    I’ll respond to everyone after work today! Be sure to check out my updated build of the deck at the end of my article going up later today.

    • Flappie says:

      Can’t wait for that article! :)

    • Varranis says:

      Just heard Jimmy is traveling, so the article won’t be up till tomorrow.

      • Wretched says:

        Varranis any chance we can get a sneak peak as to what you have changed in the list ?

        • Varranis says:

          Fairly minor changes. Lowered the curve, which makes it more consistent and makes your Divine Favors better. It’s been working very well, but small mistakes can easily lose you games. I’m generally playing Priestess unless I’m running into 90% aggro.

          • Wretched says:

            Thanks for the update Varranis.

            It’s funny I was running a similar deck and both of our decks evolved to almost the same deck.

            I was also considering Young Priestess. What’s your thinking behind adding her?

            Also any not play SOJ instead of YP if your looking to make your guys now resilient ?

            One thing I have been thing about. Why would you play this agro deck when you could play Hunter or Warlock agro ?

            Do the paladin cards really give this deck enough of a boost to make it compete with the other agro decks?

          • Wretched says:

            Sorry was typing on the mobile. The Sentence is supposed to read

            Also why not play SOJ instead of YP if your looking to make your guys more resilient ?

          • Varranis says:

            I was finding myself opening with awkward hands a little too often and wanted to run another one drop. Young Priestess was by far the best one drop I wasn’t running, thus her inclusion. Her ability is generally irrelevant but has a big impact when it is relevant. I’ve also briefly considered Secret Keeper as a 2/3 for 1 is pretty good and I find myself with an early Noble Sacrifice fairly often. Ultimately I felt the Priestess was more consistent and had a pretty good upside. I wasn’t looking to make my creatures more resilient, so SoJ isn’t really a comparable card. I was just looking for a good 1 drop. I think SoJ is pretty good in the deck, but I’d never want to play 3 weapons for consistency’s sake. Meaning playing SoJ would require cutting a Truesilver and Truesilver is WAY better than SoJ for this deck.

            I believe all the aggro decks you mentioned are good in different ways but feel Paladin is slightly stronger. Divine Favor is an auto-win button in certain otherwise difficult match-ups. No other one card in the game can be played in an aggro deck and do 8 damage as efficiently as Truesilver Champion. Truesilver also gives you an edge in aggro mirrors due to how quickly it deals damage and the fact it heals. No one else gets a 1 mana 3 attack Charge minion (Blessing of Might). Knife Jugglers are better in Paladin than anywhere else. Other cards aren’t half bad either. Warlock’s benefits are mostly Flame Imp and Hero Power. Hunter has no single card or ability that makes it great, but a lot of synergy between it’s different cards. I tend to prefer more straight forward and consistent aggro decks over synergistic ones since there’s more opportunity for cards like Starving Buzzard to be a 2 mana 2/1 or UTH to be a 2 mana Stonetusk Boar. I think both those decks are fine, and it’s difficult to objectively state that one is better than another. I, however, feel Paladin is slightly stronger and positioned better against the meta.

  50. Aatiyki says:

    I have only played a handful of games with this deck, but so far…I love it. I didn’t win them all, but it doesn’t matter. It’s FUN. I do not have King Mukla, or Leeroy, or Millhouse, so for now, I have replaced the missing Millhouse and Leeroy with another Avenging Wrath and Argent Commander. I think I may end up subbing those out for a Tinkmaster (for either removing taunts or a chance to buff a friendly) and Reckless Rocketeer, since she is cheaper than Argent Commander and does more damage. Sure, she can’t really two-for-one, but as with Leeroy, she would mostly be in for face damage. Either way, good deck. I need more practice with it but it has a lot of promise.

    • Flappie says:

      The idea of replacing Millhouse with Tinkmaster seems very appealing to me! I will defenitley try that out tonight on EU Ladder.

    • Varranis says:

      Those seem like reasonable replacements. I like Rocketeer more than Commander for the reasons you mention.

  51. Marsupial Lion says:

    Dear Varranis (I’m sorry that I misspelt your name in the previous post),

    I’m impressed how well the paladin’s hero power lets you help build a board without committing your cards in hand too much. Do you have a general rule to determine when Reinforce is better than playing a creature? I think it obviously has to do with the question of whether the minion will have a greater effect later (like charge minions or abusive sergeant). But generally I think If my opponent has no board (and I have the tools to deal with his attempts to build one), and I can expect removal or board clears, then the recruit is the better option. Do you think this is often true?

