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July 31, 2015

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HSP reviews TGT: Spellslinger

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This is the series where our contributors – high ranked ladder and Arena players – and players from Team HSP review the new revealed The Grand Tournament cards. We rate every card both in Constructed and Arena, then give you our thoughts about them. This post will be updated every time we’ll get a new review!

When it comes to the rating, we rate the cards from 1 to 5:

1 – Very Bad – The card will see no play in any kind of deck. It won’t be drafted in Arena unless you’re present with other terrible options. E.g. Magma Rager, Dalaran Mage.
2 – Bad – The card might see some occasional play in low tier or budget decks, but isn’t good enough to be played in top tier decks. It will rarely be drafted in Arena – either it needs to synergize with the deck or you need to be present with other bad options. E.g. Boulderfist Ogre, Frostwolf Warlord (Constructed), Ironforge Rifleman, Ancient Mage (Arena)
3 – Average – The card might fill some niche and see play in couple of decks. Not an especially strong card, but can be used to fill gaps in the deck after putting staple cards. In Arena, it’s the card you’re gonna draft pretty often – the card is good enough to not ruin the quality of your deck, but nothing impressive. E.g. Gnomish Inventor, Sen'jin Shieldmasta (Constructed), Bloodfen Raptor, Archmage (Arena)
4 – Good – You’re gonna see this card in a lot of decks. Either it fits into a certain archetype or is overall a good card. Your Constructed deck are mostly filled with cards of those quality. They’re strong and definitely serve their purpose. In Arena, those are the cards you actually want to see and draft – every great deck will have at least couple of those. E.g. Azure Drake, Defender of Argus, Haunted Creeper (Constructed), Harvest Golem, Mechanical Yeti, Stormwind Champion (Arena)
5 – Very Good – This is THE card that will be auto-include or at least a very strong contender. The card that is gonna be really strong and see a lot of play in many decks. Card that is often best in its role, the one that you can’t really pass. In Arena, this is the card you want to see most in the draft, the base of 12 wins Arena decks, one that you instantly pick when you see it. E.g. Dr. Boom, Mad Scientist, Piloted Shredder (Constructed), Flamestrike, Truesilver Champion, Fire Elemental (Arena)

This time we review the Mage Common minion – Spellslinger.


Constructed: Average (3)
Arena: Good (4)

This card is a decent card but i don’t feel it is enough to be really used in Constructed, even though his synergy might be undervalued. In Arena 3/4’s are super strong for sure because of the typical stats of a 3 drops are normally weaker. Basically I have moderate expectations about his success in Constructed, but it will dominate Arena for sure, Mage needed a good Arena card badly Kappa


Constructed: Average/Good (3.5)
Arena: Average/Good (3.5)

Constructed: I think this card is fun, Randuin Wrynn move aside, we have a new queen of random effects – Jaina. Otherwise, eh, I’m fairly sure this is a pretty good card just due to its stats, the effect is just too mediocre to be played in a very competitive deck since it’s just too random. Might win you the game, might lose you the game.

Arena: Again, this is a pretty decent card in Arena, just due to its stats. The effect might win you the game or lose you the game. Pretty solid pick I would say.


Constructed: Bad/Average (2.5)
Arena: Good (4)

Standard 3/4 for 3 mana, its effect has some synergy with cards like Mana Wyrm, Sorcerer's Apprentice and Flamewaker.

However, the main weakness with these kind of effects – Grove Tender comes to mind – is that opponent usually will be able to use the card/benefit first. Funny card, but not really competitive in my eyes.

In Arena, raw stats are usually the most important part, and this minion trades favorably with 3/3 minions and almost any 2-drop.


Constructed: 3-4 (most of the decks), 5 (perfect deck)
Arena: Average/Good (3.5)

A 3/4 that gives each player a random spell. Cards that do things for both players are some of the most complex cards to analyse and put into decks. The reason being that in order to justify putting it into you need to ensure you get more value from the random spell (on average) than your opponent does.

In mill decks, in Aggro decks, in spell synergy decks (e.g. Flamewaker) there might be enough value to justify playing this card.

For example, in an Aggro deck (where you having cards to play is more important than card advantage) this card might provide you all the draw you need without causing you any tempo loss. In such decks this might be the perfect replacement for Arcane Intellect.

In conclusion it’s an interesting card that is a bit hard to evaluate. I think might be one of those ‘sleeper’ cards that goes unnoticed for a while (kinda like how most people didn’t spot the power of Dr. Boom until they got to play with it)… In the right deck I think this could be super strong. The question is whether the rest of the set produces all the support cards something like this may need.

In Arena, I’m not convinced that this card is any better than Spider Tank, for the average deck.


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  1. Teleute says:

    Harvest Golem (and presumably Spider Tank) is a 4 in the example. Spellslinger is getting 3.5-4. This I understand; it’s unclear whether or not Spellslinger is as good as Spider Tank. The better arena player you are, probably the more reluctant you’d be to pick it since you’d rather not introduce unnecessary RNG if possible.

    But how were Fjola and Eydis getting mostly 3-3.5 in classes outside Paladin and Priest? Only one reviewer had it at 4 and 4.5. Is this because they are legendaries, and thus picking them would ‘cost a legendary slot’?

    The examples given for 3 are Bloodfen Raptor and Archmage. In heartharena’s tier list, they are both 52 (average). Harvest Golem and Spider Tank are 70 (good). Examples of legendaries in both categories:

    Average: Bloodmage Thalnos (52), The Beast (54), Harrison Jones (58)
    Good: Maexxna (70), Chrommagus (70), Feugen (72)

    There seems to be some inconsistency in Fjola/Eydis’s arena ratings. I mean, I don’t reckon the reviewers actually think they are worse than Spider Tank.

    • Smashthings says:

      I would list spider tank at about 3.5 (not 4) Fjola/Eydis/ spellslinger get similar ratings because there are 3/4’s with abilities that may not trigger or in the case of Spellslinger it is not better, its simply different.

      So a bunch of cards basically get the same rating, even though Fjola/eydis are clearly better than Spider Tank. Part of the reason this happens is that we are using a 9 point system to evaluate cards whereas Heartharena is using a 100 point system (giving them much more granularity with which to distinguish cards).

      If we say that Spider tank is 3.5 then I would evaluate the 3/4 divine shield one as being probably 3.66 …and that is because lot’s decks are not going to be able to use the ability on her, but you might.

      With that said, upon more thought maybe spider tank is 3.5 and 3/4 divine one should be rated as worse (e.g 3.33): Why? well, in lots of classes you are more likely to be able to get value out of the mech tag on spider tank than you are going to draft spells which you can target her with (Paladin, Priest excluded). As a mage, drafting mech synergy (e.g. mech warper, tinkertown technician) is more likely than drafting a good spell to target her with.

      Long story short, giving numerical ratings to cards is extremely difficult and numbers often end up being somewhat arbitrary in any case. Better would be to focus on what we say about the card.

    • Teleute says:

      Oh, if you rate Spider Tank at 3.5, I’m perfectly fine with Fjola and Eydis getting the same. Basically you’re rating Spider Tank weaker than Harvest Golem, then. I’m fine with that; I personally rate them the same, but people rate cards differently. I was just looking for consistency.