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October 19, 2017

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Fuskee’s “Best of Reddit” Clips Vol. 6

Hey guys it’s me again, Fuskee, and I’m back to bring you another edition of FUSKEE’S BEST OF REDDIT CLIPS! This is basically an article that links a bunch of videos that were popular on Reddit along with a few descriptions of what exactly is going on or what we can learn from the clip. Some clips are just fun to watch and laugh at but other clips can provide insight to things you might not normally think about!

Just a quick disclaimer, I am no longer putting credit in the article for the streams shown here but if you are really curious to follow them you can go to the Youtube version of the link and look below the video for a link to the Twitch clip it was copied from. That should get you to their channel so you can follow and sub to them if you like what you see. Also big shoutout to whoever made Youtube_Mirror_Bot5 on Reddit for auto-mirroring these clips to Youtube since it’s not possible to embed Twitch clips into these articles, thus making my life INFINITELY easier since I don’t have to convert them myself, THANKS MAN! Alright, let’s get into it!

Best of Reddit Clips Vol. 6

Toast Pings Himself

Here’s a clip that has a top level play which doesn’t really do anything because of forgetting one small detail. What Toast was trying to do was make sure that his opponent wouldn’t be able to put him at 1 life and then pop his Ice Block, because that means if he does something such as Frost Nova it actually allows him to survive another turn if he is above 1 life, since his opponent can only dagger and attack for 1 damage. So what he meant to do was have his opponent attack for 1, putting him at 4 life, and then get attacked by one of the minions leaving him at 4 life after the Ice Block. Sadly, what he forgot about was that during his opponent’s turn, Tar Creeper is only a 1/5 (or in this case, a 3/5 probably because of Prince Keleseth) and so he can still be attacked for 3 damage, then 1 damage from the Rogue dagger, leaving him at 1 HP. If you’re playing Mage with Ice Block it’s super important to try and do this though because the difference of being left at 1 life and 4 life is GAME CHANGING if you can do something to freeze their board such as Frost Nova or Blizzard.

Evolve Shaman RNG

This is a clip that shows the power potential of Evolve Shaman and the random high rolls you can get when you Evolve stuff. Ewok was about to more than likely lose to his opponent since it looks as if he has Shadowreaper Anduin activated and is getting blasted by minions and hero powers. Instead of going for the Devolve he instead makes a quick attempt to burn him down by using Jade Lightning and then Thrall, Deathseer‘s hero power to see what he can get. A possible Charge minion might have done it with a lucky Devolve but instead he gets Prophet Velen which makes his Death Coil deal 10 damage to the face, ending the game! I just wrote an article about this deck and it is SUPER luck-based but when it works, it works. Also a very fun deck because of moments like this.

Lucky Tracking RNG

In this clip we have Trump taking a while to think about how he wants to play his turn since he is close to death and decides he wants to play Priest of the Feast to gain a bunch of life with his cheap spells. Potion of Madness to take Kindly Grandmother and get the Deathrattle effect. Coin for 3 more heal along with Tracking for another heal, but because of the triggering effects of Priest of the Feast it ends up taking his whole rope just to get the heal triggers going and his Tracking gives him no time to actually pick a card. If you are Discovering a card or any sort of Choose effect and your turn ends, the game automatically picks a RANDOM card from the selection and gives it to you. Another thing with Tracking is that whatever cards don’t get selected are basically DISCARDED away from your deck and won’t be drawn. Lucky for Trump, the game decided to randomly give him Shadowreaper Anduin which is a card that Highlander Priest basically can’t win without. My advice, don’t try to play a bunch of cards when you’re already roping or if you plan to do that, make sure you have enough time because if the game had decided to discard Anduin it would have pretty much been an instant loss for him.

BIG Warlock?

This is a SUPER interesting clip and I’m going to try and explain it without taking up too much of your time. Big Priest is one of the two main Priest decks being run that uses effects like Shadow Essence and Barnes to pull big minions from your deck such as Ysera and Obsidian Statue and then when they die (because they are smaller) you revive them with Eternal Servitude to bring them back into play with full health around Turn 6-7 and start owning your opponent. Here, Dane is running a unique version of Renounce Darkness Warlock that seems to run the Barnes and Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound combo to basically get a 3/4, 1/1 and 10/10 on Turn 3-4 if you can get it out early in the game without drawing Y’Shaarj. This combo requires your deck to be running no other creatures for Barnes to pull and the only deck I’ve seen do this is a Hunter deck that relies on creature creation spells like Animal Companion to pull it off and still kill your opponent. Dane seems to be running a ton of spells and then Renounce Darkness to replace all those cards with cards of your opponent’s class, including cards in your deck. Lucky for him, this provides him with an extra Shadow Essence as well as an Obsidian Statue that his Y’Shaarj pulls from his deck and throws into play, much like what Big Priest does, except as a Warlock. SUPER interesting deck and Dane is always doing really interesting stuff like this so if you haven’t checked him out I would highly advise you do so!

Thijs gets Apothecary’d

Ok so the great thing about this clip is that it could have been EASILY avoided if Thijs remembered that he played an Unlicensed Apothecary earlier this game. If you read the card, you’d see that for each minion you summon, he deals 5 damage to your face. Because effects like Bloodreaver Gul'dan resummoning a bunch of minions at once, cards like Unlicensed Apothecary will come into play as well as trigger for every other minion coming into play, thus dealing 5 damage for each one summoned. Blizzard recently made an update to change the effect so Evolve won’t trigger that damage but anything that revives a bunch of minions, Kazakus Potion included with the resurrect effect, will still deal the damage to you. Kind of a dumb way to lose a game especially in the Legend ranks and also from a player who is considered a “pro”. Good thing is that usually when this happens to you, you never forget and never let it happen again.

