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Dust Cost

Last Updated

February 2, 2017

Table of Contents

Miracle Rogue (DKMR)
Class Cards (23)
Backstab 0
Preparation 0
Shadowstep 0
Cold Blood 1
Conceal 1
Deadly Poison 1
Eviscerate 2
Sap 2
Shiv 2
Fan of Knives 3
SI:7 Agent 3
Blade Flurry 4
Assassin’s Blade 5
Neutral Cards (7)
Bloodmage Thalnos 2
Nat Pagle 2
Acolyte of Pain 3
Acolyte of Pain 3
Leeroy Jenkins 5
Gadgetzan Auctioneer 6

Mana Curve

6 0
5 1
8 2
6 3
1 4
2 5
2 6
0 7

Attack Curve

21 0
3 1
0 2
3 3
2 4
0 5
1 6
0 7

Health Curve

20 0
1 1
1 2
4 3
4 4
0 5
0 6
0 7

Guide: Miracle Rogue (DKMR)

[DKMR]Soda, from Don’t Kick My Robot shares an excellent guide to his Miracle rogue, based on Kolento’s decklist, hitting Legend from Rank 9.

Many people say Miracle Rogue is difficult to play. Is that true? Well, yes it is. It’s going to take some effort to become proficient with this deck. So, don’t get discouraged. Realize that nothing worth achieving comes easy and just put your nose to the grindstone.

Is it worth it? Heck yes! This is the most fun deck in the game to play, bar none. Today, I had 50 damage in one turn with only 3 minions on board. And I can never forget top decking Leeroy Jenkins for 31 damage with no minions on board for an exact lethal! What? Yes, you can do that and I’m going to show you how.

This deck is very heavy on spells. Cheap spells. The deck can be broken down into 3 basic parts:


Due to the lack of minion presence, Miracle Rogue relies on some very strong removal to keep from getting run over in the early/mid game. Backstab, Deadly Poison, Blade Flurry, Eviscerate, Sap, Shiv, Fan of Knives, , and can all be used to remove your opponents minions.

Card Draw

Miracle Rogue relies heavily on card draw. Basically, you want to get your damage out as quickly as possible and to do this you need to draw, draw, draw. It is not unusual to draw 7, 8, 9 cards or more in one turn. Shiv, Nat Pagle, Fan of Knives, Acolyte of Pain, and Gadgetzan Auctioneer are your card draw mechanisms.


This deck is designed to hurt. A lot. The amount of burst damage is staggering. Leeroy Jenkins, 2 Shadowsteps, and 2 Cold Blood is 26 damage out of nowhere for 10 mana. OP? You bet it is. Cold Blood, Deadly Poison, Blade Flurry, Eviscerate, Shiv, Edwin VanCleef, SI: 7 Agent, Leeroy Jenkins, and Assassin’s Blade are the cards you will use to take your opponent’s health from 30 to 0 faster than a knife fight in a phone booth.

General Play Style

You want to remove your opponents threats while chipping away at his health and drawing cards until you have lethal damage, then kill him. Simple enough. Right? In practice, each game is different. Let’s look at a few parts of the puzzle and later on, we can discuss how they fit together.

Gadgetzan Auctioneer
Your bread and butter. You always want to be thinking about what you are going to do with your Auctioneers. Many games are difficult or impossible to win if you do not have an Auctioneer. This is just a reality of playing this deck and some games you won’t draw one. But, when you do… oh boy.

Good Auctioneer plays:
Turn six Auctioneer and conceal. Turn five Auctioneer with Preparation and Shiv, Fan, Conceal, Sap, Eviscerate to clear a big threat from your opponent. Turn x Auctioneer that draws 3 or more cards and leaves your opponent’s board empty.

Very often you will start out an Auctioneer run with just a Preparation and Shiv (for example) and go on to draw 5 or more cards, the game is nearly always won when you can do this.

Shadowstepping an Auctioneer can be a necessary and important play. If you are pretty card starved and don’t have the second Auctioneer, but do have a shadowstep it is almost always MANDATORY to shadowstep that Auctioneer back into your hand. If you don’t, you are relying on topdecking another Auctioneer to win and that is no fun with 16 cards left. It’s much better to have a fistful of cards and only 1 Shadowstep.

