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March 13, 2018

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Hearthstone’s Next Expansion is The Witchwood!

With Ranked Play issues delaying the announcement for the next expansion that was scheduled at the start of the month, we finally got a glimpse of what’s to come in the upcoming expansion! We are getting 135 new cards (as usual), and it’s going to be a fresh new meta with the set rotation happening soon moving out some of the strongest cards from the current Standard meta. The expansion should release around mid-April unless there are any unforeseen delays.

If you want to head to the official website to check out cards that are released in the coming weeks head to:

The Witchwood: Everything We Know So Far

The biggest addition to the expansion is the fact that we will now have three new keywords – Echo, Start of Game and Rush. Echo works similarly to the Rogue Death Knight passive hero power.

Echo: Each time you play an Echo card, you get a copy of it in your hand that you can replay and unlike the Rogue Death Knight’s passive, you can play the card multiple times until you have no mana left to play an Echo card.

Start of Game: It is an effect that activates on your Start of Game cards that are in your deck even if you do not have them in your hand. We already have Prince Malchezaar that has the effect but the keyword is not in place and it is likely the card text will be changed to account for the introduction of the keyword.

Rush: Rush is technically the same as Charge, but it does not allow you to attack heroes and you can immediately attack minions only. We already have Charged Devilsaur and it is likely the keyword for the minion will be changed to Rush to fit it in line with the other Rush cards that are coming out.

Just like the previous expansion, we will be getting two legendaries per class and Shaman is the only class that will have a new Hero card (confirmed by Ben Brode himself) while other classes receive a legendary minion and spell as usual.

Monster Hunt

Just like the last expansion, we will get PVE content to play for free and this time around we will have four exclusive heroes for the mode to play with and they will have unique hero powers and strategies to tinker with! Completing the Monster Hunt will reward players with a special card back.

Once the expansion hits we will all receive a random Class Legendary card as well as 3 The Witchwood packs. Pre-orders are already up on the client and website and you this time around we will receive 70 packs instead of 60 for preordering (priced at 49.99$). The pre-order also comes with an exclusive cardback for anyone who grabs the deal. The cards are set to be revealed 26th March onwards so stay tuned for our compilation of reveals, initial impressions and theorycrafts!

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