Patches in hand!

This clip is great just because of how unlikely it is to happen. Obviously we all know who Patches the Pirate is by now and it’s always funny to see your opponent cast him from their hand because that means it’s the most unlikely way to use Patches the Pirate considering he’s best when pulled from the deck. Well in this instance, his opponent in Arena apparently drafted TWO of them which you can do in Arena and although he had to cast one from hand it still brought another one out from his deck. SUPER unlikely but still super funny nonetheless.

Paveling Book 2.0

For those that aren’t familiar with the Paveling Book meme, back at the World Championship last year, against Amnesiac, Pavel was up against a Malygos as well as a 2/2 Slime with nothing but Azure Drake, Flamewaker and Arcane Intellect in hand. He draws into a Babbling Book and thanks to RNG gets a Polymorph which totally gives him an answer to the Malygos that he otherwise doesn’t have in the deck. It totally changed the outcome of the game, and for Amnesiac who was 3-2 in the match at the time, it could have easily cost him the entire tournament. In this situation a player in Arena calls upon Paveling Book for good luck and receives the one answer he needs to wipe his opponent’s board and leave him in topdeck mode to get something to save him or win the game (which I don’t think happens). A great meme but also a great reminder that a lot of Hearthstone revolves around RNG as well as skill.

Arena + Bonemare = Win

This clip is mostly for me to vent about the current state of Arena and how much one card changes the entire game. Bonemare. I HATE this card. Even in Constructed Bonemare has been showing up in competitive decks and it’s because it’s just too damn good of a card. It provides instant damage in the form of +4 attack, as well as defensive ability in the form of Taunt and +4 health, AND also gives you a 5/5 minion which is a pretty big minion to deal with in both constructed but more importantly in Arena. Kripparian recently made a video talking about what cards he would ban in Arena to make things fair again and the first card he brought up was Bonemare because of how ridiculously overpowered it is. In this video, apparently what has happened is that he has drafted FIVE Bonemares and if you can see his record he is 5-0 when the game ends. If you want to get into Arena the only advice I can give you is draft this card and you’ll win games easily.

Devolve and Golakka Crawler Synergy

This clip shows an interesting synergy combo using both Devolve and Golakka Crawler. Playing against Hunter means you usually don’t run into Pirates too much since Hunters usually have better early game minions in the form of Beasts that take the place of Pirates. Lucky for the player in the video, he is able to Devolve his opponent’s minions into a Pirate which lets him kill it for free as well as make his Golakka Crawler a big 3/4 for only 2-mana. Not a bad combo to run into! It’s also not super uncommon to happen since there are actually quite a bit of 1-mana pirates such as Bloodsail Corsair, N'Zoth's First Mate, Southsea Deckhand and Swashburglar.

Discard Warlock Sadness

This is a big reason why Discard Warlock is not very popular and it’s because it relies WAY too much on luck to not discard the things you need to keep. If every game could go perfectly and you discard Clutchmother Zavas or Silverware Golem it wouldn’t be such a bad deck but it seems like every time I try to run Discard Warlock I always end up discarding everything else and losing the game because of it. In this case Brian Kibler is running the Warlock Quest card Lakkari Sacrifice which gives you Nether Portal when it finishes but before he can use it, Howlfiend is damaged and ends up discarding the reward card instead of making Clutchmother Zavas into a 10/10. Just another example of a poorly thought out deck synergy idea from Blizzard when it came to Warlock getting more Discard effects.

Uh OK Thanks

This was just a poor decision on this guy’s opponent’s part. First, the guy in the video plays Servant of Yogg-Saron to get a free spell and ends up getting Spirit Echo which gives all his minions “Deathrattle: Return this minion to your hand.” His opponent then uses Firelands Portal to kill the Servant and get a free minion, Validated Doomsayer and then kills the Kooky Chemist which returns to his hand and allows him to kill the Validated Doomsayer for free! If he hadn’t traded both minions, the player would have only been able to swing back at one of them and not get it killed, giving the Doomsayer a chance to get its 7 attack and then be unkillable by the Chemist. There’s a lot of random cards being thrown out so maybe they just forgot or were confused but it’s important in Arena to pay attention to Deathrattles and things of that effect to make sure you don’t fall victim to something like this.


I didn’t dig back too far into the Reddit clips this time since it’s been so long since the last video but I hope you enjoyed watching them and hopefully you learned a few lessons from other people’s mistakes and don’t run into the same problem yourself! Now that I’m writing again I should be able to do these maybe once a month so keep an eye out for the next edition of BEST OF REDDIT if you enjoy these types of videos.

As always you can follow what I’m up to on Twitter at @whoisfuskee or follow my Twitch stream at to check me out while I ranked climb for a bit or possibly follow me in Arena once I get back into that as well. I could use all the follows and views you can spare since I’m trying to reach Partnership status so help a brother out and come check me out sometime!

Next up on my article list is Nalguidan’s Giant Mage deck he brought to the Hearthstone Championship Tour this past weekend which I thought was very interesting and did quite well so you can expect that in a couple of days as well as lots of video of me playing it in Ranked, currently at Rank 4! Shortly after that article I should be writing up one for Highlander Priest with a little twist, YOGG-SARON. So if you’re a fan of Yogg decks come check that one out and watch my Twitch channel for some videos of that as well.

I hope you enjoyed the videos and I will see you all again very soon! THANKS! :)

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