Bad Auctioneer plays:
Auctioneer with nothing else. Don’t do this. Ever. Well, almost never. It is almost always correct to wait until you have spells to combo with Auctioneer. And, if you have an Auctioneer, but no spells, you probably made mistakes earlier in the game by using spells that you should have saved to combo with your Auctioneer.

Auctioneer on turn x, when waiting just one turn will draw you more cards. In this case, it is almost always worth it to wait a round, especially if you can draw 2 more cards. If the difference is only 1 card, it’s debatable.

Leeroy Jenkins Combos
Leeroy is your finisher and knowing how much damage you are capable of (and how much mana it costs) is very important.
Leeroy, Shadowstep – 6 mana, 12 damage
Leeroy, Shadowstep, Cold Blood – 7 mana, 16 damage
Leeroy, Shadowstep, Shadowstep – 8 mana, 18 damage
Leeroy, Shadowstep, Shadowstep, Cold Blood – 9 mana, 22 damage
Leeroy, Shadowstep, Shadowstep, Cold Blood, Cold Blood – 10 mana, 26 damage
If you know you are getting close to lethal, you can setup the turn prior with your weapon, poison and things like Blade Flurry to increase your burst.

Edwin VanCleef
VanCleef is probably the most difficult card in the deck to play properly.
It is often incorrect to buff VanCleef up as high as you can. Spending your whole hand to make a 14/14 VanCleef is fun right up to the point he gets Tinkmastered or Silenced. So, I tend to make my VanCleef’s a little more garden variety.

Coin, VanCleef on 2 mana. This is a strong play which puts a 4/4 on board at 2 mana and can often put your opponent behind early. I would especially consider this if I had a cold blood in my hand with a way to combo it on turn 3.
Coin, Cold Blood or Deadly Poison, VanCleef on 3 mana turn. A 6/6 on board at 3 mana might be even scarier than the turn 2 play.

A word of caution about Preparation. It is usually better to save Preparation for your Auctioneers and not use them to pump up VanCleef. The best exceptions to this “rule” are when you are against a rush deck that you know is not running removal or your opponent has little or no cards in his hand. Another exception is when your opponent has used his removal already. You are keeping track, right? If not, you should be. It will help tremendously.

SI: 7 Agent
This card is incredible and can be used in some surprising ways.
Coin SI: 7 Agent on 2 mana can be a very strong opener against aggro decks. Note that this same play is often spew against control decks if they don’t have a board threat. In other words, it’s usually incorrect to do this just to hit them in the face for 2 damage.

Backstab SI: 7 Agent on 3 mana can also be strong.
You can SI:7 Agent your own Acolyte of Pain if you are in desperate need of cards. You can Shadowstep your SI:7 Agent to bring it back out at full health and with 2 more damage. This is very effective against aggro decks.

There is one Conceal in this deck. Use it wisely. The single best use is to save your Auctioneer for a turn. If you can get a Concealed Auctioneer on turn 6 with a bunch of spells in hand, the game is almost always won. Even better, coin out a concealed Auctioneer on turn 5. Better still, coin out Auctioneer on turn 4 and Preparation conceal him. GGWP.

Other uses of Conceal are making a massive VanCleef and then concealing him. I usually only do this if I know I’m going to be able to do VanCleef’s damage to my opponent’s face on the next turn. Typically I’ll have a sap or other removal in hand to deal with any large taunts my opponent might play.

Conceal can also be used to setup a guaranteed lethal with any of your minions on board, even Acolyte of Pain does 9 damage when you can double Cold Blood him.

Assassin’s Blade
This card excels against control decks, but is weak against aggro. Always look to combine your Blade with Deadly Poison if you can. Sometimes you have to use your poison early, but if not, here are the numbers:
Assassin’s Blade, no poison: 12 Damage Assassin’s Blade, one poison: 20 Damage! Assassin’s Blade, two poisons: 28 Damage!!!

You can combo a poisoned Blade with Blade flurry to deal 5 damage to all your enemies or 7 damage to all enemies with 2 poisons! This is just incredibly powerful and should always be in your mind when you have both the Blade and Blade Flurry in your hand. Look to combo it! For just 2 mana you can burst 14 damage onto that annoying Control Warrior with 38 health, putting him into lethal range for Leeroy!

