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February 2, 2017

Joseph Brews (Four Decks!) – One Night in Karazhan Wing #4


It’s the final week of One Night in Karazhan and this adventure is going out with a bang. There are a ton of fun decks running around the meta right now and a lot of interesting lists taking up the ladder. Wing four promises to continue to add to that by giving us some extremely powerful (and fun) cards that I cannot wait to play with. The last part of the adventure always adds some interesting twist to the coming meta, and I have no doubt this adventure is going to continue that trend. This week we get cards that build out Dragon decks, Secret Mage, Discardlock and even slower control. There are a lot of options here than I cannot wait for. So, for the last time in Karazhan, lets get to brewing!

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Leave a Reply

  1. vikonte says:

    The 2 Spellbenders in the Secret Mage, what they should have been?

  2. nrgy20 says:

    Great article!
    I was also excited about Etheral Peddler and can’t wait to test it.
    Do you have any info on that Greatstaff?
    Is it a weapon? Stats?

    • greggsauce says:

      I think it’s a 1/3 weapon similar to the paladin buff one with how it works. You can see it if you just search followed by wiki.

    • Stonekeep says:

      Atiesh is a 1/3 weapon that works like Summoning Portal. Every time you cast a spell, you summon a random minion that costs the same, but you lose one charge of the weapon.

      Really fun and very strong :)