    Good luck

    • Varranis says:

      It is VERY situation dependent, but yes, that is a reasonable way to look at it. I also use the Hero Power more frequently against opponents who have minions I can trade Recruits for (Hunter and the mirror).

  52. Steven says:

    Hello, good deck . I have found that nowadays the 2nd version of the deck works better on lower ranks where apparently I have more druids to battle, kept 1 Aldor , added 1 spellbreaker, removed one Avenging added Argent commander ( I know it has 6 cost out of the curve but Druid usually prolongs the game to that point ) added blood knight
    The dead of this deck is the Shaman’s Earth Elemental/feral spirit if no silence is drawn. Luckily I dont get many shaman’s but my win ratio against them is poor. Surprisingly I do much better against Druids. I am playing in Europe btw

    • Varranis says:

      I’ve been doing a lot better against Druids recently as well and I’m not sure why. I lowered my curve some in my most recent build, but I wouldn’t expect that to have such a impact.

      Shaman is kind of a weird match-up. You either crush them or they play both Feral Spirit. Divine Favor is better against Shaman than any other class since Shaman tends to use its Hero Power frequently, gets overloaded and can play fewer cards on a turn, plays Pagle AND Mana Tide to draw cards, and is generally a reactionary deck, meaning they hold a lot of cards in hand to respond to the opponent (e.g. – Lightning Bolt, Earth Shock, etc, etc, it’s not right to just Lightning Bolt the first thing you see). If they play Earth Elemental, you basically auto-win if you have an Owl in hand. Feral Spirit is one of the best cards in the game against you. Fortunately, you have a lot of ways to get around (Recruit + Abusive Sergeant being one of the better ones).

  53. Marsupial Lion says:

    Dear Vannaris,

    Thank you for your great guide! I’m having fun and success with the deck (even without the dust to craft 2 divine favors or Noble Sacrifices ATM !!), and hope to take the deck far up the ladder. I just have one question: Can substitute an avenging wrath (1 only have 1) with Ragnaros? I just crafted him because of his general power in most deck archetypes (I hope to play good control/ midrange decks some day!), and want to make use of him. Obviously he’s a bit slow and random, but he can be very strong finisher. Is it ok to run him until I get lucky on a mucla or a millhouse? Would a second avenging wrath (again once I get one) be stronger than him?

    All the best

    • Varranis says:

      With a limited card pool and no Divine Favors, Ragnaros is not entirely unreasonable. You generally want to keep the curve VERY low because you want to be able to dump your hand and play a massive Divine Favor. I’ve actually cut all the Avenging Wraths at this point for more efficient spells. Wrath was a little too mana intensive and random.

  54. aragorn185 says:

    I start using this deck and it is awesome.
    Only played 10 matches but got 7 wins from rank 22 to 18.

    Excellent article with very good explanations.

    Any good not legendary replacements for Milhouse ?

    Thanks a lot.

    • Varranis says:

      Glad you’re having success with it! I’ve actually cut Millhouse recently due to the popularity of “Miracle” Rogue amongst a lot of top players. Check out the end of my next article (should go up Tuesday) for the new list.

      • aragorn185 says:

        I think that Avenging Wrath is also not so good: it could be replaced maybe by a spellbreaker.

        This deck is really fun to play with and has good statistics.

        • Varranis says:

          You are correct. I removed Avenging Wrath from the deck not too long after writing this. I believe I mention it in some of my other responses.

          Really glad you like the deck!

  55. Shrooomed says:

    Fantastic article, and a really excellent deck – I’ve learned to mulligan hard for a 1-drop, and 90% of the time it comes out blisteringly fast. I too run Mukla instead of Millhouse (I don’t have Millhouse) and will always keep him if going second as a turn-2 Mukla wins games; plus I love his synergy with Divine Favour if I draw him later in the match. On occasion Divine Favour screws me vs. another aggro deck, and I’ve ended up with both in my hand doing nothing as my opponent has no cards – but hey, this is a CCG and the random element will kick in sometimes. The card is insanely good most of the time, so there’s no way I’d cut it down to just one copy.