Sap is actually a tricky card to play well. You usually want to use Sap to create a huge mana advantage or to bypass a taunt to deliver a large amount of damage to your opponent getting them ready for lethal next turn.

Mana advantage – Sap costs 2 mana, so if you can send back a Ragnaros or Ysera for just 2 mana, it’s just awesome. Also, sapping any druid innervated minion is almost always worth it. But, only if you can’t immediately deal with the threat. If you can just kill that minion, it’s usually your best option to hold onto Sap for a more meaningful spot.

A quick note: I only keep Sap in my opening hand against Druids.

General Mulligan Tips

  • As Player 2 (with coin) you have a much stronger start with Miracle Rogue and you can take more liberties with mulligans. Always, always, always keep SI:7 Agent as player 2. Almost always keep it as player 1. In General, prioritize removal against fast decks and card draw against slow decks.
  • Against a known slow deck, like priest for instance, you can keep Auctioneer on turn two if you want and the rest of your hand is ok. I wouldn’t do it as player 1 however, unless my other 2 cards were pure gold. And even then, I’m still pitching the Auctioneer, I guess.
  • Backstab is great in starting hands, Eviscerate is also good, but not as good.
  • Acolyte should be kept against slow decks and pitched against fast ones. BTW – Shiv your Acolyte for 2 cards if you can get away with it in a game. It sets you up nicely with cards and is way better than shiving them in the face for 1 damage.
  • Against rush decks Fan of Knives is probably your best card. Occasionally you might want to keep Preparation in conjuction with Fan of Knives or SI: 7 agent against a known rush deck. But most of the time you want to pitch Preparation.
  • Conceal is also an easy pitch early on. Always pitch leeroy and shadowstep. The sole exception might be against hunter, but if you always pitch them, that’s fine.
  • Occasionally you can keep shadowstep early if you also have an SI:7 agent and you are against aggro. The two combo very nicely to clean up a messy board. More specific information on Mulligans can be found in the Matchups section below.


Druid – Medium Difficulty – Keep 1 Sap. Card draw is prioritized as well as removal (Pagle is king). Sapping correctly is one key to victory. Druids can often start slowly, so use the early game to build a massive hand that you can unload on your Auctioneer once you get a chance to play him. Also, look to combo your Assassin’s Blade with at least 1 Deadly Poison – 5 damage a swing is great against Druids. Do not let your health get below 15 late game as Force of Nature, Savage Roar combo deals 14 damage. Keep his board clear after 6 mana. And you need to be cautious earlier if you think he has innervate.

Hunter – High Difficulty – Keep removal, card draw and damage. The exception being Nat Pagle, I would only keep him if I were player 2 and also had Cold Blood. Even then, I might just send both back depending on my other 2 cards. Poison is great in this matchup as well as Blade Flurry, Fan of knives, Leeroy, and SI: 7 Agent. You have to play aggressively and kill him before he kills you. Avoid taking damage when you can. Think Shiv instead of hero power to remove a 2/1 threat if your health is getting low.

Mage – Low Difficulty – Because most mages are not running Ice Block, this matchup is actually pretty easy right now. It could change quickly, but for now, mages are generally weak to this type of rogue. Again, I reiterate, if mages start taking Ice Block, this matchup becomes very difficult. But, for now with minion based control mages, Miracle Rogue enjoys a pretty nice advantage. Keep removal and card draw. Nat Pagle is great here as well.

Paladin – Low Difficulty – The current aggro Paladin feels weak to Miracle Rogue as do the more drawn out Control Paladins. The big thing to look out for in this matchup is his ability to clear your Auctioneer easily through stealth with an equality combo. If he is just heroing out “dudes” for the first few turns, then he’s giving you time to ramp up cards while you easily kill them with your hero power. Then, when the time comes look to get immediate value from Auctioneer rather than relying on Conceal in this matchup. Against Control, it can also be important to combo your Assassin’s Blade with a deadly poison. I would focus my mulligan choices on card draw in this matchup and Nat Pagle is excellent in your starting hand. If you luckboxed Pagle right away, look to pair him up with removal instead of other card draw (for instance send back an Acolyte hoping for backstab or other removal to keep Pagle alive as long as you can).

