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Last Updated

February 2, 2017

Table of Contents

GvG Token
Class Cards (17)
Innervate 0
Power of the Wild 2
Wrath 2
Anodized Robo Cub 2
Savage Roar 3
Swipe 4
Keeper of the Grove 4
Druid of the Claw 5
Force of Nature 5
Ancient of Lore 7
Neutral Cards (13)
Clockwork Gnome 1
Spider Tank 3
Tinkertown Technician 3
Mechanical Yeti 4
Piloted Shredder 4
Violet Teacher 4
Big Game Hunter 5
Azure Drake 5
The Black Knight 6

Mana Curve

2 0
2 1
4 2
5 3
9 4
5 5
1 6
2 7

Attack Curve

10 0
0 1
5 2
5 3
8 4
2 5
0 6
0 7

Health Curve

10 0
2 1
2 2
3 3
7 4
6 5
0 6
0 7

GvG: Token/Mech Druid


Hey everyone with the GvG expansion now out I decided to take some of the new cards available to us and implement them into one of my favorite decks, token Druid. This deck is much faster than a ramp Druid and focuses more on having minion on your board and finishing with the game with the Force of Nature Savage Roar combo. I’ve had some pretty good success with this deck taking it from rank 15 to 6 in the first two days of the GvG cards being out.

Deck Explanation

This deck is a very aggressive Druid deck and all the cards have tons of synergy with each other. I have not only included mech synergy but Violet Teacher which works very well with the spare parts and Power of the Wild. In the early turns of the game you are going to want to establish board control, then begin pushing for damage. Force of Nature is not always needed because of the tokens which is why there is only one copy. This deck can cause serious damage since if you do have combo in hand and at least one or two minion on board you can burst for roughly 20 damage.


Clockwork Gnome-synergizes with Tinkertown Technician and also gives a spare part to use later with Violet Teacher  simple turn one play.

Anodized Robo Cub– This is a great card early game, you are going to want to use it as a 2/3 most of the time unless you are playing against a Priest. The reason is because whether they use Northshire Cleric or Wild Pyromancer you will be able to kill it. It’s 3 health and taunt usually allows you to trade 2 for 1 which is important since you want board control early.

Spider Tank-Although it has no deathrattle I do prefer this card over Harvest Golem. It absorbs essentially the same amount of damage and has 3 attack to kill minions like Northshire Cleric and Acolyte of Pain which need to be killed in one hit if possible.

Tinkertown Technician– This card works really well since your main early drops are all mech so it will almost always be a 4/4 and you will get the spare part.

Mechanical Yeti-very solid 4 drop in this deck Chillwind Yeti has always been a good card in Druid and now we have a yeti that gives us 1 mana spells. Although the opponent gains a spare part as well it doesn’t really matter because they synergize better with your deck and cards then in most other decks so they will almost always benefit you more.

Piloted Shredder-One of the best cards that was released in GvG because of the amount of value you get from this card. There are so many good 2 drops in this game and even more released in GvG so the chances you get a good card are very high. This card also allows you to maintain something on the board when it dies helping with the finishing combo.

Violet Teacher-Your main token maker and one of the most important cards in the deck. This card is amazing with Innervate and Power of the Wild and now it is even better with the spare part spells. Spare parts such as the freeze or stealth also help you protect your teacher or you can also give a token taunt as well.

The Black Knight-Since this is a very aggressive decks with small tokens it struggles with taunts and black knight helps greatly with this problem and causes a huge tempo swing when played.

Cards to Consider

Mechwarper-very helpful with getting your mechs out a little earlier however with innervates Druid already has the power to get cards out earlier.

Enhance-o Mechano-Also has potential in this deck however i’ve never been a fan of cards that depend on you already being ahead on board, although the cards in this deck can help each other many of them are good stand alone cards.

Kezan MysticUnstable Portal has caused mage to become quite popular again specifically the tempo mage with can cause problems for this deck with cards like Mirror Entity. If you are facing a lot of Mage I suggest adding one of these in your deck. Also helps in the Hunter match up.

Grove Tender-one of my favorite cards in GvG and was in the original draft of this deck however she is just too slow in this type of Druid. Similar to Wild Growth they are both great cards in ramp Druid but not so much in aggro/token Druid.


Token Druid has always been one of my favorite classes and I have used it to hit legend on multiple occasions, with these new mech cards I have gone through several drafts of this decks and this is the one I feel to be the strongest. Right now there is not a set meta however most decks have slowed down a bit being able to get board control early is huge when you are ready to burst down your opponent. If you have any comments or questions or any other card suggestions feel free to let me know below and good luck climbing the ladder.

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Leave a Reply

  1. noli says:

    do you think cenarius rag or sylvana could fit in to this deck?

  2. Dixu says:

    I replaced black knight for Doctor Doom and it worked great for me. I got using this deck from rank 10 to 8. Mi stats are: 6 wins, 4 lost. Can u tell me wat matchups are best and wich one are the worst for this deck? And is ther any special things to muligan for in difrent matchups?

  3. glasnost says:

    I’m a little surprised to see only one Power of the Wild in here. Is the 2/3 taunt really enough of an advantage to forgo the classic token buff?

    As for suggestions, I can’t remember where I saw this – a streamer – but Onyxia wins me quite a few games in this deck, after you’ve exhausted their AOE.

    • Lorenzo says:

      The 2/3 also helps against aggro decks since it usually trades 2 for one and also has mech synergy. Onyxia can work in this deck but im not sure what I would cut, there are so many cards I want to fit in this deck and as you said above power of the wild is a very key card and if I could find room another copy would be the next card added in.

      • glasnost says:

        As for cuts – do you need all five of those 4 drops? How about cutting a piloted shredder?

        • Lorenzo says:

          I really don’t feel comfortable cutting a Shredder if you’ve tested out the card i’m sure you’ve noticed how consistent it is. Its one of the best cards in GvG and allows you to keep more board presence also the Mechanical Yeti’s stats and spare part are really good with the deck. If you really want the second power of the wild I would cut a clockwork gnome or tinkertown. Also my original draft did have two power of the wilds but this is the list that was most consistent but this deck is far from perfect so good luck with any variation you try.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Any good repacement for black night?

    • theelric says:

      Is there a *good* replacement for The Black Knight?
      No. That’s why it’s in the deck, it’s an important card, as the deck’s biggest weakness, like most druid decks, is lack of removal. While The Black Knight cannot remove any opposing minion, it can remove a large selection, and taunt minions are often the most important minions to remove when playing an aggresive a deck as this.
      Can you replace him with a Mech-Bear-Cat or a Boulderfist Ogre and have the deck still work?
      Absolutely, and it would get you to rank 5 if you played it well. I don’t know if it would be effective enough without TBK to get to legend, but it would be much harder.

      In summary, the optimal form of this deck includes TBK, but you can sub in a Boulderfist and try out the deck, and craft TBK if you fall in love with the deck and want to take it to legend/a tournament.

  5. Syd Gilmour says:

    Nice. So far I’m 5-1 in mid-teens rank with a variation of this deck (I don’t have The Black Knight). Thank you. 😀

    • Lorenzo says:

      Thanks for the feedback glad to hear your having success!

      • Syd Gilmour says:

        Still don’t have Black Knight, but lucked into a Dr. Boom so am using that instead. Am now about 12-3 with this deck (I don’t play a lot) and have moved up a few ranks, so thanks again!

        • Syd Gilmour says:

          Hit a wall around Rank 12. Have lost 7 in a row now. Seems everything else has caught up to me. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.