    Oddly enough I had better success with this deck at the end of last season (ranked from 9 to 5 using it) than I’ve had so far at the early ranks of season 3, so have put it on the back-burner until I get to at least Rank 10. I’ve faced too many Mogu’shan Wardens, Shieldbearers and Lords of the Arena which are a pain for my weenies! :)

    • Varranis says:

      Thanks for the kind words, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the deck! I too have found this deck to perform somewhat better at lower ranks where there are less random Taunts and it’s easier to anticipate your opponent’s plays. I’ve also gained significant respect for Mukla. Like you said, turn 2 Mukla is usually GG.

  56. Zora says:

    ive been testing this deck a little in ranked, really enjoying it so far coming out positive win ratios, just wondering if its just me getting bad luck or what but every time i play millhouse turn 1 or 2, my opponent seems to destroy me with every spell in his deck or it gets cleaned up with no issues next turn.

    example, every mage that i drop millhouse against has a pyro or some sort of removal spell (if not more than 1) and then proceeds to dump every card in his hand making my divine favors useless later on and then causes me to lose the game.
    That’s a pretty extreme case but i dont think ive ever gotten value out of millhouse without it working against me in the first place. Any advice would be grateful.

    • Varranis says:

      Glad you’ve been enjoying the deck! Mage is one of the few classes that can really take advantage of Millhouse’s drawback. Unfortunately, Rogue is one of the other classes that can do so, especially the currently popular “Miracle” Rogue deck. Due to the popularity of this particular style of Rogue deck, I don’t think Millhouse is quite as good as he was just a few days ago. I’ve cut Millhouse from my most recent build. Check out the “Decks to Watch Out For” section of my next article for the updated list.

  57. Chewino says:

    Honestly Mukla is much better than Milhouse for this deck, not only because he is a straight up better card for an aggro deck, the mana curve is so much more fitting than another 2 cost, + the sinergy with divine favor.

    • Varranis says:

      I think both cards are great in the deck. I like Millhouse slightly more because his drawback is rarely relevant and 2 mana for a 4/4 is a much better deal than 3 mana for a 5/5. Although this deck already plays a lot of 2 drops, it fills the 3 drop slot with 1 drop + 2 drop or 2 drop + coin + 2 drop. A card costing an extra mana is rarely a reason to run it, especially in a deck like this that highly values low drops. Another reader even expressed frustration that the deck runs too many 3 drops. I think either or both cards work great in this deck and which you run is mostly preference. I slightly prefer Millhouse, but like both enough to run both right now (dropped Avenging Wrath).

  58. Eugee says:

    None of your mulligan examples show when you draw nothing but 3+ drops.

    I’ve done it 4 games in a row now.

    By the way, the advice is: Concede. Save yourself a very frustrating 15 minutes of clawing to come back.

    • Varranis says:

      That is rough! Obviously you mulligan 3-4 of the three drops if that’s all you have. If you end up with all 3 drops again, that’s incredibly unfortunate RNG :(. There are times when you have a few too many 3 drops, but I find the curve is pretty exceptional most of the time.

  59. Sky says:

    The deck is outstandingly fun to play even when you lose. Every time I play Millhouse and coin out an Abusive Sergeant I immediately feel like taking a shower because it’s just so filthy.

    Outstanding guide, excellent content and great formatting. This site is a personal favourite.

    • Varranis says:

      Thank you for the kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed my article and this site. The deck is one of the most fun I’ve played as well! Millhouse is a beast.

  60. Riccardo Cappiello says:

    Hi very nice deck and article. I’m stuck at rank 4 at the moment and my main deck is hunter aggro. When i looked at first this article i was hoping to read somewhere that it has a good druid matchup (my nightmare since i win 80% of games against non-druid and 20% against them) but apparently it doesn’t . At my elo i keep playing against druid players … what deck u suggest to play against them?

    • Varranis says:

      I’ve found Shaman midrange has a positive Druid match up. You can out card them with Mana Tide totem, your removal is better, and you can OTK then with wind fury or Al’akir. Just watch out for FoN/Roar combo.

  61. Nick says:

    I’ve actually given this deck a fair amount of testing, and found it to be utterly useless… I’m sorry I don’t feel the same way as OP, but this deck just doesn’t cut it in ranked play.
    Board control is zero, and it usually just gets overrun around turn 4/5. I suggest readers to try the burn warrior deck that’s been FOTM since Reynad hit legendary with it. It has a lot more board control, and is WAY more consistent than this deck.
    How one reaches legend rank with this deck, is beyond me. :)

    • Varranis says:

      This deck can be fairly complicated to play correctly. The Warrior deck tends to be fairly forgiving and all of its decision trees fairly simple. It plays pretty similarly to most other Hearthstone decks, with a focus on aggression that provides tempo and allows you to keep board control and card advantage.