Priest – Low Difficulty – This may be the best matchup for Miracle Rogue. Very few minions for him to steal (haha!) and the incredible high end burst against a traditionally very slow Hero equates to some pretty easy wins over Priests. Mulligan for card draw against Priests. I will occasionally keep sap if I’m worried about a 4/7 Injured Blademaster coming out (if I have no removal to deal with it). You can also consider keeping an Auctioneer as player 2 if you have some nice cards to go with it. Chipping down a priest’s health is generally just a waste of time. You want to take off chunks that he can’t just heal back. Then kill him with a high damage combo. Don’t worry, they’ll almost always give you plenty of time.

Rogue – Medium Difficulty – I love this matchup. I often find that it can come down to who gets Auctioneer in a better spot, but it’s that rare win I get when my opponent had the first Auctioneer, but I was able to win anyway that gives me such joy! Mulligan for removal and card draw. If you know you are against a miracle rogue, then keep Auctioneer. Always keep Nat Pagle unless you know you are against a rush rogue, then opt for removal and you can even pitch card draw if it’s not paired as removal (pitch Acolyte, keep Fan of Knives). Damage to the other rogue’s face is critical here as well as keeping damage off yourself. Be mindful of how low your life is getting and his max damage each round. Try to stay out of his lethal range if you can.

Shaman – Low Difficulty – Them totems! Another good matchup. Mulligan for removal, prioritizing blade flurry, fan of knives, Poison and SI:7 Agent. Nat Pagle is a little weaker in this matchup, but I still keep him in my opening hand. Often times Shaman players will Earthshock your Nat Pagle and then leave it on the field as an 0/3. This is an awesome target for Cold Blood, so look for a way to make that happen if you can. Also, much like the rogue matchup, damage to his face is important. I sometimes will leave a healing totem on board to hit him in the face if I know that I can handle it easily later on and I’m not afraid of taking too much damage from bloodlust or flametounge totem or any other Shaman shenanigans. Conceal an Auctioneer only after clearing the Shaman’s board of Spellpower. 1 Spellpower will kill an Auctioneer with Lightning storm 50% of the time, 2 spellpower kills it every time.

Warlock – Medium – High Difficulty – Perhaps the second toughest matchup from a class perspective is the dreaded Warlock. Two varieties are common right now. Aggro lock is pretty much just a massive RNG fest (I’m including murlocks in this category). If he draws perfectly, he wins. If you draw perfectly, you win. The middle is the more interesting part. Keep removal if you suspect an aggro lock. Pitch Nat Pagle for sure and Acolyte as well. You need to keep his board clear, fan and blade flurry are great if you also have a poison, you are in great shape. Minimize the damage you take and almost never hit him in the face until you have board control.

Handlock is the second variety and is a totally different beast. If you know it’s handlock, keep Auctioneer, keep Nat Pagle, keep 1 sap, keep removal and then keep other card draw. Roughly in that order. One quick tip, if you happen to be running Coldlight Oracle, he really shines in this matchup. Not only can you make the warlock burn cards easily by playing coldlight when he has 8 or 9 cards in his hand, but you can also “execute” a giant (or other minion) using Sap. Just fill his hand up to 10 with coldlight oracle and then Sap that Giant/Drake/Whatever and it dies instantly. So much LoLs. It might even be ok to shadowstep the Coldlight Oracle once and make him dump 2 more cards. Oh the joy!

Warrior – Medium – Warrior was previously in the High Difficulty category because control warrior was very hard to beat. But that was before the addition of Assassin’s Blade. Now? Not so tough. Combine Assassin’s blade with poison – it’s a great way to chop down his massive health pool. Not necessary to win, but it’ll help a ton. Also, keep out of the danger zone against a warrior. Remember, at any time he can Grommash + Inner Rage you for 12 damage. If he has Fiery War Axe equipped, now it’s 15. Gorehowl? maybe 19. Stay out of lethal if you can. Always immediately kill and save your removal for Frothing Berserker (not Acolyte or Armorsmith unless they have been enraged). Let’s face it they hit for 1, but Berserker could easily hit you for 10. Save some removal in your hand if you can and if he hasn’t played his Berserkers. Also, remember that Warriors will often damage their own guys with Whirlwind, so if you don’t have the right clear on a turn, but you suspect he’ll whirlwind and give you a very simple board clear next turn. Let him do it, that 3 or 4 armor and 1 or 2 extra cards aren’t going to help him enough when he let’s you combo Assassin’s Blade with 1 or 2 poisons because he played so slowly. As far as an aggro warrior goes, this is a tough matchup, which thankfully has fallen out of favor lately. Play it like you would against an aggro lock if you know it’s an aggro warrior. If you have a board clear against a warrior with Armorsmith on board, remember to kill the Armorsmith first. ldo.

