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October 23, 2017

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Hallow’s End in Hearthstone: What’s in Store?

With Blizzcon right around the corner, a special event is coming on the 24th to keep things engaging in Hearthstone. Hallow’s End celebrations are finally here to celebrate the Halloween season. Not only will we be treated with free packs and arena tickets while the event lasts, we’ll also get access to a multi-hero Arena mode that puts together two classes and you get a completely new passive hero power.

Hallow’s End Timings

The event will start on 24th October 2017 and end on 6th November 2017. Things are expected to kick off at 11:00am PDT for Americas, 7:00pm BST/8:pm CEST for Europe based on the login windows for other elements of the promotion. You might want to cross check your local time nonetheless as things like Daylight Savings Time can cause a few changes.

Hallow’s End Arena

Throughout the duration of the Hallow’s End event, Arena is going to get a makeover with dual classes being introduced temporarily. You will be allowed to choose a starting class and a hero power from a different class. The arena drafts will allow you to choose cards from both of the classes you pick. It is highly recommended that you hold off a day or two before jumping into the Arena to get a fair assumption of what possible class combinations you should be looking at. Seeing Kripp, ADWCTA + Merps, Hafu and many other Arena specialists play might help you out when it comes to identifying synergies between two classes. It is unlike anything Hearthstone has ever seen in Arena and it’s good to see such new modes pop up, even though it is temporary.

Hallow’s End Rewards

October 24: Logging in between October 24th 11am PDT and October 31st 12:am PDT will fetch you a Whispers of the Old Gods pack as well as a free Arena ticket to try out the new Hallow’s End Arena mode.

October 31: Logging in before November 5th 10pm PDT will fetch you a Knights of the Frozen Throne card pack and a second Arena ticket for another shot at the Hallow’s End arena.

Note: Some redditors have claimed that if you leave an Arena run open before the event starts on the 24th your run will be retired and you will be given the rewards for how many wins you get as well as an additional ticket for an Arena run once the Hallow’s End event ends.

Tricky Tavern Brawl

There will also be a unique Tavern Brawl this week featuring The Headless Horseman. The players are supposed to take him down in this week’s special Halloween Brawl! When the Brawl begins, you’ll first of all have to choose costumes through a Discover mechanic. Each costume contains its own deck packed with cards from, and you will also get a new passive hero power to boot!

And right after the Hallow’s End event ends we will be treated with Blizzcon reveals for the new expansion early next month as well as the Hearthstone World Championships! So stay tuned for updates and all of the latest reveals!

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