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August 27, 2017

Knights of The Frozen Throne: Top 10 Cards To Craft

With the expansion slowly settling in we have some very strong contenders when it comes to the top 10 cards. Today we will take a look at the top 10 cards you should consider crafting from the new expansion. We are going to focus more on Epics and Legendaries as they are far more expensive and harder to obtain compared to Rares and Commons.

Ultimate Infestation: Quite possibly the strongest value card ever printed in Hearthstone. When you compare the card to Sprint, you realize how powerful the card is, for 3 more mana than Sprint you get access to 1 additional card, 5 armor, a 5/5 minion and 5 damage. Moreover, Druid has access to a bunch of ramp tools that can help you get Ultimate Infestation off long before your opponent reaches turn 10.

Spreading Plague: Spreading Plague is extremely powerful against both Aggro and Mid Range decks. Druid has never been good at mitigating against boards that flood the deck and Spreading Plague allows just that. While it is powerful in Token/Mid Range Druid with Strongshell Scavenger, it is also seeing play in Jade Druid because it helps you buy at least a couple turns most of the time and stabilize as it’s not easy to deal with 5 HP taunts quite easily and it takes time to chip off through all the taunts, allowing the Druid to buy time.

Malfurion the Pestilent: A card that was underrated by many when it was first showcased is turning out to be the most popular hero card of the set because of how powerful Druid is right now. The hero power is quite good and allows you to use it both offensively and defensively. And you can also go beyond 30 HP by armoring up several times.

Eternal Servitude: Big Priest might be a very luck oriented deck that relies on you drawing Barnes but even then it has one of the highest winrates in the meta right now. With Shadow Essence being able to back you up if you do not get an early Barnes off, Eternal Servitude definitely changes the whole resurrect theme as it eliminates randomness almost completely as the decks run very limited minions, making it very consistent in terms of value and you almost always know what you will be able to revive.

Shadowreaper Anduin: Highlander Priest has been doing quite well in the new expansion and Shadowreaper Anduin plays a big role in the deck. Being able to decimate your opponent’s late game and changing your hero power into a highly aggressive one makes Shadowreaper a great legendary card. Also add to the fact that you can have Raza the Chained in the deck to make your new hero power cost 0 and each time you play a card you get 2 free damage to use anywhere on the board!

Simulacrum: Simulacrum is a card that has been flying under the radar with Quest Mage being one of those sneaky decks that counter the Jade meta quite efficiently. While Quest Mage didn’t get anything good in particular this expansion, the rise of Jade Druid brought Quest Mage into the higher tiers of the meta. Simulacrum allows you to have that extra bit of assurance and an alternate means of pulling your combo off. If by any chance you manage to burn one of your Sorcerer’s Apprentice or your Molten Reflections, Simulacrum will allow you to copy your Apprentice and finish off the combo. It is particularly effective in the mirror matchup where Coldlight Oracle is often used and you stand to mill a card or two if your opponent chooses to.

Defile: Defile is a great AOE spell that has synergy with spell damage and can be used for some really creative AOEs. While Warlock might not be the strongest class right now, Defile is definitely a card that can counter hyper-aggressive decks quite well.

Bloodreaver Gul'dan: One of the strongest death knights and it’s even better in Wild with cards like Voidcaller and Mal'Ganis being available in the Wild format. Being able to rapidly recover health while dealing damage every turn is a great hero power of the death knight and with a very powerful battlecry that resummons all friendly demons allowing you to refill the board and get back into the game.

Bonemare: Bonemare is one of the highest value commons the game has ever seen. Being able to get 9/9 stats with partial taunt for 7 is great by itself and the fact that it almost always has an immediate impact on the board. From Murloc Paladin to Jade Druid, many meta decks have been including the card and for good reason.

The Lich King: The most commonly used neutral legendary this expansion. It is like a Ysera but costs less and has a Taunt body, making it better against aggressive decks. From Token Druid to Control Paladin, most mid range and control decks are running the card in their decks. The Lich King has become so popular that people are now including a copy of The Black Knight to counter the card.

What are the top cards to craft this expansion according to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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