Card Replacements

Nat Pagle – He’s here for card draw primarily and a body for Cold Blood second. I would look to replace him with Coldlight Oracle, Acolyte of Pain, and Novice Engineer in that order. Try these things out and see which you like best.

Bloodmage Thalnos – He’s also here for card draw primarily, Spellpower second, and a body on board third (lol 1/1). Would look to replace him with Coldlight Oracle, Acolyte of Pain, a second conceal (this will play differently in the deck and comes from left field, but can be powerful nonetheless) and lastly, a Kobold Geomancer.

Edwin VanCleef – Last night I played all stream (2/18/14), almost 4 hours with a Coldlight Oracle in place of VanCleef and it worked very well. So, that is my recommended choice. If you already have 1 Coldlight Oracle in your deck, then I would look toward a Mana Addict or Questing Adventurer if my card draw felt solid. If card draw feels weak, then a second COldlight for sure.

Leeroy Jenkins – I am very hesitant to even recommend a replacement for this card. It really is that important to the deck. But, if you are a real trooper and just want to see how well you can do without Leeroy, then I recommend an Arcane Golem. If you manage to have success with this, please let me know. Why not something else with charge? The issue with Reckless Rocketeer or Argent Commander is that they cost 6 mana and that is just too high a cost to pay.

Preparation – A very difficult card to replace. I would try a second conceal to replace 1 if I had VanCleef and a Mana Addict or Questing adventurer if I did not have VanCleef. I would also try a Coldlight Oracle if the deck wasn’t drawing very well. If you need to replace 2 Preparations I’d almost certainly go for some combination of Mana Addict or Questing Adventurer with conceal. If card draw feels real bad, then a Coldlight Oracle is a cure all here too.

Have questions or need more details?

Be sure to go to the Reddit thread and shoot questions his way! And if you enjoyed the article, be sure to give him an upvote and a good comment. Also check out his TwitchTV channel and support him, or follow him on Twitter.

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  1. pgx says:

    Leeroy is now changed to 5 mana.. does this deck even work anymore?

    • Stonekeep HSP says:

      After all the nerfs Miracle Rogue doesn’t really work, this guide is really old.

      If you want to play Rogue right now, try an Oil Rogue deck – it shares couple of similarities with the old Miracle Rogue and is really viable right now :)

  2. junki0n says:

    The good plays vs bad plays examples really helped me understand better, great article!

  3. Aris says:

    Decklist is impossible, it shows 2x Thalnos and 2x Pagle!

  4. Arwenmyst says:

    Well, I don’t several have of the prime cards listed here nor do I have the dust to make them. These include, Preparation, Van Cleef, Nat Pagle or Leeroy Jenkins. And I only have 1 SI:7 Agent and 1 Bloodmage Thalnos. So I to do some substituting. I am using 2 Questing Adventurers, 1 Argent Commander (as I only have 1) and I added 2 Novice Engineers and the other Blade Flurry. I just sampled this deck before bed and was only able to play it twice. In my first game I lost, but I’m pretty certain it’s because I jumped the gun and started getting aggressive a little early. Game 2, I was patient and wound up clearing my opponents enemies with a QA, played a second QA and with a series of combos, including a couple of Cold Bloods, I managed to get QA #1 to 16/16 and QA #2 to 6/6 and concealed. Game over by turn 7. So I will be playing this some more tomorrow to see if I can be consistent with it.

    • Arwenmyst says:

      FYI, When I played QA 1, I had other minions on board and I used spells with them to clear the board, allowing the QAs to do their work.

  5. Tom says:

    This deck is fucking useless. Even at lower ranks if you don’t happen to draw the perfect cards there is literally nothing you can do besides get charged down to the face.

