What is Hearthstone Players?

Hearthstone Players is a strategy and guides fansite dedicated to Blizzard’s game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. The site has been up since May 2013.

What is on the site?

We provide beginner guides, Legend deck guides, game strategies and video guides that are aimed to help our readers take their Hearthstone skill to the next level.

Who contributes to Hearthstone Players?

Hearthstone Players feature some of top players and writers of the game. We all enjoy the game immensely and love sharing our knowledge and tips with fellow players.

What is Hearthstone Players Premium?

Hearthstone Players Premium is a subscription service that gives the members early access as well as exclusive guides on the site. Learn more about it here.

Why do some of the guides require membership?

We’ve been constantly providing content to the Hearthstone community since the game was announced and in Alpha. We’re now bringing out site to the next level and we want to offer even higher quality content for our readers.

By becoming a member, you will have access to premium and exclusive content on our website that will not only help you reach Legend rank, but also become a better player as well.

How do I cancel my Premium account?

You can cancel your subscription anytime. Simply go to your 'Account' and then the 'Payment History' tab. You will see a cancel option from there.

If you subscribed via Paypal, you must go to your Paypal account, go to 'Pre-authorized Payments' and cancel from there. This is a policy of Paypal where cancellation must be done via their end/website.

I would like to sign up for Premium but I receive a script error

If you received a script error while trying to sign up for premium, simply hold shift and refresh your page or clear your browser cache and that should fix the issue for good. This is a cache issue that is effecting a very small percentage of users that we are working on getting fixed.