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February 2, 2017

Grand Tournament: Dragon Warrior and Dragon Paladin


Hello everyone. The Grand Tournament is right around the corner and I’m very excited. From my point of view, The Grand Tournament is an amazing set and I can’t wait to finally play with all the new sweet cards. I love playing control decks, and Dragons are the only tribal that supports control decks. Therefore I’m thrilled when it comes to the new Dragon cards, because I think they are exactly what Dragon decks were lacking and therefore they will help building better Dragon decks.

In this article I will first of all analyze the new neutral dragons and tell you how good they are. Then I will show one Warrior and Paladin Dragon list and explain you the reasoning behind my card choices.

I played a lot of Paladin and Warrior Dragon for the last several months (Dragon Paladin is a deck I used for the more casual ranks at the beginning of each season, so until Rank 5-3, while the Dragon Warrior was still good enough for Legend 500-200), therefore I think I’m the perfect guy to tell you with what list you should start playing, once the new expansion rolls out, if you liked either of these two archetypes.

It is also important, that I don’t claim that the lists I show you are perfect ones, some slots will of course change when I finally can play with the new cards. But they are an excellent starting point, when the new set comes out. The theory behind games was always a part I highly enjoyed and was very good at, ranging from Magic the Gathering to Chess.

Also note that I won’t cover other possible Dragon archetypes, because I simply never played them a lot to have enough insight and be sure they are good with the new set.


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  1. nircc552 says:

    Has any 1 tried the dragon warrior yet?
    I want to make chillmaw and varian in golden but not sure how the deck works in real life

    • Falathar says:

      A friend of mine was Top 20 NA yesterday with the exact same list. I’m a EU player, so my TGT release was people watching on NA -.- Deck is very good, although we are unsure about some slots (Blackwing Technician etc.) but Chillmaw and Varian are definetely staples so you can craft them without fear.

      • nircc552 says:

        Hey thanks for the info . i will craft them now and start messing with the deck

        just would like to point out few things .

        Justicar True Heart – not worth replacing Shildmaiden for sure .
        Bash can be used with Azure Drake spell damage to do 4 damage and gain 4 armor and also can be used on enemy hero as well for LETHAL
        same for SLAM.

        Shild slam on the other hand i think only get bonus from spell damage if you have atleast 1 armor .

  2. gird44 says:

    Wondering why Zombie Chow instead of argent lance for the pally deck? The Lance makes the Jouster stronger by removing Zombie as a minion, but since I have not played this deck yet I was just wondering. TY for the nice article as well.

    • Falathar says:

      Zombie Chow is such a powerful board control minion in the early game, that I don’t like cutting him from board centric decks like Shaman or Paladin. Even against non aggressive decks he is quite useful, because he denies your opponent Silverhand Recruits, Totems etc., so I don’t think Argent Lance and Zombie Chow compete for the same slot.

      • ZombieChowOverRated says:

        Zombie Chow is over rated. Ultimately he gives a player health back unless you are a priest with Auch SP out and he’s too easy to kill and furthere there is no guarantee you’ll get him in early game.

        • Falathar says:

          The opponents life total is always a big problem, when you play a Control deck.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What are your thoughts on Justicar Truehart? Seems like a control ability to be able to throw on 4 armor every turn in the late game. Or is this considered more of a “win more” ability?

    • Falathar says:

      For Justicar I would remove one Shieldmaiden. The problem of Justicar is that you need 3 hero power activations, to make overall more armor than with a Shieldmaiden. Another problem is that it has worse stats and does not give you immediately armor on Turn 6 or 7, so you can’t combo it with Shield Slam immediately. Overall I would not play Justicar, the expected value is just too low overall.

      • nircc552 says:

        Got justicar in golden and gave it alot of time thinking if it really can replace shildmaiden and i think the answer is just NO
        Warrior gets so much valua from armor and yea changing your hero power to 3 arnor is nice but that card is suck and shildmaiden offers much more “control” for the warrior

  4. reklol says:

    Is Nef worth being the only bgh target in the Pally deck? You could run Chromaggus out on six after Consort, which while not a guarantee helps smooth out the curve, and you become immune to BGH. I know Chromaggus is worse in a vacuum, but it seems worth considering.

    • Falathar says:

      Chromaggus is such a bad and slow card in my eyes. Nefarian always draws you at least two cards.

  5. nircc552 says:

    i ignored the paladin because i main as control warr/priest

    thank you for the amazing dragon warrior deck!!!

    my 50packs already waiting for me to open them . if i will be lucky enough i might be able to make golden king varian 😀

    cant wait to try that deck!!

  6. codemath says:

    This deck is so close to what I thought. Very good. Need to check it after TGT