  6. Norberto Alcazar says:

    i must be pretty stupid but what do the numbers mean? as in “Miracle Rogue relies on some very strong removal to keep from getting run over in the early/mid game. 3668, , , 913, 825, 1015”

  7. Jacky Wang says:

    Is one blade flurry enough?

  8. Aaa1811 says:

    I would add 2 Sinister strikes here…6 dmg, 2 mana

  9. My first try with this deck was disastrous! Lost against a Priest, it was embarrassing. I’ll keep practicing. lol

  10. Generaltators says:

    I feel as Pain Artist and Bloodmage are slow to me. The spellpower can be nice with bloodmage, but 3 mana for it and it is a deathrattle it just feels meh to me. But I am a magic player I tend to think like a magic player when it comes to this. Could you explain the why bloodmage is important? Pain artist feels situational you basically need him and a shiv yea two for one but it depends on the situation with him. I was thinking of trying coldlight oracle in pain artist place and running another conceal in bloodmages place. Inseem to run out of steam even if I get them.

  11. Kyle McVay says:

    Ive been stuck at Rank 5 with shaman. I liked miracle rogue but didnt have leeryoy. Recently crafted leroy so i thought id revisit. This deck is good but had to make some mods as I dont have everything. No Van cleef but I put in questing. No blade flurry, nat pagle, or thalmos. put in 2 pyromancers, a second acolyte, and a raging worgen. I went 5-0 in casual, so I thought Id try ranked. Went 5-1 in ranked and am chilling in ranked four, feel like if I fine tuned my deck I might make legendary. I still play an assassins blade with two poison weapons so will probably craft a blade flurry, its just a rare.

  12. patrissimo says:

    Hey, thanks for this awesome writeup! Got bored of Hunter rush, tried a few other decks, this is the first one I’m having lots of fun & wins with. I don’t have Pagle or Thalnos, but I spent my saved dust on Van Cleef (had Leeroy), and as recommended I subbed in Coldlight Oracle & 2nd Conceal. Never liked the Oracle before but it works great here. A few questions:

    1) I haven’t yet had any problems drawing Leeroy, but I feel like I’ve just been lucky. Why not have one or two more big combo minions, like an Arcane Golem (2 less damage, 1 less mana, so starting at 1 shadowstep would do 8d for 3m up to 20d for 7m), or the Questing Adventurer/Mana Addict? I like charge better, but with conceal the adventurer can still have a monster turn.

    2) Is it worth having any spellpower if you don’t have Thalnos? There are lots of damage spells in the deck, but that’s not the primary mechanism. Maybe the Kobold Geomancer?

    3) I don’t see Miracle Rogue mentioned much in the meta reports nowadays, I’d love a detailed explanation of how they fall short in the upper echelons of play.

    I don’t know why more people don’t play this deck at low levels, it’s super fun. Playing Leeroy three times in a turn (with sound effects) is even more fun than Leeroy/UTH. Does more damage too.

    • Jimmy Wang says:

      From my own experience, Questing Adventurer is definitely viable, just needs a lil more care and buff him up.

      And I wouldn’t bother with Kobolds.

      The challenge with Miracle is there are a ton of people running taunts thanks to the Zoo Locks and Aggro Hunters – this indirectly make it a bit harder for Miracle rogues to combo it out.

  13. Petya Ivanov says:

    Played this deck extensively and I found it weaker than more traditional Miracle based on Adventurers and Mana Addicts. The main weakness is that your damage output relies heavily on 1 card – Leeroy. Even worse, you have to combo him with the right cards that you may not have at the moment. Blade Flurry and Assassin Blade being single cards come too randomly to provide sustainable results. You can literally play a dozen of matches without getting one of them. On the other hand there’s only one Conceal, huge life saver for your important minions. So I removed Nat Page, Acolyte (too luxurious to have such a weak minion just for card draw, playing Cold Blood on him is mostly a waste), Blade Flurry, Assassin Blade, Fan of Knives (too expensive just for card draw, rarely can be used properly against 1 health minions) and both SI7. Added 2 Adventurers, 2 Mana Addicts, 1 extra Conceal, 2 Sinister Strikes (yup, 1 mana spell, great for buffing minions, 4 damage with Thalnos, ignores taunts), 1 Headcrack (great stuff, ignores taunt, returns to your hand so you always have an extra card to play and buff your minions). Now the huge threat comes literally from every minion in the deck. Concealed Adventurers can easily reach double digits in a couple of turns. I once made Mana Addict a 13/3 in one turn to turn the tables and win.

