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February 2, 2017

Joseph’s Brew – The Grand Tournament Midrange Hunter (Beast)


Hello, once again. Joseph Scalise here, jumping over from Weekly Legends to deliver you another article relating to the constructed side of The Grand Tournament (which I am absolutely crazy excited for). While my first pass was aimed at analyzing the most powerful constructed cards in the set, this time around I will be focused on decks and deck construction. Anyone who has seen my series or watched me play knows that I am a brewer at heart. Hitting legend is fine, but I always strive to find the most interesting or creative ways to reach the orange diamond. Brewing is my favorite part of card games, and despite what some certain rope-loving streamers think, this set is certainly going to shake up the meta. Not only was this desperately needed, but it also means that many new decks will rise from the chaos that will surely come in the next few weeks. New cards have two purposes in cards games: to either strengthen existing decks or create entirely new ones.

One thing I should make clear before we begin is that the lists are first takes. They are by no means refined, which would be impossible due to the cards not being in the game yet, but they are shells that will serve as a great place to start brewing. When I (or anyone) builds a deck you just start with a shell, play test that shell and see what needs to be tweaked or improved. Not every card in the set is going to give birth to a new deck, and not every deck you theorycraft is going to end up being good. However, this article is not just for the decks laid out below, it is also to show exactly how you want to think when you begin brewing. There is no way to know exactly what will come from the Grand Tournament, but the decks below are ones that I am excited to try, and I will most likely be playing all of them at some point next week.

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  1. direna says:

    Sadly, but no chance against control Warriors. And I do face a lot of them :-/

  2. lazorat says:

    I’ve tried this deck for about 20 games now (around Rank 10) and thought I’d share some of the things I noticed:

    + Can flood the board with minions in no time (Thanks to Ram Wrangler, King’s Elekk and the amount of cheap beasts)
    + Good Removal&Trading with Quick Shot, Bestial Wrath, Kill Command, Houndmaster
    + Good win conditions with 2 Highmanes and 2 Kill Commands

    In general, I’ve been able to establish board control in most of the games and apply pressure very early on. Bear Trap is such a good card as it helps against aggro and provides that additional beast needed for you buffs or Wrangler.

    – No AoE and therefore sometimes struggles with aggro decks.
    – No real late-game, you have to finish the game early or big minions will cause you problems.
    – Very little card draw. This is someone compensated for with cycling cards like Wrangler, Webspinner and King’s Elekk. The only real draw engine is Quick Shot though and that’s mostly used as removal instead.

    In my matchups I really struggled against fast tempo decks like Mech Mage or heavy control decks (Warrior). At times I really missed a silence or a Freezing Trap. Just another way of dealing with big or annoying threats. On the other hand I managed to win a game against a mage with 4 Belchers…

    This deck feels like the old Midrange Hunter but the Beast theme makes it a lot cooler to play :) I will use this to climb ladder for a while and see how it goes.

    The only change I would consider is bringing in an Owl and a Freezing Trap. Probably at the expense of a Snapjaw and a Panther.

    Thanks for the great Deck idea OP!

    • lazorat says:

      Update: I’ve added the Freezing Trap and the Owl instead of 1 Panther and 1 Snake Trap. Played 10 more games and won 9. I feel like the changes I made gave me more options to deal with difficult minions. In general, the deck feels a bit more solid now. Just my 2 cents. :)

      • thetvsurgeon says:

        Out of all my lists, this was my favorite. I tweaked the numbers (added in Dreadscale for Panther, but an Owl in for Snaketrap, also found room for a Hunter’s Mark) and went 16-4 yesterday from rank 3 to legend. Extremely strong, and very consistent. I’m not going to go into too much detail here, since I am doing my next Weekly Legends on this list, but I think this is one of the most powerful decks in the meta. The snake/bear combo, along with your early game, always give you a solid curve and make it so you constantly have beasts.