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February 2, 2017

Guide: Aggro Rush

Warrior Aggro Rush Decklist

Reynad shared a warrior decklist last week, it was cheap, simple and effective. So we wanted to make a few tweaks and take it for a 5 game test drive and record the results. It worked better than any rush decks we’ve ever tried.

Decklist & General Guide

Definitely do not try to go for the face full time. Always make sure that during the opponents next turn, they will trade their minion for yours, allowing your minion to go for their face this turn. You will want to keep the board clear with the help of weapons like Fiery War Axe. 99% of the time, you want to mulligan for the axe. You should always have tempo kept up with the help of Heroic Strike and Mortal Strike. Holding Mortal Strike may mean not using that last durability on your weapon so you can swing into a big minion and bringing your life to 12 or less, allowing the usage of Mortal Strike to its full potential when the time is right.

Gameplay Videos

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Leave a Reply

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  2. walter says:

    This deck took me to legendary, lost a few every now and then, but ultimately played aggressive and intelligently and won ! Thank Raynad !

  3. Okay.. Played 25 games over 3 days and lost 21 out of those games at rank 10 back to 20. This deck has zero staying power in mid to late. If you can’t win by turn 6, quit. Also, zoo just owns this, hands down.. Not sure why.. But I found that switching some of the lesser useful minions out for berserkers and using inner rage to activate them helps tremendously.. Going to guy this like a fish and make one that works.

  4. I Fell ICKY says:

    Would like to see more footage of this deck being played, not just the 1 win per class you beat

  5. Brent Boyd says:

    As said below, just wondering how to play so hard with no draw cards. I have been using a build kinda like this one before i even saw this post, it goes great but by around turn 6 i hit a wall (sometimes) because i have no cards.

    • Jimmy Wang says:

      Yeah this is one of the main draw backs on this deck. Locks have Life Tap, Paladin has Divine Favor. It’s a bit reliant on drawing the right mana curve.

  6. HB says:

    Hi I would like to ask how do you play around not having any draw mechanics in this deck? Do you think its fine to swap Nightblade for Nat Pagle?

  7. jason g says:

    I have big success with this deck! What could be a replacement for leeroy and gorehowl? I just put 2 arcane golems as of now

    • Jimmy Wang says:

      Those are fine replacements till you get Leeroy and Gorehowl!

      • Jordan Barros says:

        I been using a similar deck. I only have Grommash and no Leeroy. So, I been using him and also I added one, “inner rage” to combo. Just a question, considering you already have 1xGorehowl. Don’t you consider two Arcanite Reapers too much?

        • Jimmy Wang says:

          Only when I mulligan into both of them πŸ˜›

          But right now Aggro Warrior of this type is a bit underwhelming due to the meta. We’ll have a new type of midrange Warrior article up next week!

          • Jordan Barros says:

            Yeah, everyone seems to be packing huge amounts of removal and taunts. Anyway, I still been doing well with my version. I am currently rank 8 so not bad :)

  8. VIP says:

    What do you think about putting in King Mukla instead of 1 Berserker?

  9. jpressy says:

    Been running this deck, dropped the two berserkers for two arcane golems, struggling around 15, what is really getting me is Mage Ice Block decks, I have yet to beat one and they are extremely common voiding my axes, any ideas on what I can use to counter this strategy?

  10. Salo says:

    If you only have an Abusive Sargeant as a 1 drop in your hand, do you recommend using it?

  11. Dadi says:

    I’m fairly new to the game (2 weeks maybe) and I decided to try this deck since the mage one I made myself wasn’t quite working out for me. I wen’t straight from rank 20 to 12 with 0 losses. LOVING this deck. However I don’t have Leeroy and have been using Hogger instead. I’m not liking him too much in the list so I’m wondering what replacement I should go for until I get Leeroy (Sometime in the distant future(most likely)).
    Hogger + Thalnos are my only legendaries and I can’t quite picture Thalnos a good pick here.

  12. Thindis says:

    What’s the purpose of the nightblade?

    • Jimmy says:

      It’s a solid 4 for 4/4 board as well as 3 damage that can bypass taunts. 1 more cost than , but with 1 less damage when it hits the board (assuming no taunters) and 1 more HP. What’s not to love? πŸ˜€

  13. Not Jimmy says:

    Another thing I did was take out Nightblade for Blood Knight which allows for some crazy combos.

  14. Not Jimmy says:

    Could you explain your reasoning for taking out upgrade x2 for your abusive sergeant? Based on my experience, upgrade have saved my ass too many times.

    • Jimmy says:

      Depends on the Meta – if not much Heroes that has 1 dmg Hero Power currently being played, Sergeant is decent.

  15. MidgetHunter says:

    Usually this deck has not TOO much issue with taking down taunts. but when they keep placing taunts it becomes too hard to push through (aka double taunt argus and ancient of wars) is it worth putting a black knight in this deck? and if done what card should be taken out for the addition of black knight?

  16. Fixed says:

    Really digging playing with this deck. Hoping for a suggestion here, looking at playing in a non-legendary tournament and this is my least legendary heavy decks, any suggestions on what you might replace Leeroy with?

  17. Zypre says:

    You misspelled Reynad πŸ˜‰

  18. malloot says:

    “Holding Mortal Strike may mean not using that last durability on your weapon so you can swing into a big minion and bringing your life to 12 or less, allowing the usage of Mortal Strike to its full potential when the time is right.”


    • Jimmy says:

      What I meant was to attack into a minion to bring your health down below 12. So that your Mortal Strike deals 6 damage instead of 4 when used.

      • Malloot says:

        Yeah i listended to much to my gut reaction when posting that sorry, i see how you meant it now.

        I’ve been playing the deck and what surprised me the most was how you utterly destroy other agro decks with this, having a weapon and smashing your face into opposing mobs while you beat them down really does work very well. The Wurloc matchup for example is very very good.

        The thing i miss is card draw but there is hardly anything to do about that.
        I also was surprised at the lack of knife juggler and find Argent Squire abit underwhelming in here because unlike the paladin aggro (which worked much less well for me) you don’t have anything to boost her power. I’m wondering if Young Priestess is not a better fit in here as you already have some higher toughness minions that might do some better trading up because of her from time to time.

        Lucky draws are much better with this than paladin aggro, dual bloodsail raider with a turn one axe going second was a quick game for axample :)

  19. Rellek says:

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve been playing this deck religiously trying to tweak it, and I’m not sure why I never considered Gorehowl but it seems the way to go. So much weapon removal in this deck makes it easy to control the board against even the quickest Huntard. Keep the articles and videos coming!

  20. Jin says:

    Hi Jimmy. Just wondering, for the Fastest Hunter Aggro (Revisited) post, is the decklist for update 3 supposed to exactly the same as update 2’s?


    • Zypre says:

      It’s not. They’re different (I don’t know the specific cards, but for example, Update 2 had no Worgen. Update 3 does)

  21. poo says:

    no gorehowl is the best card in the game

  22. TDog says:

    Hey is there anything that could be used to replace gorehowl? I have all the others except it.
    Also I enjoyed the way you made the deck layout before where you had all the neutrals then all the class specific.

    Great site by the way its awesome!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m in the same situation, I replaced it with a 2nd Argent Commander and it works great.