  14. Marek says:

    I’ve played about 10 games with this deck now. However, I don’t have Nat, Edwin, or Leeroy.

    So…I added Questing Adventurer, which I put out, buff up with a ton of spells, then I conceal him, and will buff him next turn some more, for a major hammer.

    I also added Coldlight, which I will throw out there, then cycle w/ Shadowstep 1-2 times, can give me a nice 6 card burst on the opponent, then Sap or Vanish. If I have the Coin, I can do Oracle, Shadowstep, Shadowstep, Shadowstep, Coin, Vanish.

    I also added Vanish to give me some good board clear, when I’m getting ready to pound them in the face w/ the Questing or Assassin’s/DP/DP, I like to use Vanish to give me the option of clearing out a lot of taunts.

    Also, I’ve found people will watch for me to use both of my Sap cards, then they will flood the board. Vanish is rare enough, it will often catch them off-guard.

    The biggest problem is that my ability to burst to the face is massively handicapped by not having Leeroy, so I need to Arena up some dust and get that. I run into to many situations where I just don’t have the damage left in the late rounds to get through a taunt wall if the cards don’t fall out just right.

    I float around a lot in the 18-19 ranking, it’s just to hit and miss right now, Leeroy would fix that up very quickly for me. I did run with a wild pyromancer for a while, that would let me drop a nice combo w/ Wild P, FoK, FoK for a board clear like a poor man’s Flamestrike, especially when I have a Prep or 2 handy. That had good synergy w/ Bloodmage.

  15. Nuno Veloso says:

    I have every deck, it works beautifully. After the patch you think I should get the Nat Pagle?

  16. Jake says:

    Hey guys. One amazing card that I found that works with this deck is Raging Worgen. Seriously can be an instant game changer.

  17. ShotgunLizzy says:

    Would you replace Nat Pagle after the nerf in this deck or would you still play him and try to buff him e.g. with Cold Blood. And if you would replace him: with what?

    • Jimmy Wang says:

      I’d probably replace him with something that’s as sturdy for a 2 drop. Maybe Amani Berserker. Still testing. If you’re looking for a replacement Legendary – VanCleef is highly recommended.

      • ShotgunLizzy says:

        Thx for the reply. replacing Pagle with Vancleef crossed my mind indeed. Currently using questing adventurer, but Vancleef seems like a solid upgrade. Bloodmage is usable in more decks though, but I really enjoy this miracle deck!

  18. pOwHS says:

    I’m quite still happy with this deck! You just need to do a lots of math if you want to win, auctioneer is nice, but not always a must for a win, just spend your cards wisely and think forward!

    • Micaviva says:

      Thanks! We’re glad you won the game with this deck. Don’t forget to check out other decklists on this website and leave comments if you like. :]

  19. Zach Combs says:

    For some reason I can NOT seem to win with this deck, if I don’t get an auctioneer relatively early the game just seems completely done for. I love the deck, but if you open poorly, seems like you’re done for.

    • Jimmy Wang says:

      Auctioneer is definitely key but your card drawing cards should help you get there quicker. There’s also Oracle to consider if you really need that boost (I find Acolyte of Pain a lil too slow but less risky).

  20. Miguel Americano says:

    love the article, thank you for all the information ^^
    is there something you would change now to the deck or are you still happy with it?

    • Jimmy Wang says:

      We haven’t played Miracle Rogue much this season yet – we’re focusing on other classes for now – they need more love 😀

  21. Jack says:

    Hey, what does “Pitching” mean? Thanks :)

  22. Galuf says:

    For me it just goes perfectly fine. Got bloodmage very recently and got a small bump in wr. Still running a murlock instead of van cleef. Van cleef is nice because it trades with very aggroish decks and I struggle to those. Strangely I have no real issues about other decks, even handled consecutive argus successfully.