      My Paladin deck is more of a “true” aggro deck in terms of how aggressive decks look in other card games. Every card in the deck has the potential to do A LOT of damage, moreso than nearly any other deck out there. Your minions and spells are the most efficient damage per mana cards you can use without being quite so narrow as a card like Sinister Strike. Most of them are priced almost as efficiently as direct damage spells, but have the potential to hit multiple times. You gain exponentially more value from each card in the deck the longer you can keep it alive. That’s why Argent Squire into Blessing of Might is such a strong opening. You’ve effectively played a 1 mana Wolfrider that has to be killed twice. Against skilled opponents and difficult match-ups, you need to maximize your Noble Sacrifices and Argent Protectors in order to gain exponential value from your Blessings and Arcane Golems.

      I used this deck exclusively to reach #12 Legend NA and got as high as #6 NA using this deck and others, so I know it works at the highest levels of play. That said, Druid is a pretty bad match-up and a fairly popular deck, so it isn’t necessarily always right to choose this deck at the lowest ranks on the ladder. I think this deck is one of, if not the best deck to play when grinding up the ladder. Once sub-rank 5 and into Legend, I still believe the deck is fantastic, but sometimes you have to choose your battles wisely depending upon the meta.

  62. BanderitaUSA says:

    Forgot to add that the article is spectacular, both in format as in content.

  63. BanderitaUSA says:

    I love your take on Paladin Aggro, I was reading this site when I found your initial take on Paladin Aggro on the Ranked Gauntlet article (Excellent btw!), put the deck together and fell in love with it.
    It’s insanely fun to play aggro on a Paladin, and without Sword of Justice even!
    It carried me pretty hard from 8 to 5, but then it started lacking, so I switched to a bit of everything.
    Now that you post this, the refined, last version seems a lot better, the owls are invaluable against some matchups, and it’s faster to drop and draw with Divine Favor.
    Although, I don’t have Leeroy so that cuts my options hard as any Aggro deck uses him but oh well, it still works fantastic up to rank 4!

  64. Lesue says:

    This deck is fun, but it can’t cope with the warrior mirror. It’s to the point where I concede when i face a warrior who drops a 1 drop.

    • Varranis says:

      I haven’t had the opportunity to perform significant testing against the Warrior Aggro deck yet, but I’ll be sure to do some and get back to you.

      I would expect my deck to be slightly faster and that maximizing your Noble Sacrifices and Truesilvers would be key.

  65. Carl says:

    I had a deck similar to this and I’ve used this one too now, but at lower ranks (12-13) it (or I more likely!) really has issues.
    I get close to killing, but never quite there and I find it is hugely reliant on divine favor. If I don’t draw it very early I’m almost guaranteed a loss apart from a luck topdeck.

    I likely just suck, but usually the opposition can clear my minions as soon as they are played and then get to the late game where, again, unless I have divine favor and they happen to hold a lot of cards I am dead.

    • Varranis says:

      It sounds like you may need to use the Hero Power more often or reconsider when you play your 3 mana Charge minions. Against other aggressive decks, it’s usually ok to just do as much damage as quickly as possible. Against midrange/control decks like Druid or Warrior, you want to make their removal spells as awkward as possible or force them to use them on smaller threats like a Silver Hand Recruit or Leper Gnome. Because of your Blessings, even a 1/1 can be a serious threat if left unchecked! There’s also a lot of value to holding Charge minions in hand as long as you have other plays since your opponent is more likely to leave themselves vulnerable if they aren’t aware you have lethal. Also, make sure you maximize your Noble Sacrifices and use them to protect your high attack minions. All of these skills are hard to master. I find it helps me to think of the worst and best possible scenarios for each play and weigh the risk. Always keep in mind what answers your opponent could have and how best you can play around them.

  66. dhanson4gate says:

    Would you consider ever using King Mukia for this deck in place of Millhouse? The only reason I ask is that I do not currently own Millhouse but I have Mukia and everything else here.

    • Varranis says:

      Mukla over Millhouse is totally fine! I prefer Millhouse since he comes down a turn earlier and the drawback is usually less relevant. Very recently I dropped the Avenging Wrath for a Mukla and run both. The bananas can make your Divine Favors crazy good and you even have Ironbeak Owls to cancel the buff if need be.