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December 21, 2017

Table of Contents

Cubelock (Wild)
Class Cards (24)
Dark Pact 1
Kobold Librarian 1
Mortal Coil 1
Power Overwhelming 1
Darkbomb 2
Defile 2
Hellfire 4
Lesser Amethyst Spellstone 4
Voidcaller 4
Doomguard 5
Possessed Lackey 5
Mal’Ganis 9
Voidlord 9
Bloodreaver Gul’dan 10
Neutral Cards (6)
Prince Taldaram 3
Carnivorous Cube 5
Emperor Thaurissan 6
Sylvanas Windrunner 6
N’Zoth, the Corruptor 10

Mana Curve

0 0
7 1
4 2
1 3
6 4
5 5
2 6
5 7

Attack Curve

14 0
0 1
4 2
5 3
2 4
4 5
0 6
1 7

Health Curve

13 0
2 1
2 2
1 3
2 4
3 5
2 6
5 7

Kobolds and Catacombs: Wild Legend Decklists

Kobolds and Catacombs not only refreshed the Standard metagame but Wild too. With some crazy new additions to the card pool in Wild, we have some really wacky and viable decks to showcase today. All three of these decks were used by Hearthstone pros or streamers to hit #1 Legend this season. If you happen to be a Wild player, be sure to try these out on ladder to climb ranks very efficiently while doing well against most meta decks right now!

Stasei’s Wild Cubelock (#1 Legend)

Cubelock has been a fun deck that many have been trying out. It allows you to burst down your opponent from 25 HP through use of Carnivorous Cube and Dark Pact. You have access to powerful cards like Mal'Ganis, Emperor Thaurissan and Voidcaller in the deck, which makes your Demon package quite powerful. You do not need to rely on the Cube OTK as your win condition and the deck can easily win on the back of a big N'Zoth, the Corruptor or Bloodreaver Gul'dan turn.

To pull off of the OTK, you need to get your Doomguard out with Voidcaller or Possessed Lackey. You follow up with Carnivorous Cube and then a second Carnivorous Cube or Prince Taldaram and Dark Pact your Cubes (and Taldaram, if applicable) to resummon 4 copies Doomguard that deal 20 damage along with the original doomguard that dealt 5, leading to a total of 25 damage. You can also do this on Mal’ganis and win the back of the combo, allowing you to get possibly permanent immunity.

Sipwi’s Wild Token Druid (#1 Legend)

Wild Aggro/Token Druid has always been powerful but with the addition of dire-mole and corridor-creeper, the deck got a whole lot better. You need to focus on developing your board and follow up with board buffs like Mark of the Lotus or Power of the Wild to make the board stick. Even if your board gets wiped out, you have plenty of ways to refill your board through cards like Living Mana and other cheap minions and token generating cards you have. Savage Roar is a great way to finish off games and you can get a lot of burst damage out with the card. Jeeves is a great card draw tool and fetches value in most matches without giving your opponent too much of an advantage as well.

Control’s Wild Aggro Paladin (#1 Legend)

Control is one of the most renowned Wild players and he used this decklist with an insane winrate to hit Rank 1 Legend. One of the problems with Aggro Paladin in Standard pre-KAC was that it lost some of its most powerful cards for the early game like Shielded Minibot, Haunted Creeper and Muster for Battle. Keeper of Uldaman also features in the deck because of its ability to shut down big threats and also the for the added ability to buff up one of your tokens to push for face damage or get better trades off on the board against your opponent. The deck can get you some quick wins on ladder to help you climb at the end of the season.

Deck Codes 

Aggro Paladin: AAEBAZ8FBNmuApG8ArnBArfpAg2nBagF1AWxCPUN6g/tD/sPyRa4xwLjywL40gL70wIA

Token Druid: AAEBAZICAoQXkbwCDvcD5gXlB/UNjhDoFcGrArazAs27AobBAuvCApvNAvvTAovlAgA=

Cube Warlock: AAEBAf0GCPcEzga5DcIP1hHgrAKX0wKd4gILtgfECI4OrRDnywLy0AL40AKI0gKL4QL85QLo5wIA

We will be back with more decks soon so stay tuned!

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I am Abhimannu from India, I've been playing Hearthstone since December 2014 and have hit Legend on numerous occasions in the past. I enjoy playing Rogue, Warrior and Warlock a lot and am always trying to reinvent out of meta decks to make them viable.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Abhi,
    Nice decks btw 😀.
    I have a question about th cube. Ok the Doomg. Is on the table with charge… l guess I hit face with that,
    kill it with the cube and we hav two Doomg. in the Deathrattle of the cube. Either I take Taldaram and create a 3/3 copy of the cube and kill the two cubes with two Dark Pact that’s crystal clear.
    The other senario is. We have a cube on the table, you kill the first cube with the second cube voila two Doomg. and a cube. When you kill the second cube with DP, don’t we get two cubes then or…?


    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, if you use your second Cube to kill the first (that already killed Doomguard), you will get 2 copies of Carnivorous Cube from the second one.

      • Anonymous says:

        But the 2 cubes you get will not produce anything on deathrattle.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes I thought so, but what does Abhi mean when he says “then you follow up with the second cube”?

          • Anonymous says:

            I meant you can Doomguard > Cube > Pact the Cube for 2 Doomguards. And then Cube and Pact one of the Doomguards that came out of the first Cube.

            Since we have Emperor Thaurissan, we can fit in all of that in one turn.