    Mouseclicker I think you don’t play agressively enough, you need to chew hps at the right turns, use auctionneers to draw combos and put the board how you want it to be to strike how much you need afterward. Against pure aggro(i.e murlocks) you just need to stand your ground as much as possible in the early turns by trading everything you have except your hps. Sap can help tremendously too.

  23. Mouseclicker says:

    I just went from high rank 8 to low rank 10 playing ONLY this deck. I’ve won maybe 2 times out of 10. The only card im missing from the deck is Van Cleef. It is fun when it works but as it says in the title, it’s a miracle…

  24. Galuf says:

    Played a bit your deck today. I replaced van cleef and bloodmage by oracles hence I don’t have those. I have felt sometimes that lack of handy cheap spellpower. I will definitely take it before Van cleef. Like you said I think van cleef is strong as early drop because it would most likely deal at least some damages. The thing about your deck is that it is very weak against creature removals hence you play so few. So I’m unsure about playing mana addicts and questers.

    Climbed 2 ranks with your deck, it is definitely fun to play, and I feel like there are lot of self improvement rooms in it! (it teaches you how to play better) Nothing more fun than owning a priest who spam emotes with double shadow step cold blood leeroy.

  25. Fox says:

    Hard to play deck as far as the game goes also prob the most broken deck ever. Wouldn’t be surprised if this is the strongest deck to date no deck synergizes better than the combos this deck can pull and it’s a lot more than 1

  26. Aztekxero says:

    Hey, thanks for the deck. It’s extremely fun, but I’m a bit wary to try it out in ladder (currently rank 5 with handlock) until I improve. I’ve been practicing in casual mode and I’m probably about 8-0 (but that’s not saying much since my opponents have been less than stellar.

    Are there any plans to make some gameplay videos or is there someone who streams this type of deck regularly? Thanks!

    • Jimmy says:

      We’ll try to record some videos – we’ve been very busy lately :) And we’re actually using this deck to reach Legend rank this weekend (we used Aggro Warrior to obtain Legend for Season 2).

  27. Reval says:

    I’m actually trying this deck atm. Not much success but probably because lack of my skills.
    Anyways, I’m not very sure but does deck like this is available to climb up to legendary?
    Obviously thanks for posting these decks! I like to see other rush decks except from those Hunters.

  28. Xpekt says:

    I don’t get it, how is it based on kolento’s rogue when it is card for card the same deck?

    • Jimmy says:

      It’s Kolento’s deck.

    • Vanish says:

      I think the point of this article is to be an instructions manual for the deck, more than presenting the deck itself. Although it does both pretty well :)

      At the moment, this might just be the only deck in Hearthstone with a true midgame winning condition. Even if you have to play him on Turn 6, Auctioneer is still faster than any game-ender I can think of.

  29. Zeitgeist says:

    I love the decklist, I have been playing something very similar for awhile now, I called it Rogueroy Jenkins. The only difference really is I ran no preps and either 1 fan of knives or bladeflurry, not both. The only thing is I am not sure why this is called Miracle Rogue. I was under the impression the Miracle Rogue deck was the one that ran the “growing” creatures like Mana Addict and Questing Adventurer? I may (and probably am) wrong on this. Anyway, do you think this is a list that can get to legendary from the start? I.E. beat aggro Wurloc decks. Also, how do you rate this against the “new” Mid-range hunter deck?

    • Jimmy says:

      Yeah, you can take this all the way. As for midrange hunters, I haven’t seen a lot of them atm.

    • Tickles says:

      In my experience playing against sodapop and other Miracle Rogues with the Midrange Hunter deck, the Rogue seems to be very well-off on this one. It’s very difficult to stop the double-stepped Leeroy since the Mid-range deck is pretty skimpy on taunt, and the only other defense is Freezing Trap which really only delays Leeroy one turn. On the other hand, Freezing Trap can make it difficult for VanCleef to get in, and Deadly Shot kills VanCleef outright while allowing the Hunter to kill Gadgetzan through stealth.

      I was under the impression that Miracle Rogue was named after the MTG Miracle Grow deck that ran Quirion Dryad, but it seems that it has either lost sight of its name-sake or was named for a different reason.

  30. Josh says:

    Great article.
    FYI your “TwitchTV Channel” link at the bottom is broken.