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February 2, 2017

Joseph’s Brew – The Grand Tournament Dragon Priest


Hello, once again. Joseph Scalise here, jumping over from Weekly Legends to deliver you another article relating to the constructed side of The Grand Tournament (which I am absolutely crazy excited for). While my first pass was aimed at analyzing the most powerful constructed cards in the set, this time around I will be focused on decks and deck construction. Anyone who has seen my series or watched me play knows that I am a brewer at heart. Hitting legend is fine, but I always strive to find the most interesting or creative ways to reach the orange diamond. Brewing is my favorite part of card games, and despite what some certain rope-loving streamers think, this set is certainly going to shake up the meta. Not only was this desperately needed, but it also means that many new decks will rise from the chaos that will surely come in the next few weeks. New cards have two purposes in cards games: to either strengthen existing decks or create entirely new ones.

One thing I should make clear before we begin is that the lists are first takes. They are by no means refined, which would be impossible due to the cards not being in the game yet, but they are shells that will serve as a great place to start brewing. When I (or anyone) builds a deck you just start with a shell, play test that shell and see what needs to be tweaked or improved. Not every card in the set is going to give birth to a new deck, and not every deck you theorycraft is going to end up being good. However, this article is not just for the decks laid out below, it is also to show exactly how you want to think when you begin brewing. There is no way to know exactly what will come from the Grand Tournament, but the decks below are ones that I am excited to try, and I will most likely be playing all of them at some point next week.

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Leave a Reply

  1. guiioki says:

    man u have 2 sylvanias :DD

  2. tasoula_m says:

    Okay, after playing all yesterday with this deck…I have to say, it’s a winner!

    I’ve gone from rank 18 to 15 with very few losses. I did change a bit up and add a mass dispel as really the only problem I’ve run into are late game taunts and deathrattle minions (and that usually when I get higher cards for an opening hand and am playing a druid or shaman).

    Paltress is good, especially when she serves up Deathwing. She does tend to die as soon as she’s played so you really only get one chance to trigger her inspire and only if you wait for turn 9 to play her so you can heal at the same time. Given that, a token Divine Spirit might not be a bad idea.

    All in all, very nice deck…I do see a little more refinement coming…but overall, for a newer player it’s a great starting deck.

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Yeah, Dragon Priest seems really, really good right now. Of course, there are a ton of flex spots, and a lot of different cards you can change out, but the core is very strong. I’m glad you are enjoying the deck!

  3. tasoula_m says:

    really enjoying this deck so far! although i don’t have Vol’jin a few of the cards, i added in another pain, a blackwing technician and confessor paltress to make up for those cards and so far it’s worked great, even with some really slow starting hands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Glad you enjoy it! I’m curious to see how Paltress works out

      • tasoula_m says:

        I’ve had the chance to use her several times already and she’s given me a duplicate of herself, Ragnaros, and Mal’Ganis. She does tend to get killed quickly once she goes down though.

  4. prints says:

    The current version of this deck ( seems to run 2x Sylvanas.
    Was one of them supposed to be a Thaurissan or something?

    Thanks for the deck ideas, can’t wait for TGT!

  5. nircc552 says:

    right now im using a control priest deck (copied from zetalot)
    and i really like it .
    it works with two cabals 1shrink 1nova 2sludge 2light bombs and rest of the priest cards
    it should be played with vol’jin but i dont have him so im using loathb instead

    i just wonder what do you think about that kind of priest in TGT
    can it still work ? or the dragon one is the better option ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Control Priest is a very solid build, and can be quite strong. The meta could very well slow down (as many have predicted) and that just makes it better. If the game does grind down, Control Priest will actually just get better. However, the early game could be even more important with all the new small minions, even if a slower meta. If that’s the case, Dragon Priest (which has a stronger curve) should come out of top. I think Wyrmrest Agent and Twilight Guardian really pushes Dragon Priest, and that’s the deck I would first try when the set drops.

      • nircc552 says:

        thanks . i will try that deck though i miss Voljin but i might get enough dust to make that awesome card

        anyway why i see 2 sylvanas 😀 ?